Stone Age Sexcapade

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Published: 03/2011
Length: Short Story
Word Count: 2046
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic
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Myra Nour


© Copyright by Myra Nour , March 2011
© Cover Art by Kat Richards, March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


“Where are we going today?”

“I thought you’d enjoy seeing your primitive ancestors.” Ryja slipped on the silver spacesuit.

Amber slid into her suit as well. “How primitive?”

“You’ll see,” he grinned.

She smiled back. Her alien lover had not disappointed her yet in any time jump they’d made. Standing on the transport pad, she watched fascinated as if it were the first time, while the clear bubble shield closed around her.

The sudden stomach-dropping push back through time disoriented her. Shaking off the vertigo, Amber looked around for Ryja. He was only a few feet away, safely inside his shield. Their bubbles were on the edge of a steep ravine, while below there were rocky outcroppings and the opening of a large cave. Several human figures hunkered over a fire in front.

“Welcome to the Stone Age,” he waved a hand downward.

Amber was excited. Cave men. They were dressed in furs, beards covered most of their face, and long hair hid their features as well.

“Watch this,” he pointed to the cave opening.

Two people came out, exchanging a grunting language. Amber could see them better since they stood upright, facing their direction. They both had scraggly black hair, yet he was handsome and she pretty in a savage fashion. Definitely not Neanderthal, which were not our ancestors anyway, but Cro Magnon.

Abruptly, the young woman took off in a jog and the man followed. None of the men around the fire paid them any attention. The two scrabbled like goats down the rocks, and then ran toward the dark forest nearby.

“New location.” Ryja punched in coordinates on the black box clipped to his belt.

They were pushed gently this time to the top of a sloping hill, overlooking a meadow below. The lush grass was so thick it looked like an emerald carpet, and the trees ringing the meadow were huge.

Amber was glad the shields camouflaged them, so whatever they observed was natural and uninterrupted. Of course the bubbles also protected them from contaminating the environment and changing history.

The cave woman burst through the overhanging giants, and then stopped, arguing it seemed with the man. Her arms were waving and more of the guttural language erupted. When she started walking quickly away, the man grabbed her long hair and dragged her back toward the forest. She screamed and flung herself on the ground, but the cave man continued to pull her along. The woman screamed louder, twisted, and managed to slip his grasp. He stood there grinning, wisps of hair clutched in his hand.

“Geez, it’s really true cave men dragged their women by the hair,” Amber said sarcastically. “I’m embarrassed for some reason.”

“Just watch.”

“So, it seems you’ve been here before,” she commented as they watched the cave man chase the woman across the meadow.

“Yes. I thought you might find it stimulating.”

Amber didn’t know about that. So far she was kind of pissed off.

The man caught up with the woman and slung her over one broad shoulder. She screamed and pounded his back, but he ignored her. Stopping at a huge fallen tree, he threw her face down over the log.

Then he flipped up her furs, and a bare, round butt wiggled as she squirmed to get loose. One powerful hand held her down at the waist. With no foreplay, he moved closer, and then plunged into her.

Amber’s eyes focused on the trees and she folded her arms in disapproval. She liked her fantasies, including captive ones, but she couldn’t watch a forced rape.

Ryja was staring at her. “It’s not what you think. Look.” He pointed.

She glanced back down. The man was grunting, furiously stroking back and forth into the woman, who wriggled. Now she screamed with joy. The cave man’s hands were on her hips, guiding her body as she bucked and pushed back onto his staff.

A clear cry sounded in the meadow, and then the man’s groaning bellow followed. They both collapsed atop the log for a few seconds, his body resting on top of hers, and then they moved to lie beside the great tree.

Amber could hear the woman’s giggles as they cuddled. The man picked a flower and tickled her nose with it.

“Ready to go?” Ryja broke into her thoughts.

She nodded, welcoming the push back to the future. Amber was a little confused. First, the sexual scenario had been disgusting, and then it had turned into a savage carnal romp. Amber’s blood was beating through her, stirring her senses. She squirmed in the suit. It felt wrong to have invaded others love making, even if they were cave people.

Like always, after they returned from a time jump, her adrenaline was pumping. This time, coupled with the voyeuristic activity, she wanted Ryja to make love to her with a longing that burned for release.

They stripped once in the jump room, and hung the suits up. When she reached for her jeans, Ryja stopped her.

“I have something more interesting to put on.”

She didn’t answer, but the anticipation built. Ryja had a vivid imagination and enjoyed sharing in her fantasies. After they had returned from observing Vikings on an ocean voyage, he had changed into Viking garb. She had said from the beginning that he looked like a Viking warrior, but with the short tunic, boots, and sword, he truly seemed to have stepped from the past.

Next, he had handed her clothing that a woman of the Medieval period would have worn, and after she dressed, he tied her to the bed. She was his captive and he had his way with her until she screamed and whimpered.

Now, when they reached the bedroom, she was not surprised to see furs lying on the sumptuous round bed. Amber giggled. He picked up the creamy white fur with black tips and handed it to her.

“I had the computer make this for you.”

“Please tell me it’s not real fur.” She took it gingerly from him.

“Of course not.” Ryja looked offended. “The computer’s very accurate though, and only an expert could tell the difference.” He picked up the black fur.

“I want to be surprised,” Amber said. “I’ll go change in the bathroom.”

After stripping out of her panties and bra, she slipped on the one piece fur. It was like a short tunic, with a strap over one shoulder. It fastened as all the other computer creations, with a hidden suctioning device.

Stepping in front of the mirror, Amber was pleasantly surprised. The fur tunic fell just

below her butt cheeks, and the side without a strap dipped low, barely covering her nipple. She ran one hand across the silky fur. It was luxurious.

Undoing her ponytail, Amber ran her fingers through the mass and flipped it forward. She had to admit she looked good, and she felt wanton. Would Ryja think so. Suddenly she longed to see him in primitive apparel.

When she opened the door, he was standing at the foot of the bed. What a hunk. The black fur started at his waist and reached to mid thigh. His tall, muscular body seemed made for such barbaric clothes. Ryja’s golden skin defined every chiseled muscle, and the contrast against the black made her think of a leopard. Gold and black, sleek and muscular. And dangerous.

“You approve?”

She was speechless, but nodded as she stepped forward. Now his tongue seemed to be tied. Ryja took the few steps between them.

“You are not a cave woman, you are a goddess.” His voice was husky.

A warm spot started in her stomach, igniting the fire that ran through her veins. She didn’t know if it was his handsome face and body, or his words that stirred her so. Perhaps it was the lust in his voice.

“I have never seen you look more handsome,” she whispered.

“My beauty.” Ryja caressed one cheek, slid his hand behind her neck and drew her to him.

Delicate kisses on her mouth left her wanting more, and then he pulled her neck forward, angling her head. His lips pressed deeper, his tongue skimmed her lips, and then dipped inside.

Ryja’s arm about her waist pulled her tight and she rubbed against his erection.

He moaned into her mouth, and she smiled, pleased with his response. Amber’s smile melted as his kiss became more intense. Turning conqueror, he delved into her mouth, demanding her surrender. But, then his abrupt change to tender caresses on her tongue made her insides heat up. Moving to her bottom lip, he sucked it into his mouth, and she groaned at the sensation.

The hand around her waist, slid up, tugging at the strap holding the tunic. It slid down and she kicked it to the side. Skimming her hand around his waist, she released his fur. Their bodies were nude, and she loved feeling every inch of his hard flesh pressed into her. Ryja’s steely erection pressed against her pubic bone, and she stood on tiptoe, grinding slowly against it.

She watched his face. Ryja had closed his eyes and the look on his expressive face was

exhilarating to her. She rotated, making circles. His eyes popped open, so full of lust, she trembled.

Picking her up in his arms, he slung her over his shoulder, and then unceremoniously dumped her in the center of the bed. Amber’s surprise temporarily halted the zinging in her blood. But then Ryja crawled onto the bed, pulled her arms above her head and leaned his body over hers. Her nerves tingled in instant reaction.

“You belong to me,” he said huskily.

“Yes,” she sighed.

Keeping her arms up and his hands locked with hers, he attacked her lips. She moaned when his staff slid with silken ease inside. She had hoped he would act the barbarian, and Ryja did not disappoint. His strokes were forceful, pounding into her soft flesh. Exquisite pleasure.

Ryja released her hands and she raked his back, moaning and writhing beneath him. The pressure built, and she was on a roller coaster of sensation. When Ryja ground his member into her sensitive channel, she rose higher, close to her peak.

Then he would ease back, moving in slow, gentle strokes. The throbbing calmed ever so slightly, but then Ryja would thrust deeper again. He was a master at increasing her pleasure in waves, until she was groaning and begging him for release. Gripping his firm buttocks, she pulled him toward her.

She screamed, something mindless and primeval.

Ryja followed her with an orgasm, his neck taut. Then laying beside her, he wrapped Amber in his arms. Her senses slowly calmed, but there was a sweet pulse for long moments after, as if her body still wanted to linger in the afterglow. As they spooned, Amber couldn’t help but think of the cave people. It had been so sweet to see them cuddling, when that was not what she would have expected from them.

Interrupting her thoughts, Ryja asked, “What do you think, a lover’s quarrel, or just the way cave people had sex?”

“I don’t know.” Thinking of the young couple who had now faded to dust long ago made her sad. Then she realized for that short span in the timeline, the primitive man and woman were living life to the fullest.

Each individual had to grasp their own happiness before it slipped away. Amber was going to fully embrace the joyous opportunity Ryja provided.

The Stone Age jump had been wild. She enjoyed all their sexual romps when they returned from time jumping, and she loved the way they explored fantasies centered around each historical journey. Life was certainly an adventure for her since meeting Ryja. Amber smiled happily, wondering what tomorrow would bring.