Claiming, The

Jana is well aware the passage code sent to her was meant for another. She’s desperate to escape beyond Marty’s reach, however, too desperate to worry overmuch about deceiving a man she’s never met...until she meets him and discovers that Alain Camar is not a man one can deceive with impunity.


Published: 05/2003
Length: Mid Novel
Word Count: 78,018
Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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Kaitlyn O'Connor


© Copyright by Kaitlyn O’Connor, May 2003
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, May 2003
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Earth, 2152

Carter City

“You must know hiding is useless. I can find you anywhere on the planet with your IT. Why do you persist in putting me to the effort of locating you every time we have a new customer for you?”

Jana opened her eyes and tried to peer past the beam of light shining directly on her face. She could see nothing beyond the dazzling light, however. Not that she needed to know who had found her. She recognized Marty’s voice.

She was curious, though, to know just how peeved he was. Angry enough to beat her? Or just enough to slap her around a little?

The worst of it was, either way, she probably wouldn’t find out until after she’d serviced the customer—he wouldn’t want her marred in any way—which meant she’d have to wait in dread—as if the other wasn’t bad enough.

Regardless, she had no choice but to face his wrath. He was standing in front of the only way in or out of the container she’d wedged herself into, hopeful that the lead lining would prevent him from picking up the signals from the Identification Transmitter surgically implanted in every slave’s spine.

Reluctantly, Jana began the painful process of wriggling out of her hiding place. She was stiff from having hidden for so long and, despite her diminutive size, it had taken a great deal of effort to squeeze into the container to begin with. She had been petrified with fear once she had wedged herself inside, wondering if she would be able to get out again—assuming her ruse worked and allowed her a chance to escape the city—but her fear of being caught had outweighed her fear of dying a horrible death stuck inside the small container—just barely.

She was sweating with effort by the time she managed to wiggle part of the way out. Instead of helping her exit, however, her sweat dampened skin seemed to cling to the lining of the container, making egress even more difficult.

Impatiently, Marty grasped her beneath her arms and yanked her out before she’d managed to wriggle her hips free, chafing her hips and the tops of her thighs.

He set her on her feet and looked her over angrily. “Just look at you! You’re a total wreck—and the customer due in little more than an hour! And you’ve marred your flesh, as well, damn it!”

Jana longed for the nerve to inform him that she wouldn’t have been marred if he hadn’t jerked her out, scraping her hips on the rough sides of the container. However, she had better sense than to provoke him. It was obvious from his manner that she was already facing a sound beating once the customer had departed.

She dreaded it, but in some ways it was a strange sort of blessing.

She was so very fair that it took little to bruise her. Since customers were inclined to be turned off by a battered courtesan, and since Jana pretty regularly managed to provoke Marty’s wrath, she was rarely available to his customers.

In truth, Jana had deliberately provoked Marty on more than one occasion, when a particularly nasty individual had requested her services, but that had not been her intention this time. She had thought she had finally stumbled onto a way to escape the life she hated and find a better one for herself.

So much for that.