Tiger's Courage, A

Weston Gavon wishes only for death after years spent in slavery, but his duty to Harmony and the other young innocents dependent on him forces him to gather his tattered honor and stagger onward.

Harmony doesn’t know the details of the years Weston spent away from her, but she’s determined to make him into a better man. But an evil from their past will soon disrupt the slow-healing of their relationship. Will the strength of their love survive the test and be enough to save them?


Reissue Date: 10/2014
Length: Mid Novel
Word Count: 77,660
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



Book III:
Susan Kelley


© Copyright by Susan Kelley, December 2011
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, October 2014
ISBN 978-1-60394-669-8
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Weston never questioned his extraordinary senses and at the moment he felt a sorceress approaching. Even from far away, he recognized her seat upon her horse. He’d taught Harmony to ride. When last he saw her, her gift shone like a lambent glow of a small oil lamp, difficult for him to detect unless he stood beside her. Her abilities had strengthened greatly for him to feel her at such a distance.

She rode with a recklessness that lightened his heart. He loved the daring, brave part of her. Her long, blonde hair streamed behind her, the speed of the lathered horse enough to lift the mass in the dry air. Her horsemanship nearly matched his, but he’d never taught her to treat a horse in the way she abused the poor animal she rode now.

He drank in the sight of her familiar but more mature face as she neared. Perfectly shaped, slightly tanned and dark, sparking eyes. Mouth turned down? He’d dreaded a tearful reunion.

She pulled the tired horse to a stop only steps from him. “Is it true?”

“I’m glad to see you too, Harmony.”

“Answer me!”

“Don’t shout.” Her anger spurred his to rise. “Your horse is going to throw you if you don’t calm down.”

“Tell me the truth.”

“I always tell the truth, and you know it.”

“Do you love that woman?”

“What woman?” But dread tightened his belly. How could Harmony know his shame?


“I don’t love Serena.” He despised her.

Harmony blinked a few times, her mouth opening and closing without sound as if his answer had stolen her voice. Then she slid from the back of her horse. “You don’t?”

“Do you really think I could love someone like her?” Though how did Harmony know of the woman?

Harmony smiled, and the desert brightened for him. Beautiful outside, fiery inside. Seeing her again reminded him that his despair over the years had been a small price to purchase her safety.

“I knew Belladonna lied.” She closed the distance between them and moved into his arms.

Weston held her tight, noticing her growth meant the top of her head fit neatly under his chin. Her soft breast pressed into his chest and triggered a bittersweet tug of desire. He inhaled the fragrance of her unbound hair, the mass tangled form her wild ride. “Belladonna is not known for her high virtues.”

Harmony laughed, the sound as refreshing as a rain storm. She stepped back but grasped his upper arms. His smile felt strange and foreign on his lips. How long since he’d experienced genuine pleasure?

“I shouldn’t have let her upset me.”

“You shouldn’t have gone near her at all.” The moment of pleasure withered. “Didn’t you learn your lesson a few years ago, little one?”

“I’m not so little.” Harmony lifted her chin and flung her head so her long mane flipped over her shoulders in a practiced, flirtatious manner.

Weston took a sharp breath against a jolt of jealousy and anger. Had he thought she would stay a child forever? Many girls married before their fifteenth year.

“Don’t hurry to grow up.”