Dragon Blood

They were the last of their kind--brothers born of the last dragon and doomed never to find mates of their own--not of their own kind, at any rate.

Published: 07/2010
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 80,160
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: : Erotica. Graphic violence and sexual encounters, multiple sexual partners.
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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Madelaine Montague

© Copyright by Madelaine Montague, July 2010
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, July 2010
ISBN 978-1-60394-445-8
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Special Agent Marlee Madison paused, checking her position and then glancing uneasily at the glint of sunlight pouring through the lower branches of the thick forest that surrounded her. It was nearly sunset. Before much more time passed, she would be stumbling along through cave-like darkness, blind, through unfamiliar territory, and potential prey to things a good bit more dangerous than the men she’d been tracking.

They had been tracking … although from where she stood, it looked to her as if she’d become separated from the other agents taking part in the exercise.

After carefully surveying her surroundings for any sign that the suspects they’d been tracking might be hidden close enough that they could overhear her, she decided it was safe enough to try the radio. Transferring her service revolver to one hand, she scrubbed the dampness from her other palm along the leg of her trousers and unclipped the walkie-talkie from her belt. “Team alpha, come back,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

With the volume nearly at its lowest setting, she lifted the radio to her ear to listen for a response. There was no answer to her hail. Nothing but static echoed back to her. Frowning, she lowered the radio and studied it. The casing was banged up from her fall a little earlier but the damned things were supposed to be practically indestructible!

Maybe she’d knocked it off the frequency in the fall? It looked like the right setting, though. After glancing around again, Marlee shoved her pistol back into her holster and tried adjusting the dial. “Anyone? Team alpha? Team beta? This is Special Agent Madison, come back!”

Again, she picked up nothing but static, although she tried several different frequencies.

Anger flickered through her. Granted, she’d been focused on following the signs left by their target group, but if everyone else had been, how the hell could she have gotten so far from them that she was out of range?

Maybe it was just interference? She tipped her head back and studied the rise above her.

She’d allowed herself to become too focused on her prey and not nearly cognizant enough of her surroundings or the rest of the team, she realized in dismay. She’d caught hell over that more than once during training and it had begun to look like that particular failing was going to cost her the prize.

Or worse.

Shrugging off her uneasiness with an effort, she considered the situation. The exercise had been a planned four day manhunt scenario through dense forest for a group of bank robbers who’d kidnapped a clerk. The teams tracking them were supposed to meet up at sunset each day, however, since the bureau hadn’t wanted to risk losing any trainees in the exercise.

And it was nearly sunset.

Yep! She’d screwed up—again! And all because she’d been determined she was going to bag a bad guy her first day out and prove to the rest of the team that she hadn’t been ‘helped’ through training because she had a pussy and knew how to use it!

Well, fuck!

Was it close enough to sunset that the ‘bad guys’ would already be making camp? Or was she running the risk of becoming another ‘hostage’ if she came out of cover to find the rest of her team?

She glanced at her watch and then squinted at the sunlight again. ‘Officially’, she should have at least an hour till sunset, but the terrain in this particular area made that an iffy prospect. The gloom of dusk was already descending upon her surroundings and she had a bad feeling she didn’t have an hour to locate the rendezvous point.

Clipping her walkie-talkie to her belt again, she pulled her map and compass from her pocket. She’d left the trail approximately thirty minutes earlier. She’d noted the time and looked for a landmark. She’d descended down the ridge marked on the map … at least twenty feet—rapidly—after she’d stepped in a patch of loose pebbles and lost her balance.

She shouldn’t be more than a mile from the trail, she decided. She thought it was closer to half a mile, but figuring a mile at the outside and two more to the rendezvous point marked on the map—she should be able to make it to the site before dark, she thought.

After studying the map, the compass, and her surroundings until she was certain she knew the direction she needed to take, she folded the map again and carefully replaced the map and compass in her pocket, buttoning the flap to make sure she didn’t lose them if she took another tumble. Straightening, she adjusted her backpack and began climbing the slope.

If she could just make it to camp, she could cover her ass and no one needed to know she’d gotten lost off from the group. Not that it would look good that she’d deliberately ignored protocol, but that beat the hell out of the alternative—‘loose cannon’ still sounded better than ‘liability’ to her!