River of Dreams IV: Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor

When a handsome alien kidnaps her, Amber’s sexual fantasies become reality, but can she handle her growing love for a spaceman?


Published: 09/2011
Length: Novella
Word Count: 35,900
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


River of Dreams IV:
Myra Nour


© Copyright by Myra Nour, September 2011
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, September 2011
ISBN 978-1-60394-547-9
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Amber awoke slowly, as if her senses were numb, but were slowly returning to normal. Her head was drooping, so she raised it, and then her mouth fell open. Standing ten feet away was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. He was tall, maybe six foot four. His upper body was naked, his chest a masterpiece of hard planes, while his bulging biceps called out to be touched. His skin was a light golden brown.

Her eyes went up first. What kind of face topped such a physique? Strong, square-jawed, the edges softened by straight blonde hair that caressed the top of his shoulders. A pair of piercing blue eyes drew her gaze and caused her to hold her breath.

He stood through her perusal, not saying a word.

This was some dream. Amber's eyes flicked down, noting the light scattering of hair across his chest.

A thin trail of brown hair started below his navel, the line dipping below his pants. Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own, for they itched to tickle that thin hair and follow it down.

Black leather pants molded to his form, hugging the massive thighs beneath them. Her eyes trailed back up, stopping at his crotch. A nice sized bulge begin to lengthen and widen as she watched. Amber swallowed and thrust her tongue around. No moisture.

"Do I meet your approval?"

Her eyes switched back to his face. A deep voice with a strange accent did funny things to her stomach.

"Yes oh yes," she murmured. The desire lashing her body and senses was thrilling. She did not hide her lust from him. After all, he was her fantasy.

Her eyes burned with lust as she stroked his body with her gaze, finally latching onto his handsome face.

"Are you comfortable?" There was a wicked glint in his eyes and a mischievous smile lurked on his molded lips.

"What?" Even as she said it, Amber became aware of several things at once. Her knees hurt, and her arms were drawn behind her back. She stared down, surprised to find herself kneeling. Wiggling her hands, she realized her hands were bound. Her fingers worked at bindings. It was rope.

She glanced back up. "So, this is one of those fantasies. Pretty naughty."

"I certainly hope so." His wicked grin, made her tingle.

She waited, not sure where this fantasy was taking her. As if reading her consent, he took the few steps between them. Now his groin was in front of her head, and suddenly there seemed an overabundance of saliva in her mouth. She licked her lips.

He took another step, and the leather creaked against her face. Her fantasy man rubbed his erection back and forth, exciting her even more. His scent enveloped her, some strange cologne and a musky male odor.

Amber stretched her head back, so she could see past that rippling chest, to his face. "This is…fabulous, the most realistic antasy I've ever dreamed."

"Is it?" His gleaming eyes questioned her.

She smiled and then lowered her head and rubbed her cheek against his steely leather covered flesh. Shoot. Her knees were grinding into the cold metal floor. It was amazing how real this fantasy felt. This couldn't be real though, and to prove it to herself, Amber took two fingers of her bound hands and pinched her wrist.


“Penises, don't bite," he chuckled.

"Look, if this is my fantasy, then let's change things up a bit. My knees are killing me."

Without a word his hands went under her arms, picking her up as easily as a child. His very strong hands stayed on her arms, steadying her as she stretched the kinks out.

"What is your pleasure?” His face was but inches from hers.

"Surprise me.”