Alien Mate

Their species feeds off of the energy humans release during orgasm and Sebastian is adept at wringing the most out of his ‘food source’. But from the moment he first sees Hope, Sebastian wants more—far more than he’s allowed—and his obsession could just be the death of both of them.

Published: 10/2009 
Length: Novella
Word Count: 28,869
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotica
Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 


Alien Mate
Elene Lewis


© Copyright "Downfall" by Elene Lewis, October 2009
© Cover Art by Mariah LaMott, May 2013
ISBN 978-1-60394-811-1
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.

Emotions converged inside Sebastian's mind and skin--merging, enveloping him in a sensual haze of feelings, taste, smells leaving him reeling from the sensations.

Hope was heat and warmth and emotion. She took him outside of himself, outside of the alien being he had always been. She made him feel human. She made him want to be human just so he could experience these feelings again and again. This was so beyond what his kind had ever known or been taught to expect.

Hope's grasping fingers tore his white buttoned shirt, popping the buttons and pushing it aside as her fingers rubbed his nipples. Her right jeans-clad leg curved around one thigh, pulling him into her heat, while she undulated against him. One nail flicked at his nipple, shooting a dart of lust straight to his groin.

He almost fell to the floorboard. Her lush lips replaced her finger, tugging gently on his nipple, almost sending him into spasms.

That had never happened before!

The urgency rose inside him. He had to feel more! To know where this would lead. Damn, the sensations she made him feel….

Squirming to get a second finger inside her heat, he pumped as deep as he could, his fingers quickly becoming soaked with her juices.

She jerked, gasping, her lips barely leaving his nipple only to return, this time alternately pulling with her lips and swirling around the tiny nub with her tongue.

He buried his face against the top of her head and closed his eyes. He had to get control of himself. At any moment he was going to turn into a raving maniac and attack her. The thought of her inner feminine muscles milking him for every last drop only increased the urge to fuck her and fuck hard.

When her hand returned to his crotch, he moved back, removing his fingers from the fiery clutch of her warmth. Gently caressing her hair, he tucked a wayward strand behind one ear, making her look at him.

Swallowing was difficult. Talking would be even worse. “Hope,” he gasped, breathing heavily in the silence of the night.

She arched her neck, need shimmering in her half-lidded eyes. “Please,” she cried, biting her lip. “Don’t leave me like this.”

Sebastian meant to pull back and to lead them inside the bungalow. “I want you too,” he whispered, bending to give her a hard, deep kiss.

Suddenly, he was drowning in her again. Totally absorbed, he could care less they were out in the open or that any of the Clan could see them if they drove by. The fact that the Clan boys were probably looking for them should've made a difference in his comfort-level. It didn't. The only thing that made him comfortable was the woman twisting in his arms.

A blue haze of desire filled his head. He would have her, damn it!

Growling with frustration, Sebastian reversed his movements and landed with his back to the inside of the driver's door, pulling her unresisting form along with him. She landed on top, her pelvis meshed with his, which did little for their situation other than turn him on even more--if that was possible.

He hooked his fingers in the belt loops of her jeans and tried to pull them down gently. Instinct almost had him shredding the damn things just to get her naked so that he could slam her down on his cock, but common sense prevailed and he restrained himself. Using his strength that way would only scare her. He had to get her out of the jeans--the human way. He couldn’t stand the thought of frightening her.

She twisted, helping a little, all the while planting desperate kisses on his naked chest.

“Are these pants glued on, woman?” Sebastian practically roared.

Hope swayed, trying to help, but she soon became distracted. Sebastian realized exactly how distracted when her wet mouth moved quickly to his erection that was still covered by the cloth of his jeans. The cloth didn’t stop her, sweet, wanton human woman that she was. Her lips molded around his cock and the warmth of her mouth destroyed every other thought in his head.

Hips flexing, Sebastian's fight with Hope’s jeans came to an abrupt end. He buried his hands in her hair as his head fell back against the door in ecstasy.

“That's so damn good,” he gasped, barely able to open an eyelid as she managed to work the button-snap and zipper that covered the pike they both desperately wanted somewhere inside her body. Her mouth on him seemed like a pretty grand idea. Just the thought of it about sent him into orbit.

And when her cool fingers reached for the heated spear of his flesh, Sebastian knew he was sunk.

She gasped in awe, as if his cock was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen. Hell, watching her open her mouth to take him was damned near amazing.

Without preliminaries or further foreplay, he watched her mouth cover him, as much as she could. He wasn't exactly regular human size. The males of his species were all greatly endowed, much more so than the general human male populace, which could be quite an advantage where the female humans were concerned. Oh, yeah, his guys were popular, if for nothing else than that reason alone.

The mating habits of differing species flew out of his mind as blood raced from his head to his groin.

“Hope,” he groaned, burying his fingers in her hair and pressing her down harder than he intended.

He'd never felt such stimulation. Ever. Human women in the past had tried to suck him to orgasm, but it didn't work that way for his people. His kind got off on their female partner's orgasm, not the other way around. So, he’d always declined.

But this this was different.

The sensations were rolling, curling, twisting inside of him. He swelled and elongated even more than usual when about to have sex. This time was different. He actually felt desire, reveled in it. This had never happened to him before. He’d never felt these sensations rushing through him. His cock had never wanted a human female’s body before.