No Holes Barred: The Awakening

Cursed by a sorcerer's spell, Britenia feels nothing but emotionless lust and emotionless pain--a mere reaction by her body that fails to reach her mind. Securing an invitation to the No Holes Barred Spa and Nightclub, she is intent on studying the emotional feast innate to the many guests from the galaxies far and wide. As royal matriarch of her emotionless people it is Britenia's duty to discover, to experience it all, good or bad--fear, sadness, anger, joy, passion--especially passion.


Published: 09/2005
Length: Novella
Word Count: 22,666 
Genre: Futuristic/Fantasy Erotica
Rating: Erotica.
Available formats: : PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


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No Holes Barred:
Angelia Whiting


© copyright September 2005, Angelia Whiting
Cover art by Eliza Black, © copyright September 2005
ISBN 978-1-58608-640-5
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Chapter One

Britenia tossed an expressionless glance at her mentor. “Why should I even bother?”

“You have been wronged Brit. All of your people have been wronged.”

Britenia scanned the satellite, located at the end of the gateway that Rupshel had brought her through. It was a colorless piece of rock, floating in the galaxy, bearing nothing except boulders and stones and pits of various sizes. It was as dead as she was, as dead as the enormous bolder they stood in front of that burrowed nondescriptly into the satellite’s pebbled surface, looking as much a part of the terrain as any other of the enormous rocks. In its stone façade the words, No Holes Barred was carved appearing as though a passerby had haplessly scratched into the surface. But Rupshel told her it was the entrance to the spa club and resort that she would reside at for as many dawnings as it took.

“It doesn't look like much of a place to find deliverance.”

“Not true child.” Rupshel cast his glance to the large boulder. “Many travelers pass through the cosmic gateways to this satellite play land, some stay awhile and some go. Inside you will find creatures from the galaxies far and wide. Emotions abound.”

The elderly man tipped his head toward Britenia and scratched his ancient purple-gray beard. His voice lowered an octave though his tone was still firm. “You may find joy here my dear.”

“I doubt I'll ever have that gift again, Rupshel.” Brit stared at the rocky wall in front of her. “Nothing holds meaning for me. I remain empty.”

“Ah child,” Rupshel glided over to her, his long flowing robes caressing the ground as he moved. He was the epitome of a life time of wisdom and knowledge, four centuries of learning he put to claim under his belt. “Do I detect despair within you?”

Brit’s head snapped around so she could look her mentor in the eye. “It is an emotion, yes?”

“It is.”

“Well, it is not a very pleasant feeling.” Still, feeling a twinge of an emotion stimulated Britenia’s hope, another emotion. Perhaps she would stay awhile.

“Be patient my student. You’ve just arrived here. You will learn.” A wily smile played at Rupshel’s lips. “You may even discover passion in this place.”

Britenia stared impassively at her mentor for a moment. “Or anger. Maybe I will find anger here, or hate, or some sentiment I can feel strongly.”

“Passion is a strong feeling child and encompasses an array of pleasures or displeasures as the case may be sometimes.”

Ignoring the man who counseled her, the wise teacher who instructed all of her peoples at the University of Emotional Awareness, Britenia turned away, putting her back to her mentor.

“I should feel hate,” she said.

“Do you?”

Britenia stood still, not answering him right away. It was as though she was trying to conjure the emotion. She shook her head with numb regard. On an inhale, she looked at her mentor. “No.”

Her soul was an empty shell--void of emotion.


“It doesn't even feel strange to feel...nothing. I feel nothing, Rupshel.”

Rupshel placed a caring, fatherly hand gently on her shoulder. “You will, Britenia, as time passes and you witness the vibrancy that naturally resides in others. Study them and what they feel, and your emotions will begin to blossom.”

“Like this satellite?” Britenia knew she should chuckle at her own humor, but the sentiment evaded her.

Rupshel chuckled for her. “Beneath it all, my lady royal, I think we’ll discover you are quite a delight.”

“I would wish to say I believe you.” Britenia lowered to sit on a small rock near the big boulder. She folded her hands in her lap. “How will I recognize the emotions when the come?”

“You were one of my finest students.” Rupshel knelt in front of her and placed a palm on her cheek. “Just keep your scrolls nearby.”

Britenia nodded. Four solar annums she spent at the University for Emotional Awareness. She supposed she was ready. “My scrolls, yes. They will tell me all.”

“Not all,” Rupshel answered. “Much you will discover on your own.”

Britenia would’ve given him a confused look then, if she possessed the emotion. Instead she merely said. “I have no choice but to try.”

“For your sake and for the sake of your people.”

“So that I may return to my planet and enlighten them, yes?”

“Yes. And to take your rightful place on the throne.” Rupshel stood and stepped back from her. “For now I leave you. There is the welfare of the other apprentices I must see to.”

“Just one more question, Rupshel.” Britenia stood, causing Rupshel to halt, just as he was about to step into the tunnel that brought them here. “How might I understand the many languages spoken here?”

“A thoughtful question,” Rusphel turned and faced Britenia. “The place is equipped with a universal translator. Just speak your own words and others will understand you, and likewise you will understand them.”

“Thank you, my teacher.” Britenia closed her eyes and bowed her head respectfully. “I will be fine.”

When she opened her eyes again her mentor was gone, leaving her standing alone at the entrance of No Holes Barred--Alone, but not lonely.

Britenia wondered what loneliness felt like.

Sighing for no other reason than releasing a breath, she picked up her travel bag and knocked on the rock. A tiny stone piece sank inward revealing a hole about the size of her hand. Flattening her palm over the opening, she presented the tattoo on her flesh. It was the symbol that would gain her entrance. “Invited member.”

She felt a small tingle on her skin as the surveillance scanner read the mark. The small hole sealed as she dropped her hand and then a crack appeared in the surface of the rock door.

It spread open, revealing a dark, silent cavern.

Britenia stepped inside.

But she wasn’t inside at all.