Assassin for the Slave, An


If you want to protect the Queen from a killer, hire a killer to protect her.

The Gods have a habit of balancing the scales. Good and bad, rich and poor, strong and weak. The planet of Gigas Vnee is one that has a balance. A dangerous storm tossed world that is mostly ocean, filled with rocky mountaintops pushed to grow strange trees that can withstand the winds that scour the land. Intelligent life learned to live in caves longer than on most worlds. So the balance was a valuable mineral thread among the rocks that was worth more than any carved gemstones in the Universe as the threads produced cheap energy to move deep space jumps.

The elected rulers were two unusual clone males who were stronger mentally than manmade units. Beside them was the Queen/Slave who loved them and kept them on the right track. Around them were evil, greed, politics, lust and death. You meet death with death by hiring one of the greatest threats in this part of the universe, one of the members of the Assassins Society. But even the stoic assassin might find surprises on this amazing planet of caves and battering gales. Some of the gales are between male and female.


Published: November 2014
Length: Long Novella
Word Count: 36,087
Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Erotica 
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


An Assassin for the Slave


M. Garnet

( c ) copyright by M. Garnet, November 2014

(c ) cover art by Jenny Dixon, November 2014

ISBN 978-1-60394-867-8

New Concepts Publishing

Lake Park, GA

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.



This is dedicated to Angel, one of my fans who read the first book, TWINS’ SLAVE and wrote me to ask for more of the characters. I can’t do this without all of you great readers.



Since intelligent beings began to socialize and form tribes, groups, combinations there have been those who live in the shadows. As they grew into towns and cities, there have been those that chose the role of assassin.

Somewhere in this growth of groups of beings, no matter what planet or what developing area; the assassin began to form into a special society of their own. They were always on the outskirts of the peoples they developed alongside. Because there always seemed to be a need for assassins, since there is always someone willing to hire an assassin.

It became an issue of how could you trust an assassin in order to hire them to do the job for you? The assassins determined the answer. They became honest. No matter where they were, rather it was in ancient times on dirt hills with the only power from the fires that beings built or in satellites floating in the darkness of space, if an assassin took a contract it was done with an honest completion or the death of the assassin.

As time passed, the societies of assassins became more secretive and extremely wealthy. Many others began to think they were myths, stories to scare children or make threats against your enemies that no one believed. It was to the assassins' benefit in staying hidden.

How did one become an assassin? Sheer luck, but some were not sure if it was good or bad. You had to be like a little boy named Bogdan. Your mother had to go to a large house on the edge of your city and leave you there. You had to be ignored until you were close to starvation and then you were let into the system.

You were trained in every type of hand-to-hand fighting. Next there were the weapons that were available, past and present. If you survived the rigors of the harsh courses you still only cleaned the rooms of the real assassins. There would be years and years of harsh treatment to harden the body and mind. Many did not survive to become a full assassin, their bodies just dumped. Bogdan survived.

He was one of many of a group of assassins that were in the universe that had a Federated Council of Planets and a Federated Military to protect them.

His own innate survival mode and his large body were not his only tools; it was his mind and determination that got him through the pain and the lessons. He learned how to turn his large body into a shadow, a killing item of silence.

In the past years, he had taken on assignments that involved killing a child and protecting a child. He stole a single large gem without killing anyone and killed many to obtain a necklace from around the neck of a fat man.

When his master the Prime Assassin Misrot attended a meeting about a pair of special twins that frightened a silly group of overdressed sycophants, he was chosen to be one of the attendants.

Now it was time for Bogdan to learn about this planet, this female he was to protect, and the twins that frightened the Federation.

He found that the female had been taken from a small planet far outside the customary systems of commerce. She had been trained as some type of small military group called police.

For Bogdan it did not matter, but it did turn out that this female was more than just pleasing to look at, she was beautiful. Studying what he could on the news outlets it would seem that she was also very intelligent. This might mean she was more than just a slave.

Her position as the rare and only slave on the Planet Gigas Vnee had caused a catalyst that was a shock and a disappointment to a lot of greedy individuals. The two unusual males, who were born as twins, were strange babes that were identical in every way and every cell. She was the final slot in the triad that formed when the two males merged into potent mental giants as they became one creature in two bodies.

They were born on and still resided now on the storm-tossed planet that had an unusual history. Because of two moons, one that was so distant it could not be seen with the naked eye, the tides of the ocean covered world were constantly a turmoil of gale force winds.

As savages, the natives had only been able to survive by living in caves. Fortunately the upheaval of mountains provided many fissures and volcano tunnels for the first natives to survive.

As technology and self-education grew on this planet as it did with beings around the universe, the residents chose to continue to live within cave cities, leaving their storm-tossed upper world in its natural state.

Then it would seem that the untold Gods gave a blessing to this weather-troubled world and within its rocks there developed small threads that people could pull out and hold. Some worlds had gem stones, some had gold and minerals, Gigas Vnee had the Threads of Targent. A tiny handheld power source that, among other things, could move the deep jump ships through space without needing a worm hole.

The threads were not found anywhere else in the universe. Gigas Vnee was very wealthy and a center of ugly politics.

This was what the Medal Assassin was heading into as a protector for a female.

Chapter One

Joo settled back on her pine needle bed and watched the flickering of her small fire against the rocks of the cave above her head. She had survived on this wild water world for months now, probably the last of the bundle of slaves that had been brought here for reasons unknown.

She knew she had survived because this world was so like the one she had been born on, but she realized that eventually they would find her. She wondered if she had the strength to take her life rather than endure slavery. Her wild spirit did not believe in being owned by another.

She thought about the man who had brought her and the others to this storm planet. The planet was called Gigas Vnee and the man had once been a Sub Commander in the Federated Militia. That was a very important position, but she didn't understand what was involved with politics because there seemed to be a problem. He had taken the small transport that had all of the captives on it.

All of her fellow females from different planets were destined to be sold in a slave market. There had been a battle, then another, and then the small transport was in the hands of Sub Commander Baloko.

Baloko must have been very important and very rich because he paid for them all to be put into sleeping pods to be far space shipped to this distant forbidden planet.

Beyond this information, she knew only that when they were awakened from the pods in a very busy hanger she found her opportunity to escape. They had been followed, and although she didn't understand what was happening, she was not so foolish as to refuse the opportunity to run for freedom.

She encouraged the others to follow her. She had no intention of staying together, but they would give cover and keep the hunters busy.

She had fought and killed the strong animal that made its home in this cave. She then lived off its meat but found it too difficult to tan the hide, so she took the fur and entrails out to a high cliff and tossed them into the tumultuous ocean.

Each time she returned to the cave she returned by a different angle so as not to start to make a path that others would see. This night she was dry from the heavy storm with a small fire hidden deep after a turn within the cave.

* * * *

Loralei strode down the long hallway of the military wing of the home that was a monstrous castle developed from an unbelievable cave. The cave was in a rock cliff within the shear walls over one of the wild oceans on Gigas Vnee. She had to smile as she twisted the slave bracelet on her wrist. Loralei had to pretend it was not important that she was the richest slave in this part of the Universe.

She was a slave who was owned by a pair of unique males known as the Twinned Dissnue. They were twins, but more than the usual ones that were born to families around the universe. They were identical, like clones, and when joined by a catalyst they became powerful in a mental way that allowed them to control whatever or whoever they wanted to control.

It turned out that she was the catalyst, and there were many who asked who owned whom when it was seen how they reacted to her. There might be some who feared these two unusual males and there might be some who envied them. But for Loralei, it was just love. She loved her two males completely no matter how strange they might be.

She turned a corner and came upon four armed guards.

"Mistress, you move through the halls without your personal sentinel."

Loralei looked at the men and knew they would report her to her two males. She had left knowing her private guard was asleep because they had all been up through most of night meeting some stuffy diplomats. She was busted, damn.

"Perhaps one of you would be kind enough to accompany me to meet with my friend Master Dee." She smiled and watched as one of the men reported in and was given immediate approval to accompany the Mistress.

In the office of her friend Master Dee, the older man who had raised the twins as children, she dismissed the guard.

Dee smiled at the woman who was carrying a child belonging to one of the twins. With the strangeness of the twins, it would be hard to prove who the father was as their genes were identical.

"Well, my strong police woman, isn't that what you were called when you were on the blue planet where you originally lived? How are you this day?"

Loralei nodded her head. "Yes, on Earth my career had the title of police woman. Here I have no title except everyone does what I tell them to do. My masters, a word I loath to use, let me do whatever I want and have given me some power. So I use my past training to try to keep us safe."

She looked at him and remembered a point that had been made when he had been attacked. She had saved him because she had been ready. Surprisingly, her police training from a small planet that had not gotten into heavy space travel made her more than ready for the devious minds of beings that wanted to break the rules set down by societies.

Sometimes advanced beings relied on their tools and forgot to look into the eyes of the lawbreakers. Loralei found a niche to help her unusually brilliant lovers. So now she was in charge of security of the home cavern.

Except, right now, she was having problems with her personal security.

"Master Dee, having a soldier with me every moment marks me; it is a flag that says, look at me, I am important. Anyone who wants to find me, here I am. There are vis, what I call cameras, everywhere yet I am told what one tech can control another tech can turn off or control those items.

I need hand-to-hand control. I need to see their eyes."

Dee was so proud of this bracelet-enclosed female. Fate or the Gods or whoever ran the Universe brought just the right person to this storm-tossed planet and to these two twins at just the right time.

"Well Mistress, maybe it is time to go outside for your protection."

Loralei had been sitting across a big polished rock desk littered with reports in various forms. She took her eyes off the reports and looked at the warm eyes of her friend. They were truthful eyes.

"I am listening."

Dee put his hands together. "Fight fire with fire. Hire an assassin as your protector."

Now Loralei sat back in shock. She stared at the older man to make sure she was reading him correctly. She restated his words in her mind. Hire an assassin.

"Okay, Dee, I don't want to have someone killed, so I guess you will need to give me more information. The idea of hiring an assassin seems a little beyond what I know of those that belong to that society."

Dee waved his hand over a speaker and requested tea and sandwiches. He got up and waved Loralei to follow him to the large opening that looked out at the dark, turbulent waves on the distant ocean down below. There were a couple of low couches along with a table in front of this protected opening.

It was not long before they sat when Dee's order was brought in, and he dismissed the servant.

"I often forget that there is so much of our life that you don't know that we just take for granted because we grew up with it. Let me tell you about the Assassin Society while we relax and drink our tea."

Dee took a special plate and put a cup of tea on it and one small sandwich and handed it to Loralei. She put sugar in the tea then sat back to be educated.

"Our present Assassin Society is very old and although feared is also respected. The present Prime Assassin is a male by the name of Misrot. How he obtained the position is known only within the society.

The society is very wealthy and has secret locations throughout the known galaxies that we travel. Yes, they are killers of the most vicious kind. But they take on other types of contracts. Assassins have found one way to be of need, they are honest. If you hire them to kill someone then that is what they do."

Dee sipped his tea as he watched the storms that he loved. "There is nothing that can stop them from fulfilling their contract except death. There is no amount of torture that will pull out who hired them. Most of the time the originator of the contract isn't shared with the assassin assigned to the project. Prevents the use of meds or brain interference to find out who put out the contract."

Dee took a moment to eat one of the small sandwiches. "It is a great mistake to try to set up a trap for an assassin. There are tales of whole families being wiped out to punish an unethical contract originator.

Now you should know that an assassin contract is very expensive. The term can be from one week to one year of Federated time. Often the time limit is negotiated depending on the result of the contract.

Here is the part that is going to surprise you. They do more than take contracts for kills. They make deliveries, no questions. They steal items. They see that items are returned. They kidnap people and animals. Most important, they take on contracts that include protecting people."

Loralei finished her tea after taking the last bite of the sandwich. She was taking all of this in and digesting it along with her light lunch. Her body was giving her problems lately about food, but this meal in front of the opening to the grey and green water frothing with deep waves seemed to be just what was needed.

"Even if I find a way to contact these elusive killers, I end up with a being dressed in black and covered in weapons following me everywhere. That is as obvious, or more so, than a military guard." There was a deep frown on her pretty face.

Dee chuckled. "You underestimate the training and abilities of an assassin. They are shadows, they are unknown when they move, they are not heard when they speak except in a whisper. The assassin you hire will be with you, but others won't know it unless someone threatens you."

She sighed. "Another assassin within our cave. What will Leant and Bleak say?"

"They will say that whatever keeps you safe is the correct way to go."

She got up and went slowly to the door, knowing the guard was outside waiting. "Let me talk to my masters and then you can tell me how to get in touch with the killers society."

Chapter Two

Bogdan was naked and sweating. The bodies of assassins came in all sizes, and Bogdan's was a supreme example of male beauty. He was taller than most males in the society, but his muscles were tight and a sculpture on his structure. Every bone was covered with the tight power of what the right training had wrapped. Not too much, not anything standing out that would keep him from moving through tight spots. But his strength was beyond most.

Heavy veins showed the power of the strong heart that pushed the oxygenated blood that gave him more power than the male he was drilling. He could have taken this opponent down at any time, but he needed the workout as he tried different defense postures.

His white hair was long, almost to his waist, done in a tight braid. The darkness of his skin made a sharp contrast between the white hairs against the sweaty skin. He kept his eyebrows and eyelashes dark to hide him when necessary. His eyes were usually green, but over the years he had learned to control the color of them, giving him camouflage when needed.

Bogdan had finally decided he had tired his body and needed a bath. He quickly took down his opponent. He walked away without saying anything to the injured male on the cement stress area. One did not show any emotion to one who lost.

As he was putting on his clean leathers after his bath, there was a soft tap on his door. With a sharp voice, he answered but didn't invite the person into his private quarters.

"Sir, Prime Misrot requests your presence."

"I will be there immediately."

Bogdan was surprised that their high leader was at this location. The Prime had been away on some missions. Since many of the most important contracts went past his hands, his life was full. There were many subs below him that looked at the appeals first and decided if any needed the Prime's view.

Sometimes it took the appearance of the Prime to make a point. Bogdan had escorted the Prime on several of these special appointments. He knew that one of the reasons he was chosen was due to the fact that he was almost seven foot tall, and one was due to the fact that the Prime had a respect for his talents.

Bogdan was very rich, but there was no thought of quitting. This was his life; he had nothing else and no one else. This was him. He put a few hidden weapons on his body and left to go to meet the Prime.

His rooms were pure luxury. He smiled as he thought of all the years he had slept on hard floors with discarded rags for covers. Now he had silks and furs and unnamed materials from around the systems to cover the walls and chairs and his bed that could sleep six of him. Bogdan was amazed at how fast he had gotten used to the lifestyle. But he had no trouble adjusting to damp and dirty if his job required him to live among animals and find no time for baths or change clothes. Going without food or eating whatever the land provided that stayed down and provided sustenance. As an assassin, you learned early to survive on what was provided, or you did not survive.

He knew the Prime would be housed in the largest and most secure rooms in this huge fort. The entire fortification took in miles of land that included various living quarters, practice fields, and offices.

He reached the Prime's location and waited to be announced by the guards at the massive metal door. He took a stance of pause, shutting down his body but keeping his mind alert. He could stay in a position of his choosing without movement for as long as required, but this time it was short as the door was opened, and he was invited to enter.

For all the wealth the Prime had, the Prime worked in Spartan surroundings. The polished black floor had no rugs anywhere to break up the reflections from the windows. The one long slab of clear composite that made up his desk was covered with neat stacks of reports. Above it floated several screens of different types, some could be seen and some that had privacy backs.

The Prime sat in a large buoyant chair that allowed him to move fast in any direction. Bogdan knew that the back of the chair would protect any projected particle supposing it was not large enough to take down a building from piercing it.

The only other furniture was two large chairs in front of the desk. They were straight-backed and without arms and not meant for comfort. Rarely was anyone invited to sit in most meetings, so Bogdan took a stance of respect.

The Prime brought his deadly eyes up to his man. The Prime didn't play games by wasting time delaying with one of his best assassins.

"I have an assignment for you. It is important, so I needed to talk with you about it. Please have a seat."

If it weren't for his years of rigorous training, Bogdan would have shown surprise. He kept control of his face and body as he sat stiffly in one of the chairs. As always he kept his arms available for any threat.

The Prime sat back and looked at his top killer. "This contract is for protection and it is for one Federation year."

There was silence as Bogdan thought about the words. At his level, he didn't do protection assignments. His training said wait. The wait was not long.

"You must understand this isn't an insult to your standing in our society. This assignment is of a nature that there are very few people that I can trust with it."

Bogdan nodded only once to assure his senior that he heard every word clearly. Now here was the real shocker.

"The contract covers the protection of a member of the family of the Twinned Dissnue of the planet Gigas Vnee."

The Twinned Dissnue were a pair of identical twins, identical in every way, in every molecule so that they thought alike and worked alike and moved alike. Such an unusual pair was only born once in every few centuries. It was told that if a catalyst could be found to join the two they would become more powerful than the machines used to produce answers for space travel.

Whether they became that powerful had not been certified, but the twins of Gigas Vnee had become very unusual and with the rare commodity that their planet produced, the threads for deep space travel, they influenced their part of the active universe.

Bogdan now understood this would not be a soft baby-sitting stay; it would be knee deep in all the intrigues of death dealing that lay within the stronghold of the Twinned Dissnue.

"When do I leave?" Bogdan stood knowing the discussion with the Prime was about over.

"There is a deep space ship coming through in a few hours. It would please me to have you on it."

With a nod Bogdan was gone, already thinking of what to take with him for a year stay of protection. Only one set of each of his weapons and back up clothing.

Halfway down the hall he grabbed a serving girl, tossing her tray to one side. The girl said nothing, knowing one didn't deny the higher ranked assassins, especially one coming from the Prime's company.

He made it through the door and had her against the inside of the wood before he had her skirt up. By this time, she recognized who had her and smiled secretly but kept still, doing what he required. It took him only moments to loosen his pants and strip hers to push between her legs and enter her.

She was barely moist, and his large size created some difficulty but the female servant knew she would be bragging to her friends this evening. Assassin Bogdan understood this was a top assignment, so he readied himself in all ways and he needed her for release.

His release was soon found, and he stepped back letting the servant slide down to relax against the wood. He glanced around the room and found a small gold cup sitting on a table close by his body. He picked it up and handed it to her as he pushed her out of the room.

His body relaxed, his next effort was on packing the small black leather bag he could carry with him in the pod on the deep space ship.

For the servant, she leaned against the wall outside his door. The cup was worth more than she made in a month, but the best was the feeling she had when she had found release around the big assassin. Yes, she would be the center of attention tonight when she met with her friends and showed them the gold cup.