Chalice, The

Decimated by the savage Deg’Nara and teetering on the brink of extinction, the last surviving males of the once great Chiagan-Se embark on a quest to salvage what is left of their civilization. They send their remaining seeker ships into the void, searching for genetically compatible females. Time is running out, but in the far reaches of the universe, on an obscure and primitive planet, a match is discovered.

One thousand panic-stricken women awaken two hundred years in the future, captives aboard an unmanned alien spacecraft bound for parts unknown! How had they gotten there and why?

The males thought they came willingly. The females believed they’d been kidnapped. Full of hopeful expectation, the Chiagan-Se prepare for the arrival of their new mates. Terrified and furious at the inexplicable abduction, the women prepare for combat! And when the two sides meet, the battle commences.


Published: 03/2012
Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 100,888
Genre: Futuristic/Fantasy Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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P.L. Parker


© Copyright by P.L. Parker, March 2012
© Cover Art by Eliza Black, March 2012
ISBN 978-1-60394-685-8
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Tegan’s breath hitched. The door to the women’s quarters slid open, revealing a line of human females. Tense and uncertain, their very stance exuded uneasy wariness. Crowded together for protection, they stepped forward with studied caution and entered the communal area. As before, his Chalice appeared to lead the group, flanked by the giantess and the childlike female. Slightly behind, the dark one scowled with fierce determination, while beside her the calm one’s eyes searched the room, missing nothing. He nodded approval. Though nervous, they were nonetheless alert.

His Chalice bent down, patting the prone female’s shoulder, her soft voice murmuring unintelligible sounds rife with comfort. Long pale hair concealed her delicate features from his perusal stimulating his imagination to contrive her expressive eyes and sculpted lips. The female on the floor jerked upright and threw herself on his Chalice, her hysterical wails shattering the quiet.

“Should we go out there?” Shagal pranced from foot to foot, face alight with anticipation.

“Not yet. They need time to adjust to our presence—understand we’re not the enemy.”

“Why would they think that?” Shagal’s brow furrowed. “They were invited and they came. We’ve shown only kindness and welcome.” His silvery eyes flashed. “Unless you did something when you talked to them,” he added, lips drawn down.

“I did nothing.” His own excitement was hard to contain. He wanted nothing more than to enter the communal room and attempt to converse with his Chalice but now was not the time. He wished he knew more of their language, enough to tell her how pleased he was and how he hoped he could make her happy. Strange how he’d never worried about that in the past. In the before time, his Chalice would have been selected from the available females and they would have commenced their commitment to each other. If the Gods willed it, children would have blessed the union. He would have become regent with all the duties that title entailed and his Chalice would have ruled at his side. Now all he had to offer was his honor and his protection. Poor exchange for the life she could have had.

“She is too small,” Mordaq grumbled. “I told you she was.” The Warrior stared at the screen, gaze focused on the tiny Chalice. “Kormak did me no service.” His face changed, softened, avid interest flashed across his features. “Now there is a woman” he muttered.

In the center of the image screen, the giantess bent down and picked up a tray, strode to a table and sat down, seeming oblivious to anything or anyone. Tall and robust, tawny hair swept to the tips of her broad shoulders framing a strong but feminine face. His lips curved, a secret smile twisting his lips. The huge nourishment glands rose and fell with each inhalation. She picked up a utensil and began eating, strong white teeth peeking through her generous lips. Though she would not be his choice, Tegan could understand Mordaq’s attraction.

“Perhaps you could convince her breeder to trade.”

Mordaq whirled, astonished. “I would not treat either Chalice so unfairly,” he sputtered. “The tiny one was chosen for me. I could not dishonor her.”

“Perhaps she wasn’t made aware of that fact.” Vaux dropped down through an overhead escape hatch, landing with a soft thud. “I don’t think any of them were.”

Tegan studied the tech, noting the lines of concern webbing his drawn features. His heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean?”

The tech scratched his cheek, looking glum. “I’ve been going through more of Kormak’s logs, specifically the most recent, and I found something you need to see.”

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