Diary of a Vampire

Dezzie is a modern day vampire with an ancient gift; the gift of blood testing. The talent is rare and she is one in a million to possess it. Unfortunately even that rare ability will not get her what she craves, the love of the vampire of her dreams… Jadair. She has loved him for years and for years he has ignored her. Now Dezzie has vowed to have him as her eternal lover and she will stop at nothing to get her man!


Published: 03/2005
Length: Short Story
Word Count: 10,543
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Erotic
Available formats: : PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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Ciarra Sims


© Copyright by Ciarra Sims, March 2005
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, March 2005
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Dear Diary: I do hereby solemnly swear to record on a regular basis the facets of my life in this journal. It may not be politically correct and it may violate the legends that surround my kind ... hell it may not even be glamorous, but it's my life so deal with it.

Desdemonia A. Fairfield--2005

April 1st

Saw Jadair again last night. Cannot believe someone whose heart does not beat could be sooo hot. I've got to find a way to have him. Damn. Why couldn't I have been a size 5/6 when I died instead of an 11/12? A common misconception is when a person becomes a vampire they appear ethereally pale, beautiful and skinny with big boobs. Let me assure you, you come as you are and that means I'm a size 11/12 until eternity or until I'm staked by a woody. Don't get excited. That's a vampire joke for a stake through the heart. Which by the way is not a way to kill us. Stupid folklore. You can't believe everything you hear or read. Our hearts do not beat, so what do we care if you drive a stake through it? Well, we do care. It hurts like hell and really pisses us off. Highly not recommended.

April 15th

Had a nice evening. Went for a walk in the park. Mugged a mugger and had dinner with him. Okay, so he was dinner. No big waste except his blood was 80 proof and gave me a buzz. Cheap liquor. Must suck on a better clientele. Will troll uptown next weekend. Might even run into Jadair. A girl can always hope.

April 17th

Wow! Excellent idea to visit uptown. The warehouse where I reside does not compare to a downtown city loft. Damn! It just isn't fair how some of us undead bring in the big bucks and others of us hold down mediocre jobs. But you can only go so far with night school and correspondence courses.

I looked good for my uptown sojourn, if I may say so myself. Wore that little black dress that makes me extra delicious and curvy. My legs are nice even if they haven't had any blood running through them since the late 60's. And my breasts ... well we all know a female vampire's breasts are her greatest lure for a male 'pire'. I guess that applies to any male, dead or not. But I have great breasts and Jadair is going to be sucking mine. Oh, yes. I have decided to make him love me with the all-consuming passion of the undead. I can't wait ... now that I have made up my mind. I am a woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it.

April 18th

Went to midnight mass. No, it's not true that we have no souls. We do die permanently when put to second death and it's only natural, er ... unnatural that we have to go somewhere. It's still heaven or hell, even for a vampire. After mass I stopped at the all-night Starbucks for a double mochaccino. I know I shouldn't but it is one of life's guilty pleasures. Also today begins Animal Cruelty Awareness Week. Will seek out cruel humans with a vengeance and make them pay ... big time. Being an animal lover and a vampire has its benefits. Thought about joining the 24-hr Fitness Center till I realized ... why? I think the coffee is making me hyper ... must try to cut back.

April 19th

Saw a man kick a stray dog tonight. Made me so angry I grabbed the s.o.b. and choked him behind a Dumpster, almost to the point of no return. Made do with sucking his carotid artery until he was anemic. Oh ... bit through his voice box too. He will never talk and if he does who would believe him? The dog is fine ... have named him Nemo after the Disney movie. He now resides at my warehouse. Bought Purina One and Kal Kan for him. Seems to be part lab, part mutt. Wags tail a lot despite his dubious upbringing. Good dog and will make great pet.

April 24th

Sorry for not writing. I know, I know ... I promised to write in this journal at least every other day but it was a busy week. Great news! Last night I found out where Jadair hangs out. It's the Midnight Hour underground club on 5th and Hager. I am sooo jazzed. If you think it's easy to find the hot spot where the crème de la crème of vampires hang out then you are as naïve as the general populace. Truth is, when you come over to the dark side it's like eternal high school. You are either part of the in-crowd or just a geeky wanna-be. Yeah, you guessed it. In high school I was not popular. No prom date ... no lost virginity on prom night. I lost my virginity at the Dairy Queen in Grand Rapids in the back seat of Freddy Harper's Corvair. It wasn't much ... Freddy prematurely ejaculated all over my black leather skirt. Try telling that to the dry cleaners.

Oh, did I mention Freddy was the one who brought me over to the underworld in the sixties? So much for the myth that all vampires are great lovers. And yes, size does matter. Poor Freddy ... I used to call him my 'little gherkin'. Well, you get the picture. Jeez ... I wasn't exactly seduced by a vampire but rather probed by one with a teeny tiny dick.

Anyway, I saw Evie Richards, who is dating a humpire (in the process of becoming a vampire but still not quite there and carries the human genome still), and she was invited to the Midnight Hour with her humpire. (They love half-and-halfs there). She was kind of bragging, but I didn't mind because she boasted Jadair was there a lot. Evie knows just bringing up Jadair's name is cool, so my instant fixation with her wasn't completely unexpected. I know Evie likes to go both ways and she just wishes she could get her hands (and tongue) on my fantastic breasts and luscious bod. Yeah, I'm getting full of myself, but after living in this same exact body for this long, trust me, you do get comfortable and can afford to think of yourself as all that.

Evie is petite and blonde with a shaggy cut that makes her one pixie-looking elf with very sharp teeth. And because she has misconstrued my interest, she invited me as her guest to the Midnight Hour tonight. I am ecstatic to say the least. Like a giddy schoolgirl I plan every nuance of the evening ahead of time.

I will wear my red dress that shows my cleavage, plump and voluptuous, threatening to spill over the neckline. (It's not going to, as my Wonderbra is fabulous at teasing but not delivering.) I may be a larger woman than is fashionable but no one can deny I am all woman. Jadair will notice me and will truly be mine. Oh yes, I am confident. Vampires are notorious stalkers and once we find our death-mate we obsess until we possess them. Watch out Jadair I'm coming for you!