Warrior and the Professor, The

 Elias, warrior of Gaviron, fights beside and befriends the two Tucker brothers as part of Earth's military. The tide has turned in favor of humanity in their battle against the insect-like raynids. When Earth's leaders decide they must travel to Gaviron and learn the origin of the raynid invasion, Elias finds himself forced to go along and face his nightmares.

 Holly Tucker, a clumsy, brilliant linguist and historian, travels with her brothers and Elias. She has a theory to prove and believes she can interpret the raynid's speech. Thanks to her abusive father, the only military people she can tolerate are her brothers. Unlike many women, she feels no attraction to the handsome, silver-eyed alien, Elias. After working with Elias to further her research, she discovers a gentle, tortured man behind his sword. After years of having no suitors to resist, Holly has accepted her lack of a love life. But Elias' complex mixture of incredible warrior and confused man awakens desires she has never experienced before. Elias finds Holly's fiery hair magical but it's her bravery and intelligence that seduce him.

 As they near Gaviron, Elias' nightmares of his family's death get worse. Holly's arms are the the only thing to comfort him. A shock awaits them on Gaviron when they discover a small group of survivors including Elias' sisters. Suddenly his entire life is a lie. They hat Elias' ancestors were a lost exploration team from Earth. Elias feels betrayed by the secrets his leaders kept from all the warriors. But bigger difficulties face them as they learn exactly what the raynids are. All of Holly's language skills and Elias' skills with his sword are needed to end the raynid threat forever. But if they lose this epic fight, there will be no safe place in the universe for humans.



Published: July 2015
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 80, 670
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Sensual/Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



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Susan Kelley


© Copyright by Susan Kelley, November 2014
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, November 2014
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Liam let the hot water slice over him. Since Jock had worked on the energy catchers, there were no concerns about things like hot water and light. The water stung his back where he’d been slammed into the rocky ceiling and a few thin, pink rivulets circled the drain. Usually his armored clothing prevented skin breakage but the rocks had been anything but smooth. His left shoulder ached from overuse and then hauling the injured Beck for a few miles after they fought their way clear of caves. Fortunately, Mary had known a shorter way out of the labyrinth of tunnels. Only five raynids had stood between them and daylight. The greatest difficulty had been carrying the terrified children over the twitching carcasses and helping Beck drag himself.

His stomach rumbled and reminded him Siva was bringing him food. What had she meant about helping him shower? Was that something Earthlings did? Her tone had held something that stirred and tantalized him. Damn it, but those few words had aroused him. His vague dreams of being with Delia twelve years previous no longer inspired the lust he’d suffered from in the early years after her death. But his body remembered what desire meant. He didn’t know what to do with the feeling.

He dried with the soft cloth that appeared in the bathing room each day as if by magic. His casual set of clothing sat on the shelves beside the door among Jock’s and Maras’ things, but he let them there. Wrapping the towel around his hips he went out into the small common area. Maras had warned him not to walk about unclothed among the Earthlings. Their race apparently viewed nakedness as something not natural. When he saw Siva waiting for him on the lounge seat, he appreciated the towel that mostly hid his body’s reaction. Perhaps he could wipe his inappropriate response to her words from his mind with further conversation. But she’d loosened her hair from its earlier coil and now the shimmering mass swung free. He tore his stare from it and met her gaze.

If anything, Siva looked more uncomfortable than him. She gestured at the tray siting on the little square table. “Carli already had a sandwich made for you. I added some baked meat.”

“Thank you.” Liam didn’t understand the way people went out of their way to provide foods and comforts for him. But he liked having Siva beside him while he ate. For a few minutes the needs of his stomach overrode the other urgings of his body. But as he finished off the meal with a drink a small movement of hers woke his senses again.

Then she touched him. Just her hand on his arm but her cool fingers tips sent a shaft of heat through him. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Hell, yes. But he only shook his head. “I should get some sleep.” He stood up and turned toward his bedroom. Her gasp stopped him

“Liam, you’re injured.” Her fingers ran across his back.

He spun around and gripped her hand. “Don’t touch me.”

Her eyes widened. “I was checking your injury. That should be disinfected.”

He didn’t let go of her hand, unsure why her touch startled and discomforted him so much. His heart raced and his chest tightened around his breathing. It didn’t calm him to notice her pulse racing in the hollow at the base of her neck. Had he frightened her? He released her hand but she set it on his chest and leaned closer.

With a seeming volition of its own, his hand went to the sun-colored hair hanging loose around her shoulders. He’d never touched anything so smooth and finely textured. It slid through his fingers as if alive. Her breath hitched when he placed his hands gently on both sides of her head and then pulled them outward so her hair cascaded from between his fingers to settle in delightful disarray around her shoulders. It looked as if the soul of a star resided in her hair.

She responded by stepping closer and putting running her hands through his short hair and around to the back of his head. With gentle urging, she pulled his head toward her and then stretched up on her toes. Her lips brushed against his.

His heart thudded hard but his mouth knew what to do. A dozen years after last kissing his promised had passed. Years since he’d pressed his body against the soft welcome of a woman. Years since an erection for anyone but a memory had hardened his body. Years since the ache in his loins was for something other than a dead woman.

The scent of sunshine and the warm fragrance of recent baking with their strange nut flours filled his senses. He swept his hand down her back and over the lush curve of her behind and then pressed her hips tighter against him. Urgency surged within him and with it came uncertainty. What did he know of a woman’s desires and needs? He and his lost love had been only sixteen, equally innocent, when they’d discovered the beauty of lovemaking. They’d known each other all their lives. Siva remained a stranger to him. A woman desperate to protect her daughter and her people. Were her kisses of desire or a payment of sorts for his work in protecting her people?

But not even his questions could defy the lust raging through him. Death had stalked his every step since his birth, but this bit of life called to him. For a short time he could enjoy a piece of normal human existence.

She ran her hands up his sides. Small calluses roughed her palms belying her title as a politician. Perhaps on such a small colony even the leaders performed manual labor. Her simple blouse made an effective armor between him and her but he felt her nipples through the cloth barrier.

Her tongue stroked along the inside of her upper lip and then she sucked his lip into her mouth. He suddenly doubted his self-control. His body tightened with need, a need long left unfulfilled. But even as a youth he’d known not to hurry through this part. Some warrior part of him remained alert enough to hear footsteps.

“Pardon,” Maras said.

Liam backed away from Siva so quickly his back hit the wall. His bruised back protested and overran his lust.

Siva’s face darkened and she wouldn’t meet his gaze. “I should check on Mary and her family.” She hurried from the room.