Mistress X and the Game

Kamara—who goes by Kami—is twenty-two-years-old, though sometimes people think she looks younger, which she uses to her advantage. Kami travels from place to place in search of her next thrill. She ends up in a mysterious town called Strap that is rumored to be a haven for S & M aficionados. One night she ventures inside an unnamed building. where she sees room after room of various dominatrixes with their “clients”. One dominatrix in particular intrigues her. She introduces herself as Mistress X. Mistress X takes Kami under her wing and teaches her new ways to seduce both men and women. After achieving what they set out to do in Strap, they move to the neighboring town of Slunt that has a far more “conservative” reputation than Strap. However, Mistress X and Kami soon discover that the townspeople of Slunt harbor dark secrets and even darker passions they take full advantage of and introduce them to their Game.

Kami is a lascivious young woman who meets up with an older dominatrix named Mistress X who introduces her to her BDSM Game.

Published: TBR February 2017
Length: TBA
Word Count: TBA
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Rating: Erotica/BDSM 
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)