Curse, The

Would the Knight, the Unicorn, and the Dragon be able to stop fighting over Pandora long enough to break her curse? Worse, would they leave when the spell was lifted?

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Published: 06/2010
Length: Category
Word Count: 41,491
Genre: Dark Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Shifter Romance
Rating: Erotica. Multiple sexual partners/heroes-a knight, a unicorn shifter, and a dragon shifter, oral, menage w/anal, sex on horseback, forced seduction, voyeurism, bdsm, graphic fairly extreme bdsm scene between the heroine and non-hero that isn't for the faint-hearted.
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Goldie McBride

© Copyright by Goldie McBride, May 2004
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, March 2014
ISBN 978-1-60394-593-6
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.

She knew when they’d reached the glen the unicorn had spoken of even before he slowed and finally stopped, kneeling to allow her to slip off his back. It was a place of magic. She could feel it in the very air, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. When she turned from staring in wonder at the flowers and trees, she discovered the unicorn had vanished. In its place stood a man clothed in nothing but long, white blond hair.

He was almost as breathtakingly beautiful as the glen. Smiling, he approached her and drew her down onto the carpet of flowers beneath their feet.

She looked up at him a little nervously when she’d settled on her back and made an unnerving discovery. His cock was as huge as it had been when he’d been in the form of the stallion. “It’s huge!” she gasped.

He smiled. “I will only give you a little, little mortal,” he murmured huskily, covering her abruptly and sealing his mouth to hers.

Heat surged through her instantly when she felt his mouth on hers. Delight poured through her as he explored her mouth. She was so drunk with desire and feverish by the time he broke the kiss, that she was hardly aware of her surroundings anymore. She surfaced briefly when he tugged at the ties of her gown, loosening it and then drawing it off over her head.

“A beautiful woman should be properly worshipped,” he murmured, caressing her with his long, slender fingers, teasing her with the play of his mouth over her skin.

Her breasts were so exquisitely sensitive that she fell briefly into darkness when he caught one nipple and suckled it. She was on fire and mindless long before he’d thoroughly acquainted himself and moved to her other nipple. She began to beg him to enter her, having completely forgotten the size of his cock in her mindless need for relief.

He brought her back to reality when he shoved it into the mouth of her sex. She could feel her skin burn with the strain. Before it reached a point of true pain, however, she felt a tingling warmth replace the pain. He inched deeper. With progress pain sprouted anew and then vanished again, replaced by the same delightful tingling sensation until he was so deep inside her she couldn’t seem to catch her breath.

He lifted away to stare down at her. “Pity you can’t take more, my lovely. Do you feel the magic?”

Pandora swallowed with an effort and finally nodded when she couldn’t find her voice.

His eyes gleamed with triumph. “I feel the magic, too, my lovely, lovely, little woman. I believe I am enthralled.”

Before she could assimilate anything he’d said, he began to move in and out of her rhythmically. She reached a pinnacle and shattered, gasping with delight at the waves of pleasure that caught her up. He began to move more feverishly, driving her upward to another peak and pushing her off into the rapture of absolute bliss a second time, and then a third. She was relieved when she finally felt him stiffen as he was caught up in his own climax … until she discovered he wasn’t, apparently, finished as far as he was concerned. He merely slowed his pace for several moments until he’d peaked and then began again.

Pandora looked up at him in surprise and confusion. He leaned close, covering her mouth with his own and kissing her until she was swept away by a new tide of desire, but it seemed that each time she reached a crisis, she felt more and more drained until she began to think that the very next climax would carry her into oblivion.

* * * *

Drake struggled with an unaccountable rise of anger as he watched the unicorn carry Pandora off. In part, he recognized a sense of possessiveness, but he not only wasn’t certain what the other emotions were that were churning in his belly, he didn’t want to identify them.

After a brief internal debate, he followed them, telling himself that he simply couldn’t afford to take a chance on losing Pandora, not before they’d succeeded in removing the curse.

He knew that that was true, and yet he also knew that that wasn’t the reason he was determined to keep Pandora within sight.

He didn’t trust the unicorn, he decided. It seemed to him that the unicorn had been far too easy to persuade to offer help. In point of fact, it hadn’t taken any persuasion at all. He’d seemed … eager to accept their explanation for their presence where they shouldn’t have been at all and even more eager to offer to help.

It if had been any mortal or any magical being other than a unicorn, he would’ve suspected deception.

He did suspect deception. He just wasn’t certain what the unicorn might be up to.

It sent a jolt through him when he arrived at the glen the unicorn had chosen to discover the unicorn had taken on the form of a man as he’d promised. Actually, that wasn’t the part that jolted him, although he certainly wasn’t pleased to discover the damned unicorn had taken on a glamour Pandora clearly found very much to her liking! What disturbed him was the discovery that the unicorn seemed intent upon seducing her—making love to her!

What the fuck was that all about? That hadn’t been part of the plan that he knew of! He was supposed to fuck her and remove the damned curse!

After watching them angrily for several moments, he finally grew so uncomfortable on the back of the horse that he decided to dismount and wait. Leaving the reins trailing, he allowed the stallion to graze, and strode past Pandora and the unicorn to plop down in the shade of a tree and oversee the situation.

It seemed to take an inordinate amount of time. Of course, he had no notion how long it might take to remove such a spell, even with a being as magical as a unicorn, but it certainly seemed to him to be taking a long damned time. And Pandora clearly appreciated his efforts, gasping and moaning like she was dying!

Resentment flickered through him. She enjoyed it more when he was fucking her! He knew damned well she was inclined to cry out with far more enthusiasm! And more often, if it came to that.

He wasn’t particularly happy when he’d counted four climaxes … that he was certain of, or at least fairly certain. Mayhap she was faking it to please the unicorn? He couldn’t be that gods damned good!

It unnerved him when Pandora finally uttered a series of screams and seemed to lose consciousness. Pushing himself to his feet, he stalked over to the pair and stared down at her uneasily. “You’ve bludgeoned her to death with that damned club of yours, unicorn!” he snarled.

Unicorn glared up at him. “She has fainted from rapture,” he said tightly, but he withdrew from her and rolled onto the ground beside her. “As you see.”

“I see she’s unconscious!” Drake snapped, dropping to his knees and checking the pulse in her throat. As relieved as he was to discover it felt steady and strong, he was still angry. “You have fucked her a gods damned hour! You didn’t say anything about it taking that gods damned long to remove the curse!”

Unicorn shrugged. “There is never any telling with these things. She will sleep for a bit and when she awakens the curse will be gone,” he said confidently.

Drake frowned when unicorn rose, glanced around, and struck off across the glen. “Where are you going?”

“To the spring to get a drink of water. I’ve worked up a thirst.”

Drake stared after him suspiciously for several moments and finally leaned down to scoop Pandora up. She was going to be sunburned if she slept for long, he reasoned. He should at least move her to the shade. If unicorn had had a chivalrous bone in his body, he would’ve done it himself!

When he carried her to the shade of the tree where he’d sat to watch, he studied the ground until he found a spot that looked relatively comfortable and settled her again. It gave him a pang to see how vulnerable she looked, how fragile. It occurred to him that she was slimmer than she had been when he’d first seen her. There were dark circles beneath her eyes, as well.

He sighed. No doubt he looked like he’d been through hell himself.

He settled beside her for a few minutes, but his own discomfort had grown by leaps and bounds as he watched her with the unicorn and he found it hard to get his mind off her nude form, limp or not. Getting up again after a few moments, he followed the unicorn and found him bathing in the spring.

Shrugging, he stripped and dove in himself. The chill drove the air from his lungs and he surfaced, gasping for breath, struggling with a sense of panic when it proved difficult to draw air into his paralyzed lungs. Shaky when he finally caught his breath, he headed back to the bank and sat down in the edge of the water, scooping up handfuls of the crystal clear water to drink.

It was impossible to ignore the fact that the unicorn had a raging hard-on when he finally emerged. The damned thing was freakish!

Unicorn dropped to the bank, staring frowningly at the water. “It occurs to me that I may have underestimated the gnome,” he muttered.

Uneasiness flickered through Drake. “How so?”

“I’m not certain.”

“Well, why do you think you might have?” Drake growled with determined patience.

The unicorn sent him a sardonic look. “I don’t know,” he said dryly. “It’s just a feeling.”

Before he could question the unicorn further, he heard Pandora call out. Surging to his feet, he waited until she’d spotted him and waved her over. “There’s a cold spring here.”

Unicorn came to his feet, as well, watching her as she hurried toward them. “She is a lovely mortal,” he murmured. Drake slid him a narrow eyed look. “And mine,” he growled.