Beastmen of Ator: Alien Abduction

When Cara is taken by the shape-shifting beast men warriors of Ator, she gets hands on training in triad mating traditions.

The Furians-Dagon, Gilen, and Joar had lost all hope of a future with the destruction of their home world until they stumble across an Earth woman they rescue from their enemy. Before she can be claimed by a rival beast clan, they decide to claim her for their own and set about initiating the triad mating ritual.

Published: 11/8/13
Length: Long Category
Word Count: 53,492
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Fantasy Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic--Multiple heroes (three), captive situation/forced seduction, mild bondage/forced seduction; ménage; alien mating practices, some humor, graphic/profane/adult language.
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Beastmen of Ator:
Kaitlyn O'Connor


© Copyright by Kaitlyn O'Connor, October 2013
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, February 2013
ISBN 978-1-60394-814-2
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


The Basinini brought her and the others here for breeding experiments. They must have believed it was possible to interbreed with her species or they would not have chosen her, Dagon pointed out reasonably.

Gilen wasn’t sure he agreed with that reasoning. How do you know that was why they brought her?

It was the picture in her head, Joar said, nodding.

Dagon and Gilen both turned to look at him with varying degrees of indignation and disbelief. You were in her head, Dagon demanded?

At his tone, Joar looked uneasy. Should I not have, he hedged instead of responding directly?

Dagon and Gilen exchanged a look. Dagon had tried, twice, to communicate with her but hadn’t made much of a dent. He had culled the words the Basinini had spoken to her to try to calm her and had understood that was what the words were for, reassurance, but he couldn’t say that he’d made much progress beyond that. She had placed an image of her home world in his mind, which was what had convinced him there had to be some compatibility—perhaps a very great deal.

Within the clan, the blood ties determined just how well they could communicate with one another with telepathy. The closer the tie, the easier and stronger the connection. And since there was some tie, in this time, with virtually all of the members of the various tribes, in some fashion they managed to communicate, when necessary, clan wide—regardless of the distance involved.

They had quickly discovered that this was not the case with other species. When verbal communications had failed them, they had tried the mental communication only to discover that success in that area was extremely limited. They had discovered a couple of different species that they could communicate with after a fashion—exchanging images—but even this much didn’t work without a great deal of effort. And since they had discovered one species who’d reacted to those efforts by dying of an aneurism of the brain, they were very careful about trying to use it with others except, occasionally, as a weapon.

They’d actually had indifferent success using it as a weapon, either, but killing with it even once had made them cautious about using it.

Therefore it both enraged him and worried him that Joar had done so without first clearing it with him. You risked her life probing her when that was completely unnecessary!

Joar looked both uncomfortable and indignant. I did no such thing! I was very careful. She didn’t exhibit any sign of pain or I would have withdrawn immediately. How is it that you knew if you did not also probe her mind?

Dagon was outraged about being questioned, particularly when he discovered that Gilen was also looking at him accusingly. I probed the minds of the Basinini.

“Oh.” Gilen frowned. “I still don’t see that that is an indication that we could breed with her.”

“They are humanoid. We are humanoid. In fact all of the specimens they had collected to experiment on were humanoid, if you recall. But the hybrid they had put in the Earth woman, Cara, lived and was not defective in any way that they could tell. Nor the ones they had tried before with Earth women.”

Joar perked up. “She is an Earth woman?”

You have heard of that place, Gilen asked quickly?

Joar shrugged. “No, but I like the word and it is nice that we are learning something about her, yes?”

Gilen looked at him with disgust.

If you call me a dunce again I will put my fist down your throat, Joar snarled.

Then try not to say stupid things, Gilen snapped.

What is stupid about it, gods damn it? Dagon was saying we might take her as a mate. How are we to do that if we do not know anything about her? I mean, we could try to breed on most any female, but we are talking about a mate!

She will make a home for us and make us comfortable and we will take care of her and the young and make her happy. But I see no way to make her happy if we cannot learn about her!

Dagon and Gilen both stared at him a little blankly at that.

Truthfully, Dagon hadn’t thought past fucking her. He’d thought offspring might be possible and he liked that idea, but he realized it wasn’t his main objective. His main objective was to have a female around that he wanted to fuck and to convince her to let him.

This put a whole new light on the situation! “I had not thought about that,” he said slowly, thoughtfully.

“I hate to say it, but neither had I,” Gilen agreed, then added a little doubtfully. “Is this what you meant? Because I thought we were talking about fucking here.”

Dagon felt his face heat with discomfort. “Of course that was what I meant,” he lied. “As Joar pointed out, there are plenty of females around that we could fuck. There might even be some that we could impregnate, but I for one have not seen a single one before Cara that I would want to waste my seed on. I would definitely not consider breeding young that was even half Furian on what we have seen before! She is certainly worthy of our consideration.”

Gilen sent him a look. “What are you basing that on, pray tell?”

“What?” Dagon asked blankly.

“Her worthiness in producing heirs for the Furian Empire,” Gilen said dryly.

The Basinini thought she was worthy of producing young half-breed Basinini, Joar pointed out. And we all know just how superior they believe themselves to be!

True, Dagon agreed.

“Maybe,” Gilen said, “but I would not base my approval on anything that those bastards approved. I consider the Basinini far inferior to Furians myself.”

Dagon looked like he was considering punching him in the face. “Of course they are inferior and, in point of fact, we are not going to find a mate that is the equal of a Furian woman, but I feel that Cara is still worthy since there are no Furian women.” He thought it over. “And I am basing that opinion on the fact that she is the closest, physically, to a Furian woman that we have found. We do not want our young to look like any of those freakish things we just dumped on that planet, do we? We want them to look like Furians and that means she is our best bet …. Unless you want to keep looking?”

Gilen wrestled with the urge to punch Dagon in the mouth. “I did not say that I did not find her appealing or that I thought she was unworthy. I was simply asking if you knew more than I did. I am satisfied to court her. I have to say I have no idea how we are to do this, however. She is not Furian even if she resembles a Furian woman, and I have a feeling that the courtship practices on her world are very different from ours.

“In fact, I know that they are. We rescued her from the Basinini. If she had been a Furian woman she would have acknowledged our right to her as a prize of war. And not only has Cara not done so, I cannot see that she has warmed to us at all.”

Dagon frowned, not particularly happy with that assessment even though he realized that that had been eating at him since they had rescued her—the fact that she hadn’t shown any appreciation for their efforts in rescuing her or their skills as warriors, or in fact shown any indication that she felt even a modicum of obligation toward them for saving her life.

Of course, that had not been their objective, but that was beside the point! Even in their history when it was an actual practice, saving the woman was rarely the objective since they usually didn’t know what captives the enemy might be holding. That didn’t change the fact that the woman had been saved by their efforts as warriors and owed them allegiance for the deed—a life for a life!

But that did put him in mind of a factor that he thought they should consider. “It has been many generations since even we Furians practiced that in truth. You know very well it has merely been ritual for any number of generations now. No doubt it is for her people, too, and she was just too upset to recognize the situation for what it was. Given time she may come around to the realization and accept us. And, if not, then we will perform the ritual.”

Gilen studied him doubtfully, but he didn’t see any point in arguing with Dagon. If he was right they’d know it before very long. And if he was wrong … well, there still wasn’t any point in fighting among themselves about it.

On the other hand, he had no intention of allowing Cara’s lack of interest in accepting them to affect her health and well-being. She was their responsibility since they had found her—whether either of them liked the situation or not! She had refused to allow either Dagon or Joar inside her cabin with the food they had taken her. When she also denied him entrance, he decided enough was enough! She was not likely to be hurt by missing a meal or two but this was rapidly starting to look like an effort to starve herself!

He knocked politely at her cabin door and when she refused to acknowledge his presence as she had Dagon and Joar, he simply teleported inside.

She sat up sleepily and gaped at him in frozen disbelief.

Gilen looked around the cabin, found the table/desk against the door and used telekinesis to move it to a better position, then set the tray of food down on it. Then he removed the lid, displayed what was under it and made eating motions. She stared at him for a very long time—long enough he was beginning to wonder if she had intelligence above that of a single celled animal—and finally examined the tray. Several emotions flitted across her features. Finally, she moved closer and picked up the eating utensil he’d brought, examining it closely enough he began to wonder uneasily if she was trying to figure out if she could use it as a weapon. She seemed to size him up and think better of it if that was, indeed, what had been going through her mind.

She sniffed the food. Then, instead of using the utensil he’d brought, she pinched off pieces so tiny and put them experimentally in her mouth that he was doubtful it was even enough to taste. She seemed to decide that she didn’t dislike the taste. She pinched off a larger piece and put it in her mouth.

Satisfied that she intended to eat, congratulating himself, Gilen set about removing the barricade she’d made against the door. Neither the bed, the table, nor the locker were lightweight. He was surprised and impressed that she seemed to have moved them with little effort. Maybe Dagon was right and she was more like a Furian woman than they’d first thought? She looked frail, but there must be some strength to her and that was certainly a trait to be desired if one were contemplating off-spring—he was sure.

Not that he ever had … contemplated off-spring.

He had been a very young warrior at the time of the ending—too young to have seriously considered anything regarding a female other than fucking. Having a family had certainly not entered his mind any more than he had considered what he would do when he was past his prime as a warrior and would have to give that up and focus on something else of value to his society.

He thought if he had thought about it, though, that he would have considered a strong, healthy female of utmost importance! Of course, it was more than likely that he would not have given that a thought when he found a female that appealed to him, but it would have been a good thing to think about.

He turned to study Cara for a moment and realized he was looking for reasons to approve of her because he desired her and the discussion with his triad had only hardened his resolve to have her. He had been thinking about it from the first, he realized, just as they had.

He was fairly certain that he and Dagon had been mostly focused on their dicks at the time, unlike Joar, but that hardly mattered when they were in agreement, now, that she was definitely mate material not simply a good candidate for fucking.

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