What's a Girl to Choose?

Having two hot celebrity guys interested in you is every girls dream right? Not when one is a too phony reality TV host and the other is your nemesis from high school.

Sugar Plum thinks she has enough on her plate explaining to every new person she met that no, she wasn’t a stripper, her parents had just had a warped sense of humor when they named her. Then in one day she finds out that the boy that had tormented her in high school was the drummer of an internationally famous band and then rubs elbows with a celebrity heart throb at her once enemy’s concert.

Suddenly these two guys are interested in her and Sugar's not sure which way to turn. Does she choose the hunky host who’s obnoxiously over the top in public but endearingly humble in private? Or does she forgive ancient history and give the undeniably sexy drummer from her past a second chance?

Warning; Contains dirty pillow talk, steamy sex and lots and lots of sarcasm.

Published: 04/28/2014
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 97,854
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



Leanne Will


© Copyright by Leanne Will, April 2014
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, April 2014
ISBN 978-1-60394-588-2
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


When I woke that morning after, I was a little embarrassed at how quickly I grabbed my phone to see if I had a new message. I actually had two. One was from Shawna, proudly announcing that she’d popped her celebrity cherry (eww) and would tell me all about it on Monday night when we’d catch up and go to the gym together. I thought about it a moment then realized I hoped she didn’t. I was happy that she was happy and was more than happy to leave it at that without any details.

The other message wasn’t from Matt as I’d expected. It took my brain a moment to make the connection between Guy and the text message from ‘Porn Guy’ on my phone, but I finally got it. I laughed out loud as I remembered his joke from the previous evening where he’d implied I thought he look familiar because I recognized him from watching porn. As I said, I have a dirty sense of humor and appreciate jokes like that.

I read the text and couldn’t help the thrill that ran through me at the fact that Guy had made the first move in contacting me. Porn Guy: What’s wrong Cinderella, were you about to turn into a pumpkin? You ditched me before our drink last night and didn’t even leave me a shoe to track you down by.

I smiled and replied;

Me: They weren’t my shoes so I couldn’t break up the pair. Besides, it’s not my job to make your stalking duties any easier.

I laid back in bed, languishing in the soft feel of the pillow and the warm coziness of the sheets. Sooner than I’d expected my phone vibrated beside me to indicate another message had come through.

Porn Guy: Don’t worry Ella, I never associated you with easy. So where are we going to have lunch today?

I laughed out loud and hugged my phone to my chest for a second, reveling in the feeling. I love that new flirtation that happens when you meet someone you have chemistry with. The fact that he was gorgeous, built, famous, rich, oh and did I mention gorgeous was just sugar on the cookie.

Me: Sorry to disappoint but I have a prior engagement. Maybe another time.

This response came almost immediately, which told me Guy had been waiting for my response and replied as soon as he’d received mine. And so I lay in bed, having a text conversation with a star.

Porn Guy: Don’t be like that. You’re killing my ego! Don’t make me beg.

Me: Your ego will get along just fine in spite of me. But I really do have plans. What can I say, I’m a popular girl

Porn Guy:  I can certainly understand that. So if not today, when? You still owe me a drink.

Me: Wow you really are taking it hard that I don’t worship your magnetism. I’m sure there are plenty of other women who’d love to have lunch with you.

Porn Guy: Hey, don’t dis the magnetism. It’s what got me where I am today. I don’t want other women, just a prickly Cinderella who doesn’t play by the rules.

Me: You just want me cause I’m playing hard to get, lol. Ok, if a couple of hours in your presence is what it’s going to take to reinflate your ego, I’m game. I’m free Friday night.

Porn Guy: Done! I’ll take you out to dinner. It’s much easier to stalk you at a restaurant when you’re sitting with me. Means I don’t have to get two tables. ; p

Hell must be experiencing a climate change. Or the space/time continuum as we knew it was probably imploding. Because that was the only way I, Sugar Plum, could possibly have a date with two famous hot guys in one week. The only way it could get any more unbelievable would be if those dates were at the same time. Looks like Shawna wouldn’t be the only one to come out of this experience with a tale to tell.