Volarn II: Heart of the Dragon

Can Eric, a tough, handsome Green Beret from Earth, convince Kasha, the stubborn warrior princess of Volarn, that he loves her? Not before they experience adventure in the haunted wastelands, discover a baby dragon, and explore the hot, sensual side of their relationship.

Travel back to Volarn for more magical romance and new adventure with King Rhamus's sister, Kasha, and Olga's brother, Eric. If you loved Love's Captive, be enchanted with Volarn Chronicles Book Two. Find out what sad secret makes Kasha run from love. Follow the characters' fox and hound game of love, as each pushes the other to their limits, climaxing in a dramatic rescue that changes everything. Be warned, this book is filled with humor and love that knows no bounds. And an adorable, goofy dragon that will win your heart, so that you will be asking "How do I adopt a dragon of my own!".


Published: 06/2003
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 97,937
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



Volarn II:
Myra Nour


© Copyright by Myra Nour, June 2003
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, June 2003
ISBN 978-1-60394-702-2
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Kasha was bored. She’d told Serena over and over, she didn’t wish to attend tonight’s ceremony. But, her dear sister-in-law insisted, stressing Doc had released her from being room bound. And adding it’d be good for her, as well as important for the people to see their princess up and around.

She rubbed her scarred thigh. The deep sword wound had nearly cost her life. But she’d killed the enemy soldier who’d slipped inside the castle and tried to murder her niece and nephew.

Kasha sighed. She just wished she could have stayed in her room and snuggled with Lor. Her konkol had bitten the soldier to try and protect her while she fought the soldier. It had earned him an injury of his own from the enemy. Her pet had recovered along with her, but still acted the invalid to gain her attention.

My bedroom. That’s where I should be. Anything except this tedious affair. The Tarthra had always been the least favorite of the official ceremonies she was expected to attend, more so since she had reached the age where she could take part.

No man had ever come close to her idea of a proper mate, nor sealed her lips with a kiss which left her wanting more, or dreaming of what sex would be like. No warrior, for he would have to be a warrior, had ever stirred her cold heart, as Jarvic was fond of telling her.

A frown creased her brow as her thoughts flicked to her irritating cousin. Constant thorn in her side and teasing rake, yet a more lovable scamp one couldn’t hope to find. And therein lay her problem. Jarvic was the love of her youth, until she became old enough to understand such things were not allowed. Her love then turned to one of a sisterly nature and acceptable.

Her cousin was deadly handsome as well. How could she ever hope to find another Jarvic? No, not another Jarvic she thought, but close. Maybe. Her cousin was too irresponsible by far, in certain matters, mainly his involvement with women. She would never accept a warrior who couldn’t commit to one woman.

Kasha sighed. So, she put up with the endless Tarthra ceremonies, knowing none would hold a warrior special enough for her to consider. And, ever since the Earth women had been brought in as part of the proceedings, it made her exceedingly uncomfortable. She hated the fact these women were forced into marriage, even though it meant Volarn’s salvation, and she knew the self-same women would be happy with their mates. Call it a Getra trait, she thought, women should have the right to choose too.

As if her thoughts had conjured him, Jarvic pushed through the crowd at the front, then stopped to flirt with a lovely noble woman. She smiled, the first time tonight, but replaced it with a faux frown as he turned toward the dais. Another man kept pace with him. Once they cleared the last Volarnians, Kasha wondered if the hallucinations, which had plagued her for several days after her injury, had returned.

She relaxed her face. It was not another fever coming on, but Olga’s mysterious brother. The Earthman. She couldn’t help examining him closely as the pair approached. The human would have drawn attention by himself. But he and Jarvic, so very opposite in coloring and devastatingly handsome, drew all feminine eyes within range.

Olga’s brother was short by their standards, yet his broad chest and muscular arms rivaled her fellow warriors. Kasha’s eyes flitted briefly to the pants covering the human’s legs, wondering if they held the same power and promise as his upper body. His face she examined the longest, while he and Jarvic greeted dignitaries on the dais. Glancing quickly at Olga, she noted the similarity in their features. Yet, he was totally masculine, while Olga was very feminine when she wasn’t scowling.

The man’s hair was astounding, being a very pale blonde as the humans described it. His hair was cut very short and close to his skull, showing the hard lines of his masculine face well. His skin tone was different than her own beige, more of a dark golden shade, making the rippling muscles in his arms stand out remarkably well. Kasha had a sudden urge to shove aside his silky shirt so she could feel his flesh. She wanted to see if the rigid lines of his chest, barely visible between the laces, was in fact reality.

She couldn’t see his eyes yet, but felt an unexpected thrill at the prospect as he drew closer.

“Kasha,” Jarvic grabbed her nearest hand and landed a courtly kiss on her fingers. “Let me introduce you to Olga’s brother, Eric.”

She pulled her hand back swiftly when the human took a step forward, and the half-smile Jarvic had managed to elicit from her, froze in mid-twitch. Goreth! He was utterly handsome, totally hard and male. And his eyes. She stared at his pale gray pair for a few seconds, fascinated with their very different beauty than the Volarnians’ violet shades. How well the light color stood out against his sun-darkened flesh.

Kasha shook herself mentally. He was probably mean, hot-tempered, or perhaps whiny, a coward. Please, by the sacred crystal, she pleaded silently--let his personality not match his looks. He was far too attractive, a danger for the women of Volarn. Doubly so to her, for he was no warrior. He wasn’t even a native.

“I’ve never met a warrior princess before.”

Two “dimples” appeared on either side of his mouth when he smiled, and Kasha found her eyes drawn to this phenomenon. This feature was one not possessed by Volarnians, but she found it profoundly attractive on some deeply feminine level. His voice was pleasantly rough, his accent charming, and his knowledge of their language apparently sufficient. Hadn’t she seen him intensely engaged in conversations the whole length of time it took him to reach her?

“And, I’ve never met a human male before.” She produced her bored, princess voice.