Making Babies: The Baby Deal

Just when it seemed her life couldn’t get any more complicated ….

One day Julia was focused completely on her career, the next she was just as completely focused on the biological clock she’d never really given a thought to until a one night stand seems likely to yield a little tax deduction. Where did all the time go? And what can she do at this late date to keep from missing out on ‘all the bells and whistles’?

Published: 12/27/13
Length: Longer Novella
Word Count: 37,306
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: Spicy
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)




Making Babies:
Chastity Fox
© Copyright by Chastity Fox, December 2013
© Cover art by Eliza Black, April 2008
ISBN 978-1-60394-838-8
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and are not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


“I swear it eats things alive,” Julia’s voice was muffled as she peered deep into her cavernous black leather bag

The steps to her apartment were dimly lit so she was forced to splay open her purse and practically dive in head first in order to retrieve anything from it. As she dug around its depths with one hand, a silky strand of her blonde hair fell like a closing curtain across her face. Chance’s hand twitched inside his coat pocket and he had to restrain the impulse to brush the soft hair away from his date’s delicate face. Before he could even change his mind and make the kind gesture, she had retrieved her buried keys and was undoing the deadbolt.

His legs were unsteady beneath him, and, as he crossed the threshold into Julia’s apartment, he stumbled slightly and caught his balance on a table. “I’m fine…really,” he exclaimed as he attempted to regain his grace. Smiling wide in sheepish embarrassment, he smoothed back his dark hair and took a seat on the couch.

He thought to himself, I really shouldn’t have had that last whiskey.

“Well, I sure hope you are fine. There is a lot more fun to have. What do you say I make you a drink? What’s your poison?” Slowly removing her coat, Julia had adjusted to the timbre of her voice from frazzled valley girl to smoky sex kitten. Being this forward with a man was quite out of the norm for Julia, who was generally more of the coy, bashful type. The new vampy vixen persona was being mustered from some unknown source from within. Regardless of where it came from, she was pleased that her plan seemed to be working so flawlessly.

“Whatever you have is fine. Surprise me.” Chance’s voice was quiet and glib. He was skilled at playing the game in which he and his date were subconsciously engaged. Just you try and out cool me missy. By the end of the night I will have you begging for it. To Chance, letting Julia have the upper hand in this tryst was unthinkable. Too bad he didn’t know that Julia was thinking the same exact thing about him.

Grabbing the icy bottle of vodka from the freezer, Julia looked at the calendar pinned to her kitchen wall. A basket of tawny stripped kittens spilled over the page, batting around colorful balls of yarn. Little did those happy, oblivious kittens know that just below them was mapped out a secret plan that would hopefully change Julia Fontaine’s life forever. Today’s date was circled in pink marker with a big fat heart in the center of the square. The other thirty days of the month were also marked with strange symbols. Some squares were outlined in blue and others in pink. Only the creator of the code could decipher its meaning and at that moment Julia realized exactly what today was.

As she tossed large square cubes of ice into the tumbler and smiled knowingly to herself. Tonight’s the night Julia. This is what you have been planning out for so long and you need to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. Don’t get nervous, everything is under control. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Perhaps her intense thoughts showed on her face because as she was making their drinks, Chance coolly said, “penny for your thoughts beautiful?”

Handing him his vodka tonic, Julia sat down on the couch next to him and gave a slight smile. Her bare knee grazed against his leg and she rocked it back and forth playfully. “Um, I guess I was wondering about you. I mean…” She stammered and sipped her drink to regain her composure. It was proving more difficult than she had expected to turn her prying question into something seemingly innocuous. “I just know so little about you and I already like you so much. Tell me something intimate about yourself.”

In actuality, Julia already knew a great deal about Chance through work.

The day that the head of marketing position opened up at DynaTech, Julia immediately applied. She had been there for two years and was slowly moving up in the software company. With the pace her career was going, it becoming clear to Julia that opportunity does not knock often in life. Her innovations and dedication to the company did not go overlooked and she became the first woman to hold such a senior position. Work became her life and her success at the office translated heavily into her home and what little social life she had.

Fast forward five years later and though Julia found security in the job she was so skilled at, she also was becoming increasingly bored with the doldrums of the office. The same view out the same window, the same mindless chatter with her coworkers all left her craving more out of life.

Then one day something very unexpected walked into her office building. Strolling down the hallway was a tall, well dressed, dark haired man who she had never seen before. Following him with her eyes, her heart raced and she instantly was mesmerized by him. He had a deep brooding, mysterious look that she found irresistible. After he had disappeared into the elevators Julia quickly walked to the front desk and interrogated, Leanne, the secretary who knew everything that went on at DynaTech.

Snapping her gum and smiling professionally, Leanne informed Julia that, “his name is Chance Wilson and he is temping downstairs in the design department. I think he came in today just to sign some paper work. He starts on Monday.”

Three weeks had passed since Julia spotted Chance in the hallway and every day since she tried to create new excuses to go to his department. In all her years of working in the office, she had only had reason to go downstairs a dozen of times but now was driven to visit by a powerful desire and went two or three times a day.

* * * *

It all fit nicely into her grand scheme. The list she kept next to her bed had nearly every item checked off it. The heading read, “Terms for Donation” and below it listed seven different adjectives. They read:





Not bald


Good Teeth

Chance was a five out of seven of the necessary requirements. Julia was unsure if he was really talented at anything besides designing cell phone software or if he was truly a kind man. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt for the most part since her biological clock was ticking away and he was the best candidate for donation yet.

Unable to deny her attraction for the tall, dark, and handsome stranger, she knew that she must devise a plan in gaining more information about him. Inviting him out for drinks and conversation was not all that difficult other than the fact Julia was long out of practice in the art.

It had been three months since her last date, and as a thirty five year old professional woman, dating opportunities came few and far between. Ten years ago, the story was different. Before her career took over her life, the beautiful blonde young woman was constantly going out with young business men and entrepreneurs. Julia enjoyed being fawned over in her youth, but as time went on the empty acts of courtship lost their glitter and magic and all she could think of was her future. Months turned into years and time seemed to speed up increasingly the older and more successful Julia became. Her work provided most of her satisfaction in life and she felt lucky to have built such a solid career for herself. Work cannot equal life though, she would think to herself on the lonely drives home from the office. I want to come home to a child of my own…to somebody who loves me for me and that’s it. I want to take care and love somebody. There would be moments on those drives when she would see kids playing in the backseats of big minivans and the ache in her heart would resonate throughout her so painfully that she would burst into tears.

When she turned thirty, Julia looked into being artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor. Researching the different clinics, she could not find one that fit within her budget, and there was always a cold and alien feeling she could not shake from the whole experience. She wanted a family more than anything in the world but it seemed as though fate was working against her. A sperm donor cost too much, and the harsh, clinical feeling the experience gave her was enough for her to nearly give up on her dream of being a mother.

It wasn’t until she was thirty two that she discovered the perfect solution to her problem. There was one particularly steamy date she went on with a Spanish business man actor who was passing through town that ended in them having sex in the backseat of her car. Raoul flew back to Spain the next evening and Julia chalked up the experience as just a one night stand.

A month later though, her period was a week late and the idea of being pregnant stunned her. She hadn’t taken a pregnancy test in years, but an idea hit her suddenly as she watched the little blue line slowly appear. She could find her own donor. He wouldn’t have to know about it. It would be just like at a clinic, but better. She would be able to see and meet him.

Since that brush with pregnancy, Julia had been on the hunt for the perfect man to be the unknowing father of her child.

“Something intimate? Well, I give excellent shoulder rubs.” Without asking permission, Chance placed his large hands on Julia’s slight shoulders and gently pressed his thumbs into her soft skin.

“Oh, that’s nice. But, I was thinking of something more…you know…secretive.” Though her tense muscles needed the attention of his strong hands, Julia still wanted to uncover a more vital piece of information about Chance.

Drawing aside the straps of her dress, he slowly rubbed the palms of his hands against the firm softness of Julia’s back. The small freckles that dotted her shoulders looked like stars in the night sky and he could not restrain himself from reaching down and kissing the small of her neck.

“I have no secrets. Well, I have one,” he whispered, pressing his mouth to her ear.

“What’s your one secret?” Julia asked as she breathed out slow. The feeling of a sudden flush and a growing yearning from between her legs overcame her.

“I want you.” Chance slowly moved his hands from her shoulders down to her waist and firmly squeezed her thighs. She turned around and kissed him fiercely, unable to hold back her unbridled desire. All those days of spying on him at work, watching his muscles flex from underneath the tight white shirt, dreaming of the day that this moment would come, she could no longer concentrate on the agenda and succumbed to her lust. Their kiss was frantic and the energy passing between them was charged with passion. Positioning herself atop Chance’s lap she straddled his legs and pried her lips away from his.

“I want you, too.” Her eyes narrowed and a cunning smile grew across her face.

He reached underneath her blue satin dress and he lightly touched the lace of her panties with his index finger. Her skin was taught and firm, and the smoothness of her legs and the heat resonating from between them made Chance grow hard. Julia’s thoughts had turned from seduction to yearning as his rough palms explored her skin. Grabbing the edges of her dress Julia lifted it off and at sat straddling his lap in her black lace lingerie. She could feel his body tense and she hurriedly began to unfasten his belt.

She began to tug on the collar of his shirt in an attempt to remove it. “Help me. I can’t do all the work,” she begged him in a playful tone,

Obeying her command, Chance attempted to pull his button-up over his head in a swift motion but got stuck half way. His arms were trapped in the tight shirt and his neck was bent at an awkward angle. He struggled for a moment or two and Julia sat back, unable to hold back a laugh at the predicament.

“You’re hopeless,” she began to yank at the back of his shirt to release him. She moved down from his shirt and continued to fiddle with his belt. Chance took the chance to reach out and feel the weight of her breasts in his hands. They were held beautifully within the fabric of her bra and he relished in their size and shape. Finally done with his belt, she tugged his pants and boxers to the floor. Chance was somewhat taken aback at how quickly she was going about the whole process. It was as though she had somewhere else to be. Taking her lead, he pulled her panties down around her ankles. Struggling for a moment to remove them completely, he noticed that had become caught on Julia’s high heels. Hoping to quickly resolve the issue by simply removing her shoes, he yanked at the long heel of her left shoe. They did not budge and he pulled harder until she gasped.

“There’s a strap,” she said with an uncomfortable sigh and while still managing to kiss him, rapidly unbuckled both shoes kicked them off and untangled her panties from them.

She then began to slide down on top of Chance’s impressive member, but he stopped her and held her suspended above him for a moment, just before he had completely entered her.

“Uh...should I, you know…uh…get something?” It took all the restraint in Chance’s body to stop her and ask the question. This beautiful and eager woman was something else, but he knew he had to be polite about the situation.

“A condom? Oh no, it’s fine. I’m on the pill.” Having always been a bad liar, Julia buried her face in the crook of Chance’s neck and whispered the falsehood in a breathy tone, hoping to disguise any impression of her untruthfulness. She could hear her maternal clock ticking in her ear and knew that now was her chance to get what she longed for. She longed for her plan to become pregnant to work but she also longed to make love to this handsome stranger. She began to lower herself onto him but again was stopped once more by his powerful hands.

With his large hands Chance easily supported Julia’s weight and suspended her above him. His deep urge for her flooded his mind, but he could not quiet his anxieties. Overpowered with worry, he considered what if he was moving too fast for Julia, she may not wish to ever see him again. That was a risk he did not want to take. “Are you sure this is okay?” He asked with the utmost sincerity as he stared deeply into her dark brown eyes,

Annoyed with his question and at the uncomfortable nature of the circumstance, Julia snapped at him with a loud and harsh voice. “Yes dammit. Can we fuck now?” She grabbed onto his thick arms and squeezed pleadingly.

Chance laughed and then, without a responding, he held Julia close and thrust deeply into her.