Part Two Conquest Earth: Prince Galen

A banished prince from far, far away... one minor computer glitch... the most bizarre courtship and mating ceremony ever conceived... and Bree Denton’s life would never be the same.

 This is the second half of the novel plus two excerpts.  The word count does NOT include the excerpts.


Published: 03/2009
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 86,620/41,469
Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic.This book contains forced seduction, public sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encounters.
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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Conquest Earth: Prince Galen
Kaitlyn O'Connor


© Copyright by Kaitlyn O'Connor, March 2009
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, March 2009
ISBN 978-1-60394-764-0
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Galen propped his hands behind his head and stared down his bared torso at Onyx’s bowed head as she patiently stroked his flaccid member. He was bored with her, he decided, realizing he couldn’t summon a flicker of warmth, let alone heat. Time was when she could’ve had him hard in five sects flat and gotten him off inside of five septs. At this rate, it didn’t look like she was going to even manage to get a rise out of him.


Galen frowned as the voice of his first officer abruptly intruded. He couldn’t have a few fucking minutes to himself, he thought, feeling a welling of resentment? Nothing ever happened on the gods damned ship that his officers weren’t perfectly capable of handling on their own. “You’d better have a gods damned good reason for bothering me, Ken-so,” he growled at the man’s image that appeared on the intercom console across his cabin on his desk. “If it’s another brawl among the colonists, send the peace keepers in—if it’s the gods damned swab jockeys, send the PKs and leave me the fuck alone! I’m off duty!”

“Sorry, Sir! You asked to be informed when we received first reports from the scout ships.”

Even knowing they were only going to be exchanging the deadly boredom of life on the ship for what promised to be an equally boring, but far more uncomfortable existence once they reached their destination, Galen felt his heart miss a beat with a brief surge of something akin to excitement. Disgust followed that he felt even that much for the headache ahead of him. His lips thinned. “Unless there’s something pressing ….”

“The reports aren’t good, Sir.”

Galen stared at the first officer’s face through narrowed eyes for a moment, trying to guess what might have brought about the look of panic in his eyes. A thread of uneasiness wafted through him. Ken-so was a soldier to the bone. He wasn’t prone to get worked up over nothing. Abruptly, he sat up and shoved Onyx away from his lap. She sprawled on the deck beside his bunk in a tangle of lithe, naked limbs. He barely glanced at her as he grabbed his discarded uniform and shoved his legs into it. Standing, he pulled the suit up to his shoulders, shrugged his arms into the sleeves, and strode toward the door, absently smoothing the front edges of his uniform together.

“I’ll be waiting here for you,” Onyx cooed as he reached the door.

Having dismissed her from his mind, Galen halted abruptly in his tracks at the sound of her voice and swiveled around to look at her. His gaze flickered over her perfect face and then down her equally perfect body. He released a disgusted sigh. “Don’t bother. We’re done. You may return to the pool.”

He realized as he strode purposefully down the narrow corridor to the lift that his pulse was pounding with far more excitement now than it had been when Onyx had been trying to arouse him. He supposed he wasn’t really surprised. A steady diet of pleasure bots could put anyone off of them. It had been annums since he’d even been within sniffing distance of a real, honest-to-gods, flesh and blood female.

And, at that, he hadn’t been much closer than that.

Not that she-devil of an attorney he’d had actually qualified as female in his book. The conniving bitch had thoroughly screwed him over or he wouldn’t be here now …on the backside of nowhere, going nowhere.

Dismissing the thoughts as he felt his temper rising, Galen paused before the lift, stepped inside when the door dematerialized, and braced his legs slightly apart for balance, clasping his hands behind his back. “Bridge,” he said in a clipped voice.

The sensation of movement was brief, the jolt when the lift stopped shimmying his knees despite the braced stance. Ken-so met him at the door as he stepped off.

Galen lifted his dark brows in surprise.