Just for Tonight

Dating a partner means dismissal from the force, but the sexual tension is making Ivy and Scott crazy. If they make love—Just For Tonight— will they cool down?

Published: May 2016
Length: Category
Word Count: 48,967
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: Spicy/erotic
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


Just For Tonight

Ivy had donned a white strapless cotton sundress and a pair of white lace panties. White sandals completed the outfit because she thought jewelry would just get in the way when she would shed her clothes, a prospect she was looking forward to with eagerness.

All day she had anticipated meeting Scott. She had even dreamed about being in his arms. After she boarded Bob at the vets for the weekend, she hurried home, bathed, shampooed her hair, and did her nails. She packed an overnight bag, dressed, brushed her hair, and put on lipstick.

At 4:00 p.m., she left. It didn’t matter if she arrived a few minutes late. The truth was she was so anxious to see Scott—and so aroused—she had to change her panty liner twice. Even now her vulva felt moist.

It was a warm, sunny day as she motored along the road. But were they doing the right thing? Would having sex expend their lust so they could work together in peace?

Of course it would. Sometimes, when people wanted something so intensely, once they got it, it lost its charm.

Finally, she found the dirt road Scott had told her to take. The place was hard to find because it was narrow, and the land on either side of it was thickly wooded. Heartbeat racing with anticipation, Ivy followed the road for a while and then she saw the stone cabin.

Spirits soaring, she took notice of the wide wrap-around porch and the ferns hanging from the ceiling of the covered entrance. She stopped in the circular drive, and moments later she exited the car.

The screen door opened and Scott came out of the house, dressed in a white tee and khaki shorts, which showed off his great looking legs. He hurried down the steps and took her in his arms.

“You came,” he said softly, his gray eyes blazing with passion.

“Of course, I came,” she replied. I couldn’t stay away.

“I thought you may have changed your mind.”

“I would have called. I wouldn’t leave you hanging. That would be mean.” Her body was so primed to accept him that her inner thighs became very wet and her nipples were swollen.

“Ivy,” he murmured.

Scott swept her up into his arms and carried her inside. Setting her on her feet, he kissed her. His lips devoured hers and she felt his erect penis straining between them. They kissed again and again, as they made their way to a big bedroom on the first floor.