Cyberevolution I: The Awakening

They were the latest weaponry—cyborg soldiers—a melding of robotics and biological materials conceived to integrate them with their human counterparts--except they were scary-big and so powerful they were capable of destruction no human was.

And they attained awareness and went rogue.

Length: Full Novel
Word Count: 89,373
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotica--This novel contains multiple heroes/sexual partners, ménage a trois, humor, and violence, adult/profane language.
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)



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Cyberevolution I:
Kaitlyn O'Connor

© Copyright by Kaitlyn O'Connor, July 2012
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, July 2012
ISBN 978-1-60394-749-7
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


"It is the beast we found here when we returned to take possession of the base."

Surprised but relieved, Danika sent the cyborg a weak smile of gratitude. "That's a relief anyway. I mean ...."

"We are not very good hunters, but we are very good killers. It was a very big beast. We will not lack for food for a while even if there is not much variety."

Danika relaxed, even more grateful that he didn't harp on her being human, and what the humans had done, than she was that he'd soothed her fear about the food.

But maybe he didn't know?

One look in his eyes was enough to assure her that he did. They probably all knew.

"I do not hate humans."

Danika's smile flat-lined. "Well, that's good to know."

He looked a little disconcerted. "I do not have a woman, but I have been thinking that I would like to have one."

That sent Danika reeling, almost literally. She couldn't think of anything to say for several moments. "Uh ... well ... uh ... If I see one, I'll be sure to pass along your interest in finding one."

He frowned, not as if disconcerted or confused this time, but angrily as if she'd insulted him. "We have needs just as the human males do."

Danika held up her hand. "Too much information! Hey! Not doubting it, but I think you need to talk to Reuel about that."

This time his frown was one of confusion. "I do not see that that will help. He is a male."

"But he's your commanding officer."

"But he is male. I do not have desire for a male. There are plenty of those here. I have desire for a female."

"Uh. I think I'll just go sit down ...." Before I fall on my face! "And eat this while it's hot."

To her dismay, he followed her to her table and sat down across from her, studying her curiously. "Females also have need."

It was all Danika could do not to choke on the chunk of meat she speared and stuck in her mouth. She cleared her throat when she managed to swallow it. "How do you figure that?" she asked in a rasping voice.

"I have programming as a pleasure droid. They would not have done that if it was not for the fact that females also have need."

It was hard to argue with that kind of logic! "Ah, well, you know it was men that ... uh ... probably mostly men that designed .... Well, you know what I mean."

He frowned. "I do not understand. The logic is faulty?"

Danika grunted. "Something like that. Human men don't understand women."

His eyes widened, then he frowned again. Danika managed to choke down several more bites of food, but it was a running battle with her stomach's determination to reject every bite she managed to swallow.

It wasn't that the cyborg wasn't an ... enormous, tank sized, beautiful example of manhood! She hadn't seen one, yet, that wasn't male beauty personified! But even if she'd felt desperate need, there were probably upwards of a thousand of them in the rebel base! She sure as hell didn't want to encourage any of them to perform for her when there was even a tiny chance they might all want a go at her!

Ok, so the truth was that if Seth had made a move on her when they'd been in the facilities together she probably wouldn't have objected, but that was because he'd turned her brains to mush.

"Women do not have need?" he asked doubtfully.

Danika managed a smile. She didn't want to lie to him. He was confused enough! Poor thing! "I didn't catch your name?"

He frowned. "I did not throw it. I do not know how to throw it," he added, looking very much as if he was searching his databanks.

"Figure of speech," Danika muttered. "I was asking what your name is."

He looked so pleased she felt bad.

"I mean, considering the conversation, I think that would be appropriate."

He looked confused again.

"I'm Danika. Cpl. Danika Hart--well, was. I don't suppose I'm a corporal anymore."

He blinked at her several times. "I am Basil CS85119. I think that you are a beautiful, desirable woman and I would like to sex you."

Danika almost did strangle that time. When she managed to stop coughing, she pushed her plate aside.

He studied it hungrily. "You are not going to eat that?"

"Knock yourself out."

He sent her a strange look. "I do not think that I want to do that even if I could."

Danika bit her lip. Geeze! They were so literal minded! "I mean you can have it if you want it. I haven't eaten in a long time. I just can't eat much."

And the conversation was really spoiling what little appetite she had!

It was at that point that she recalled that Reuel had thrown her entire squad into the brig. She didn't have anybody to watch her back and the scary-big cyborg wanted to hump!

To her relief, the cyborg--Basil--took the plate and finished off her food.

It didn't last long--the relief or the food. "You will consider allowing me to sex you?"

"Uh ... well, I'll think about it. Right now I think I need to find my squad."

"They are in the brig for disorderly conduct."

Maybe she should consider doing something disorderly so she could be locked up with them, she wondered uneasily? It seemed preferable to rattling around outside the brig with so many cyborgs--especially if they were all horny like this one!

"I am not ... handsome? You do not desire me?"

Danika gaped at him. He was handsome. How could he have so little sense of self that he didn't know that? He was also damned persistent! "I didn't say that. I said I'd think about it!"

"How long will you require to think about it?"

As long as it took to get somewhere that was safe!

"Hey! You seem like a nice guy. But I already have three guys, you know?" She'd hoped that would settle the matter even if it wasn't exactly the truth.

He looked angry again. "You allow them to sex you? I have no squad leader now. I could join your squad."

Danika rolled her eyes. "I think the word you're looking for is fuck," she said tightly. "And I'm not in the fucking mood, ok?"

She'd more than half expected him to get angrier. Instead, he seemed to consider for several moments. "When do you think you might be in the fucking mood?"

"I'll let you know!" she snapped, jolting to her feet.

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