To Tame a Tiger

Nothing can defeat a Tiger warrior except the love of a courageous sorceress.


Luke Aron, unbeatable Tiger warrior, suffers the ancient curse as all Tigers to that requires his will be tied by a magical bond to sorceress. When an ambitious witch captures Luke to take his bond and the power that comes from having a Tiger in her control, he turns in desperation to innocent young sorceress sharing his prison.

Violet Hylan accepts the strange man’s help to escape even though he names her virginity as his price. Their escape convinces her the handsome, serious man actually is a legendary Tiger. Only after trading her innocence for the magical bond does Violet understand what it means to hold a Tiger’s leash.

The magical link adds doubts to the heated emotions flaring between Violet and Luke. Lust, duty and secrets bind them in the bedroom even as danger cements their need for each other in the war overtaking them.

The battle endangers Violet’s entire family. When Violet again falls into the enemy’s hands, the world witnesses the true Tiger warrior for the first time. The final confrontation between the vicious witch tests not only Luke’s great skills but also the fragile trust between Tiger and his mistress.


Previously published elsewhere-new to NCP

Publish Date: October 2014
Length: Epic
Word Count: 103,719
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)  



Book I:
Susan Kelley


© Copyright by Susan Kelley, October 2014
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, October 2014
ISBN 978-1-60394-643-8
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


            Violet plucked the daffodil and settled the fresh blossom in the midst of the spring flowers in her other hand. She turned and came face to face with the man at the center of her thoughts. It wasn’t Gerald.

            Luke stepped closer. She stepped back until the stone wall behind her touched her shoulders. He closed the distance between them so the long skirts of her bright, yellow dress brushed against his legs.

            He looked her over from head to toe. With a frown creasing his forehead, he picked up a handful of skirt and dropped it again.

            “You’ve changed your attire to greet Lord Gerald?”

            Despite her own unkind thoughts about Gerald, she didn’t care for the sneer in Luke’s voice. Loyalty of acquaintance demanded she defend her neighbor, and feminine instinct goaded her to push her Tiger. “Gerald prefers I wear dresses rather than riding skirts or pants. He says I look more womanly.” Actually he’d said, rather condescendingly, she appeared more a proper lady when she wore a dress. She preferred the comfort of a long tunic and loose leggings.

            “More womanly? Is he so blind he can’t see your feminine power even if you wore rags? Why not dress for comfort?” Luke plucked at a few stray hairs that had escaped the elaborate braid pinned atop her head. “And does Lord Gerald like your hair down or in this complicated twist?”

            “Ladies should only wear their hair down in the privacy of their bed chamber and in the sight of their maids or husbands.” Gerald’s instructions sounded stiff and pompous to her own ears as she repeated them.

            “Why did you have yours down earlier?” He put his hands on the wall beside her head. His arms trapped her, and his thighs brushed hers. Her heart tripped once and then took off at a racing pace. Her nipples rose to hard points in their desire to touch him. A shiver rippled across her skin, and her entire body tingled.

            Violet couldn’t say she’d worn it down for him or admit she’d wanted him to take notice of her and see her as a woman. She could not own up to her ploy to break the barrier of formality he used in all their interactions since they’d arrived at Green Haven. Had it worked? He wasn’t keeping a distance between them now. “I was too busy to braid it before the nooning. And it was only the family present.”

            A dangerous look crossed Luke’s face. He leaned into her. “I’m not one of your brothers, Violet.”

            He emphasized each word by pressing his hips against hers. The hard length of his desire touched her abdomen.

            Answering desire blazed in an arc across her nerves. He lowered his head and put his lips on hers. The kiss flamed possessive and carnal. She met him with her own plundering tongue. Too long … too long since he’d touched her.

            He pulled back, but Violet wrapped her fingers in his short black hair. She held him for her return assault. He’d taught her all she knew about kissing, and she used everything she’d learned. His growl let her know she was doing it right.

            His hands moved everywhere, pressing her hips closer to his, squeezing her buttocks and lifting her higher against his erection. Then his fingers danced lightly over the sides of her breasts. She ran her hands over his muscled shoulders, down his sculptured back and over his firm behind.

            Luke pushed one of his thighs between hers and lifted her off the ground. The pressure on her most sensitive area made her squirm with need and built an emptiness of wanting deep inside her.

            He dropped kisses on her neck and shoulders and used his mouth to push the top of her dress askew. His lips traveled over the sensitive skin high on her breasts.

            “You’re driving me to insanity, Violet. I can’t stand seeing you every day and not touching you.”

            Touch her? He seldom even looked at her.

            “I believe she’s still near the stable.” Jon’s voice intruded into Violet’s daze.

            Luke started to use his tongue as well as his lips on her neck and then her ear.

            “Stop, Luke. Someone’s coming.” She pushed on his shoulders with little result and twisted as much as his enveloping arms would allow. He brought his head up and gave her a confused look.

            “Let go,” she hissed.

            He stepped back so her skirt swung free of his thigh and her feet touched the ground again. Her body ached for the return of his touch.

            “I expected her to be waiting for me in the hall.” Gerald sounded irritated. How had she never noticed the arrogance in his tone before?

            Violet wanted to run and hide. She looked to Luke. Calm as a hawk on wing, he returned her stare with no panic in his eyes. Instead he looked pleased as his raptor gaze swept over her.

            Understanding came to Violet like a blinding flash of sorceress lightening. He had arranged this scene and planned for Gerald to find them like this.

            Luke’s hair was mussed where she’d gripped it. His chest heaved with the force of his desire and his tight, tan pants outlined his long cock. To all appearances, Gerald interrupted them in the middle of a lovers’ romp. Given a little more time Luke would have dropped her dress to her waist.

            Shame heated Violet’s face. She wouldn’t have stopped him. Even now that she understood he’d been manipulating her, she longed for more of his caresses. What was his purpose? To embarrass her?

            Her lips felt tender and swollen. Hair, pulled from her braid, drifted across her face. Jon and Gerald strode around the corner of the stable, and her hands froze on the sleeve of the dress she’d been attempting to adjust.

            Gerald’s greeting died on his lips. Violet braced herself for the indignity and accusations her brother would sling Luke’s way. Nothing happened. She stole a glance at Jon.

            Her brother stood slightly behind Gerald with unholy amusement dancing in his eyes.

            “What’s going on here?” Gerald demanded.

            Confusion tied Violet’s tongue so she could give no answer to the enraged question.

            “Lady Violet dropped her bouquet of flowers.” Luke waved his hands at the blossoms lying around their feet. They’d crushed them. She didn’t even remember spilling them.

            “You expect me to believe that? Who in Hades are you anyway, you bastard?” Gerald didn’t shout his questions, but he shook with his emotions.

            Luke stilled in that dangerous way he had with all amusement gone. “Luke Aron, first in service to Lady Violet. Call me names like a child if you must, but if you use such foul language in front of my lady again, I’ll teach you better manners.”