Earthly Indiscretions

Lift the lid of innocence and stand back for an earth shattering explosion!

Generations of New World inhabitants are told the Old World was destroyed by sin and decadence. They are ordered to remain sinless and unaware, but the Ruler’s enchanting daughter is curious. She finds new pleasures buried in the ruins, and uses her discovery to teach men of the New World what women really want—and the lengths they will go to get it.


Published: 07/2011
Length: Novella
Word Count: 23,860
Genre: Futuristic/Interracial Romance
Rating: Erotica
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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Joan Early


© Copyright by Joan Early, July 2011
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, July 2011
ISBN 978-1-60394-508-3
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Abien, second daughter of the Ruler Dartmouth, was a curious child. She questioned the natural order of life, the accounts of world history that only began after the Meltdown destroyed most the earth’s population in 2900, as well as the constant haze on the horizon. She had never seen sunshine, but felt the world should have more beauty and color, and that people should have enjoyment in their lives. The lack of color seemed to bother her more than anything else.

Now, almost fifteen, the questions became more personal. Abien speculated about the need for bulky head-to toe-body coverings worn by all. She was amazed at the sensations she felt inside, the inflexible Book of Rules, her father’s dominance, and her mother’s submission. She was especially concerned about her betrothal to Susurrus, her appointed mate.

When the changes in her body became overwhelming, Abien sought answers from her mother, Siad.

“Knowing too much at your age would be confusing,” Siad had told her. “The meanings will manifest themselves before you when you have taken the Pill of Awareness. Until them, remember that your body is a temple of purity. It must remain so until you marry and endow it to your husband. Then it becomes his temple of pleasure. Females take great pride in fulfilling the needs of their chosen mates.”

The answers had not calmed her restlessness, but Abien had believed her mother until today. Enlightenment had come early, and by unexpected means.

Several papers, called magazines in the former civilization, were left in plain sight at the Hall of Learning. They contained images, photographs depicting physical acts that shocked, frightened, and aroused Abien in ways she knew were punishable by death, or at least banishment to the Fourth Quarter.

The photographs showed unclad females and males doing unspeakable things to each other’s bodies. Females lounged in strange positions, their legs spread wide, shamelessly exposing the butterfly openings of their clefts. Males and females fondled, sucked, and licked the jugular nurseries that jutted from the female chests. Male dowels, the shriveled pieces of flesh she had only seen between her young brother’s legs, were extended, hard, and erect. Some of the photographs depicted dowels being inserted in female clefts. Some were being licked by females or rammed in the female’s mouth. Each page was plastered with captions using words that had no meaning in a world of purity. The bodies were different shapes, sizes, and colors. Their intended message remained unclear to Abien. Their lurid actions released a torrent of suppressed desires.

Her body had come alive. The fire inside of her raged hotter with each glimpse. During a small measure of privacy, she had massaged the ache in her nurseries and touched the mound of her cleft. The day had passed, but her desires only heightened and dominated her every thought.

There was no one she could ask. When it was time to leave the Hall of Learning, Abien stole away to the water’s edge. It was her place of solace whenever life became confusing. Her body and soul were always at odds with the teachings of her elders, but never as great as they were now. She knew her desires were wrong and unnatural according to the Book of Rules, but she could not make them stop.

The steep cliffs of debris that led down to the water were dangerous and forbidden, as was the murky and unforgiving tide below. The restless waves matched the storm Abien felt inside, making her one with the raging water.