Dragon Love II

Beastmen of Ator: Alien Abduction

When Cara is taken by the shape-shifting beast men warriors of Ator, she gets hands on training in triad mating traditions.

The Furians-Dagon, Gilen, and Joar had lost all hope of a future with the destruction of their home world until they stumble across an Earth woman they rescue from their enemy. Before she can be claimed by a rival beast clan, they decide to claim her for their own and set about initiating the triad mating ritual.

Lamentation of Swans

A dark Elf, a dragon, and a unicorn--their alliance was an uneasy one, for their kind had ever kept to themselves, but the dark one, the wizard Artimus, commanded them and the ‘knife’ he held to their throats couldn’t be ignored or easily overcome. They’d been set the task of collecting the orphan girl, Gwyneth, and taking her to him as a sacrifice. Somehow, she was the key to freeing them, to freeing their realm from the evil of the wizard Artimus forever. The question was, beyond enjoying the lure of her flesh, how could they use her?

Tears of the Dragon

Trapped in a world where females come ‘in season’ and male dragons battle to claim their mates, Khalia Peterson realizes very quickly that this can be a very dangerous world for a human, or at least half-human, female who knows no season.

Conquered by the Beast

An enemy of her people, the dragon shifter risked his life to get a glimpse of the beauty who was destined to be his bride. He stole into her room in the night, a stranger in a strange land, come to win the hand of the lovely Princess Kisah. 

The Dragon and the Flame

If I take you, I will never let you leave me," Talan warned. When dragons mate, it's for life.

Interstellar Visitor: Dragon Lord

Raina had never been employed as a 'domestic', but she was gung ho to try anything once, however unnerving and 'strange' she found the occupants of the remote island estate. Foreigners, she thought, with strange eyes, unfamiliar ways, and an even more alien language …. Very alien.




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