Southern Spice Book One: Kaci

Take one curvy, long-legged blonde bombshell
Add two tall, dark, drool-worthy males intent on seduction
Then stand back and watch the explosion.

At twenty-eight, Kaci Walker thought she had her life under control.  She owned one of the hottest dance clubs in New Orleans; her bank account was healthy; she owned her own condo; and her mother was in Arizona for the winter.  Perfect, right?  What did it matter that she wanted a home and kids?  The Big Easy was crawling with eligible men. Right?  Too bad she hadn’t had a date with anything that didn’t require batteries in more than a year.

Derek Anderson and Kyle Evans were more than cousins.  They were best friends who learned over the years that they enjoyed sharing—everything.  Crossing over into the “over thirty” territory had them thinking about settling down.  How hard could it be to find a woman sexy enough to ignite the sheets; intelligent enough to make conversation out of the sheets; willing to open herself to censure from closed-minded bigots; and eager to raise a houseful of offspring?  They were doomed.

One look at Kaci’s long-long legs encased in thigh-high, black, leather stilettoes got their attention.  Rescuing her from an attacker pull their worlds together.  Her soft, sexy-as-sin voice calling one of them super sexy and the other hot wing man sealed the deal.

Just as soon as they figured out how to convince her she was meant to be theirs.

Published: September 2015
Length: Mid Novel
Word Count: 66,335
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Rating: Erotica
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)