Secrets of Camelot, The

Queen Guinevere is keeping a secret from her husband and now her life and the city of Camelot could be in danger unless King Arthur’s love is strong enough to save them both.

Lady Guinevere was betrothed to Prince Arthur as a young child and now that he has become the king, he is ready to make the young woman his wife. Knowing she will be the Queen of Camelot is exciting but what Guinevere wants more than anything, is to be one of Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable. With her raw beauty and his powerful nobility, the royal couple is a magnificent sight for all to see. Their attraction to one another is magnetic and Arthur vows to awaken Guinevere’s hidden passion which sparks feelings between the two.

Merlin is a wizard in secret and with his help, Guinevere will have the chance to compete in the Tournament of Knights. When Lancelot enters the knights competition, the man is seen sneaking in and out of Guinevere’s chamber leaving everyone suspicious about the queen’s actions. Arthur is quick to condemn his wife and this leads to the jeopardy of Guinevere’s safety. Now, the king has to protect Camelot from those who have betrayed him. Arthur loves his Guinevere but is it enough to forgive the woman for the secrets she is keeping from the king?


Published: 07/2012
Length: Long Novella
Word Count: 31,189
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



Saydee Bennett


© Copyright by Saydee Bennett, July 2012
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, July 2012
ISBN 978-1-60394-714-5
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Camelot’s king had never judged someone so quickly before when he entered his chamber and saw his beautiful wife sitting at the table. Guinevere had something in her hand and she looked as if she were trying to hide it in her dress. He instantly wanted to shake her and find out what the secrets were that she was keeping from him. As for Lancelot, he would be hunted down and slaughtered for touching the king’s wife. Arthur stared at her and when she lifted her head and smiled, he almost went mad thinking of what may have happened. He would give her anything and everything, did she not know that, Arthur wondered. The king’s breathing was heavy as he prayed to God to give him patience.

The queen was angry with herself for not returning the potion before Arthur had returned but she quickly slipped into the pocket of her dress. She had been distracted thinking of how she had beaten a knight of Camelot and Guinevere wished she could have shared this moment with her husband. Arthur would be furious with her if he knew, so it would have to remain a secret. He was staring at her and the queen could tell the heat from his glare was not the same as before. Her heart raced in fear and she hoped he had not found out what she did. Did Merlin tell the king? Guinevere was not sure what to say to him and the silence between the two was becoming uncomfortable.

“My lord, is everything all right?” She asked worriedly.

Hearing her sweet voice only infuriated him further. “I know about you and Lancelot,” the king said with a chilling tone.

Guinevere knew he would be upset but from the way he sounded, she thought the man was ready to kill. What would she possibly say to him to calm his fury? The queen was really unsure of what to do. Her instincts were to run to his arms and beg for forgiveness but from the look on his face, she knew he would need an explanation. A small part of her wished he would be proud of her accomplishment.

“How did you find out?” She asked.

“Then you do not deny the allegation?” Arthur said with outrage.

“I do not deny it my lord but I would ask for your forgiveness,” she said softly.

“My forgiveness?” He choked out.

“Yes of course, it was not done to hurt you Arthur, may I please explain?”

“Madam, do not address me so casually, I am your king,” he said with a bitter coldness.

Guinevere stared at him in confusion. The queen stood and walked to stand close to him, hoping it was soften his rage. How could the fair and just King Arthur be so angry with her over the trickery that she and Merlin had done? She knew magic was outlawed and Guinevere instantly worried that Merlin would be held responsible for the plan. She did not want the wizard to be punished for her sins.

“My lord, please do not fault Merlin for this,” she begged.

“He will be held accountable for his role in this deception.”

“May I please tell you why I did this?” Guinevere persisted.

“Enough, I cannot take it anymore,” Arthur said with his heart pounding for her.

The king grabbed both of her shoulders and roughly pulled her to him, slamming his mouth on hers. He kissed her with fury and passion, wanting her to feel his sorrow. Arthur’s mouth was demanding of her and there was nothing gentle about the kiss between the two. She was not sure what was happening but Guinevere was taken back by the forceful display of love. His hands were digging into her arms and it was beginning to hurt. Arthur pulled away from her and he immediately saw her misty eyes. The king knew he had hurt her but he felt it was only fair after she had just broken his heart.

“Remember the feel of my mouth on yours the next time Lancelot kisses you,” he snarled.

Guinevere became sick to her stomach and his anger now made sense to her.

“You think I cheated on you,” she said as a statement and not a question.

Arthur walked to the door. “Did you think you could sneak your lover into my chamber without anyone seeing? I will not be made a fool Guinevere,” he vowed before leaving her standing alone.

The queen was overcome with shock at what had just taken place between her and Arthur. Her rage matched his and she would not stay where she was accused of adultery. The pigheaded man did not even let her explain what truly had happened. He believed her to be disloyal and morally unclean. How dare he think her to be a cheater? What hurt Guinevere the most was knowing that the king did not even know she loved him. With tears falling down her face, the queen grabbed her hooded velvet cloak and quietly slipped out of the room.

Safe or not, she needed out of the castle. Taking great care to keep hidden, Guinevere moved about the giant holding, trying to find a way out. She went through the servant’s area where Ava had taken Lancelot and quickly exited through the kitchen. The cooks were busy preparing the evening meal and no one noticed her going through the massive kitchen. Guinevere hid behind carts of hay and ducked around the small buildings that surrounded the castle. There were soldiers everywhere but she kept her face down so that it was covered by the hood. Moving about Camelot, Guinevere suddenly realized she had no idea where she was going. She had never been shown around the city and the queen did not know where to go.

She hurried down a small alley when she became aware of the two men that were following her. They were not soldiers and Guinevere worried for her safety without having a sword on her. After hiding in a small animal stall that appeared to be empty, Guinevere stood to leave and find her way back to the castle. That was the last thing she remembered. The five men had waited patiently for the queen to leave the impenetrable fortress and when the first man saw her, he signaled the others to follow her. Their wait had been worth it and now Malagant’s men would be greatly rewarded for bringing Arthur’s wife to former knight. Guinevere was knocked out cold, stuffed into a burlap sack and tossed over the lap of a soldier that was mounted on his horse.