Snow White and the Seven Hunks

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How bad could it be, Nicole Martin asked herself when she discovered her options were to take the role or face criminal charges with her ‘big’ sister, Brandy? Actually, it didn’t sound nearly as bad as she’d expected once the producer/blackmailer explained. The filming would be done in low light situations. No one would ever get a really good look at her face. And it was just acting anyway, right? They weren’t actually going to do all those things ….


Published: 07/2009
Length: Mid Novel
Word Count: 80,159
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: Erotica. Adult situations and language, mild/moderate bdsm, multiple sexual partners, multiple heroes, voyeurism, male and female sibling voyeurism, blindfolded sex, countless ménages through oilrigs and sandwiches, BDSM rack sexual device, spanking, cum shots everywhere, group sex, dick jacking, dick piercing/metal galore, sexual domination, forced seduction, training of a submissive, constant fondling, constant head, constant sex on camera, violence through fights from Doms and Doms in training, and lots of male possessiveness.
Available formats: : PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


Kimberly Zant


© Copyright by Kimberly Zant, July 2009
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, July 2009
ISBN 978-1-60394-328-4
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


“Blackmail is such an ugly word! And it’s completely untrue, besides. I’m giving you the option of helping me out and repaying me at the same time.”

The alternative being criminal charges, I thought, feeling stomach churning fear as I stared with horrified fascination at the woman’s smug expression and glittering eyes-Glenda-the wicked witch of the west. With an effort, I dragged my gaze from her and glanced at my sister to see how she’d taken the ‘offer’.

Her chin and lower lip were trembling. I didn’t know whether I most wanted to smack her for dragging me in toher mess or cuddle her-she was my older sister, but I’d fought most of her battles for her over the years until it was pretty much second nature and that helpless look of hers rarely failed to arouse a sense of protectiveness in me. The angelic damsel in distress look she’d cultivated over the years that had such a devastating effect on the male of the species, however, was completely ineffectual on the female-unless said female happened to be a lesbian. I slid a hopeful glance at the wicked witch again.

No such luck! She wasn’t completely unmoved. Her lips had flattened in an expression of disgust and the look in her eyes was patently disbelieving.

I released a dejected sigh.

The shit fairy had attended my birth and sprinkled fairy manure over me, cursing me forever afterward to get the shit end of the stick in any given situation. Brandy, my sister, had often accused me of having opticalrectumitis, but how I could have any other outlook was beyond me. It never failed. If I had a half a dozen options, I unerringly chose the absolute worst. If I bought something, it was broken when I got home. If it was under warranty, it broke the day after the warranty expired. If I got into a line-any line-that line stopped moving. There didn’t seem to be any aspect in my life that was unaffected by the ‘shit curse’.

Nearing thirty-three, I’d optimistically entered a half dozen relationships since high school and every one had ended in disaster-the level of the disaster changed, depending upon just how smitten I was with the object of my affections, but they’d all ended badly, regardless. I’d become a man hater after the last bastard had wiped me out and walked off with everything I owned, not that that was anything I could say in public because then I would have to explain that I wasstill heterosexual, I just wanted another option.

The worst part of my current situation was that I couldn’t even claim complete innocence. I’d helped my sister get the damned job in the first place and I was guilty by association even if I hadn’t been related to her. Glenda didn’t believe me when I’d tried, and as much as it made me want to do something violent, in all honesty I couldn’t really blame her. I knew I looked guilty.

It occurred to me that my life might have been completely different if Brandy had had a convenient accident sometime after birth. Maybe the shit curse would’ve followed her to the grave and left me alone, but that was just wishful thinking, I knew. I was stuck with it, just like I was stuck with her as a sister-the bane of my existence from the time I was old enough to realize even parents could be conned into believing their most beautiful duckling was as wonderful as she appeared-not terribly bright but as sweet as the day was long.

Ha!I hadn’t instigated the hair-pulling contests that had punctuated our teen years together-actually a good bit of our childhood before that. But did they believe me? No! And Glenda wasn’t buying it either.

Well, at least this once I wasn’t catching the entire blame, even though I shouldn’t have caught any of it!

How was I supposed to know my lame brain of a sister would decide to ‘borrow’ money from the boss? I admit, I’d wondered where she got the damned money for that luxury trip to Vegas, but-what could I say?-I was an idiot when it came to Brandy. I’d bought her lie hook, line, and sinker-she’d won it on a scratch off!

Did I feel stupid, now, for having spent two solid weeks trying to convince her to invest her ‘winnings’ instead of blowing it in Vegas?

Hell yes!

For a moment as I stared at her, the image danced in my head of curling my fingers around her slender throat and choking the life out of her. Could I plead temporary insanity, I wondered? How many years would it be before I could get out?

I calculated the minimum and decided, as rotten as life was, I didn’t particularly want free room and board until I was sixty.

“Ok. You convinced us. We’ll do it!” I said quickly, before I could change my mind. “I just want to say, for the record here, that it was her! I didn’t have anything to do with it, and I sure as hell didn’t get any of the money!”

Brandy dropped the ‘innocent as the driven snow’ and ‘delicate angel’ pose so quickly, Dr. Jekyll would’ve been amazed at the swift transformation. “Youbitch! I can’t believe you’re blaming all this on me!”

“Ladies! Ladies!” Glenda snapped harshly. “I know you don’t want me to send for security!”

Boy was I relieved! I was beginning to think I was going to have to defend myself and Brandy could go from angel to psycho in eight seconds or less!

“Do you agree to the terms, too?” Glenda asked Brandy.

Brandy glared at her belligerently. “And what if I don’t?”

“I’ll call the cops and tell them you embezzled my money,” Glenda said coolly.

I could tell Brandy was wondering if she could get away with leaping over the desk and choking the life out of Glenda, but she finally subsided. “If I agree to this, I want something legal saying that you won’t file any kind of legal charges related to your accusation or any lawsuit in the future for any kind of damages.”

I gaped at Brandy, dismayed that my brain had been on holiday and I hadn’t thought about that! “Me, too!”

A look of satisfaction, respect, and irritation flitted across Glenda’s features. “I’ll have my attorney work that up. In the meantime, you two can report to the set. My partner wants to check out the wardrobe and give you both a screen test.”

I gaped at her, trying to sort this in my mind. It didn’t sound at all like the explanation she’d given us before we’d agreed to her demands.

“What do you mean, set?” Brandy demanded immediately. “You said it was going to be a reality thing filmed in a house-hidden cameras and all that! You’re sayingnow that I’m supposed to prance around naked and spread my legs in front of a damned filming crew?”

I really liked the way Brandy switched from ‘we’ to ‘I’, but I wanted to know so I just kept my mouth shut.<