A Dark and Stormy Night--Part One

It was a dark and stormy night--and hot and erotic--but it wasn't a dream ....


Published: 08/2013
Length: FREE Short Story
Word Count: 11,880
Genre: Romance
Rating: Erotic--not for the faint hearted!
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Carol Shaughnessy


© Copyright by Carol Shaughnessy, August 2013
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, August 2013
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


It was a dark and stormy night. She laughed at herself. Well, yeah, it was a dark and stormy night, thanks to the tropical storm dancing off the coast. The bands of clouds scudding across the sky, alternatively raining then not, made it stormy. The dark part? Well, Halloween was only two days away. A glance at her watch let her know it was nearly nine o’clock.

Shaking her head at her imagination, she was off to the store for a few more items. She still had no idea what her costume would be, hence the dark run to the store. Ergo, she was living the dark and stormy night.

A gust of wind buffeted her car, rushing into her open window, playing havoc with her hair. She smiled at the sheer power in the kiss of the wind. She lived for these nights. The wildness stirred her blood, feeding her power. These nights made her feel alive, in touch with the whole of the universe.

Wanting to dance in the fierce embrace, she had to content herself with a skipping gait across the parking lot and into the store. The restless winds teased her long hair into a nimbus around her head. If she had wings, she would fly.

The walls dampened the energy field but she could still feel it calling to her, coaxing her out to play. Pushing the insistent call to the back of her mind, she shopped.

Almost an hour later, she could no longer resist the call of the wind. Besides, she thought, it wasn’t as if she was closer to finding a costume for the party. Purchasing the other things that caught her eye; she grabbed her bags and rushed to rejoin the tempest outside.

The deliberate slap of wind welcomed her back to the game. She needed to get some of these things back home, get them in the refrigerator. Slipping into the driver’s seat, she had to crank the engine before she could roll down the windows. Holding her breath she smiled as the wind filled her car.

It wasn’t long before the groceries were put away and she stood on her deck in the middle of the storm. In her hand was a light white wine, in a stylish glass. The bottle beside her already half empty, her body warm and relaxed. She watched the night like a spectator, high in the stands, away from the rush of play. She wanted closer contact, physical experience with the swirling night. Three floors up was a tease to her senses. Deciding she was more than ready to join the elemental invitation, she gave in and went inside to change. Time to meet the night head on.

She changed clothes, for once dressing for the wild dance around her. She dressed to accentuate the fire raging in her blood. In the back of her closet resided a designer original she bought and then never had the nerve to wear. For tonight’s invitation, it was exactly what she needed.

Escaping once more to her car, she drove to the Ferguson Park on the outskirts of town. Leaving her car in a space away from open sight, closer to the wilder side of the park, she locked the doors and slipped the key into a pocket.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled the fury, drinking the wind until intoxicated. Taking off on foot into the woods, she walked into the night, but soon found herself running. Dodging tree trunks and leaping over fallen branches, she drank more of the heady elements, heeding its invitation. Heart pounding, she pulled deep drugging drafts of the wild flavors of this night into her body. The dress floated about her in the teasing breeze; she was an elfin child, running beneath the moon and clouds. Meeting the night’s fury with her feminine strength.

Her emotions roiled, goading her to run harder, faster in the night. She ran, pulling off the wisp of a dress she donned earlier. Loosening it to the clutching fingers of the wind, she reveled in the caress of the wind on her bare shoulders. The bite of the zephyr on her nipples shot heat straight to her pussy. This was the ultimate playground for sex, the wind pulling, the earth calling, her body shivering on the cusp of orgasm.

Lungs heaving, heart pumping, she came to a sharp stop in the night. Walking the next few steps to the edge of the clearing ahead, she did not hear other steps, yet there was another, close. She froze, motionless in the eddies of the wind-driven dark. She watched his body flex and dance in the clearing. His skin glistened in the hints of moon peeking from the clouds. He too was called out this night. She felt it in her soul, a kindred spirit.

He did not see her, answering the call of his goddess took all his concentration. He moved in controlled measures, focusing his strength and will in the gyrating winds. His body slick with sweat, his lungs pumping like hers, his motions a celebration of wild freedom. The soft tones of the instruments, playing a gentle counterpoint to the driving fury of the wind, helped guide him. She saw the dark outline of a shelter, there must be the music that teased her hearing and called her body to his.

She stepped out of the trees, breasts shining in the nightglow. In between the arms of clouds, the moon lit the night as though looking over her children, making sure no nightmares stalked their slumber; no fearsome creatures disturbed their play. For those of her children not tucked safely in bed, she lit the night for their playground. It was in one of these moments he spied her. Breasts heaving, face flushed, hair flying around her head at the whims of the wind, she was a goddess come to life.

He stopped his movements to see what she would do. The moon reflected her eyes, lit her path as she crossed the space to him. Unafraid in the fearsome elements, she owned the night. She walked up to him, his chest rising and falling with his exertions, matching him breath for breath. She showed no fear of him as she approached. He was surprised for a moment at her boldness then the night swallowed him once more. He waited to see what next step the dance provided, patient even though the night pulled his blood, testing his heart, arousing his body.

The moon gilded his head, turning his hair to blue-black, limning his body with her silver kiss. She didn’t want to share him with the light, the thought and frown catching her by surprise. This was someone she did not know. Some part of her conscious born on this fateful night. She reached a hand to him, touching his bare shoulder and running down his chest, over tight abdominals, following the path of dampness to the nest where his cock rose to greet her.

She passed that, going to her knees in his clearing, she used both hands to stroke his legs. Fine tremors coursed the length speaking of his earlier exertions. She moved her hands to cup his ankles, feeling the tendons and bones beneath his taut skin. Up again, she tickled the back of each knee before embracing him, her hands cupping his buttocks, her breasts pressed against the stiff hair of his thighs. Her nipples respond to the chafing. A shiver ran the length of her spine.

He arched in the moon light. His head back, face lifted to the kiss of silver, he spread his hands palms lifted to the light. Their bodies a perfect snapshot of male and female, the moment passes and he curls his body to the woman at his feet. He locks his hands in her hair, pulling her head back and slipping to his knees in front of her. He looks into her face, delicate features meet his stare, and it is her eyes that tell him of her strength. Those same eyes locked to him, her pupils blown to the edges with passion.

His body throbs, wanting her. He waits for her decision. She is his goddess come to life in this place on this night. He is her servant. He belongs to her. He noticed the shivers coursing her body first, and then she rose to her knees to press against him. He was lost to the invitation. He pushed her back, cushioning her fall with his arm around her shoulders. He settled to one side of her, leaving room to touch her, feel her body as she caressed his.

Her breathing was softer, the harsh drafts of before passing as she regained her wind from running in the woods. Her nipples begged for his mouth so he obliged. Suckling her filled a need inside him; he moved to her other side laving attention there. His hand found her ribs, caressing each bone before slipping from her stomach to her mound. Hairless, smooth, he caressed the hot flesh there. Her hips bucked to meet his hand and he smiled around her breast.

With a last lick and suckle, he pulled away from her to move between her restless legs. Parting her swollen flesh, he exposed the slick pink skin for his enjoyment. His tongue curled around the bud of flesh at the top of her slit. She bucked against him again, her voice answering the tempest still raging around them.

He settled against her, holding her legs on his shoulders. His mouth claimed her, setting her afire with her own lusts. He slid one then two fingers deeply into the clasp of her cunt. Aggressive muscles gripped him, writhing over his fingers, sucking him deeper inside of her milking sheath. Her slick fluid coated his hand then his tongue as he replaced his fingers. He licked as deeply as he could go, dragging his hand lower to the tight star flexing below, coating her with her own juice.

Her moans stroked over his aroused body, a siren call to his lust. He caressed her, using every tool at hand to make sure she would be more than ready for his entry. His body shuddered at her heat and flavor, the musk of her sex filling his nose and mouth, a carnal aphrodisiac. He rode her body through the orgasm he coaxed, holding her tightly to his chest, filling her grasping cunt once more with his fingers.

She quieted in his arms; he lowered her legs gently to the ground. Once more, the wind tugged his senses, tangling his hair, urging him above her, into her. Their brief respite was over for now, the elements called for more action. He kissed her smooth belly, lightly raking her breasts with his teeth. The moon once more was behind the clouds, enclosing their space with darkness and the whipping wind.

Her arms pulled him down to her, nestling under his weight. She sighed, her soft breath caressing his jaw line.

“Are you ready for me?” He asked, the wind made its way between them. The cool kiss touching and filling spaces left open between the press of their bodies.

“Yes.” Her body filled with the power of the storm riding the earth.

He eased down her body again, settling between her thighs. He slid his cock through the liquid heat covering her, still trickling from her cunt. When his length was coated and slick, he lodged the sensitive crown against her and with a steady thrust penetrated her. He pressed against the cushion of her body, seating himself as deeply as her body allowed. A smooth withdraw and thrust ratcheted up the fire between them. Again, then once more, and the dance as old as time began.

His muscled back flexed under her stroking hands as he rode her harder and faster, his hips moving too fast for her to hold. Every muscle in her body tightened against him, or for him, she wasn’t sure. The stars exploded behind her eyes as she clamped down to hold him deep inside. The slickness worked against her allowing him to move in and out against the clutching muscles.

The size of him tugging on her flesh, filling and stretching her, added a primal pain to her pleasure. Digging in her heels, she arched her body to meet his, pounding up to meet his thrusts. The growling noises between them sounded like fighting, the grunts and slaps of wet flesh meeting wet flesh added to the impression. Minds struggled to make words but lost in pleasured throats those words became growls and roars. Panting breaths punctuated the conversation of bodies tied in the battle for lust’s greatest reward.

In the clearing waged a war, the ancient battle of male and female. She met his every thrust, absorbing the shock of his hips into her soft, swollen depths.

She peaked again, arching her body against his, fighting his hold. He was lost. Grinding into her, struggling to get deeper into her body he joined her in the overwhelming explosion. His body pumped into her until he shivered and fell to his elbows above her, spent, his body sliding out of her grasp with an unheard slurp. The sensitive head of his cock rested against her heat, still twitching with the electric pulses of his heartbeat. The wind breathed fire and ice on exposed, sticky body parts, adding fuel to a fire thought quenched.

He dropped his head to her breasts, blowing like a racehorse over the finish line. Now he could feel the scratches she left in his back, the wind cooling their bodies and drying the salty sweat in the wounds. His hair swept about in the capricious play of the wind, the ends whipping his skin and hers.

She relaxed into the arms of the mother earth. It was not time to try to think logically about what just happened. It was time to savor this, just as if she lived for the night and the wild wind. A creature of emotion, feelings raw and exposed like the fury of the storm, she welcomed the cooling breath of the raging tempest, the heat of his body above her, the sting of his airborne hair writhing about her head and shoulders.

Her body asked for more, her mind still floating with the night. Her blood swept through engorged flesh, keeping the fire lit. She thirsted for more, more of the night, of his body. Her hands moved from the easing caresses of his back to her body. Her fingertips were cool when she cupped her breasts, the contrast adding a sensual shock as she pinched and twisted her nipples. Her hips rose as of their own accord, sliding along his length still throbbing at half-mast.

He eased back to his side, trying to keep his weight off her. He watched her in the night, her hands touching her body, pulling and tugging the softer than soft flesh. He rolled to his back, watching the scudding clouds and allowing the night to enter him once more. The magick still rode along his soul, sparking his body. He eased an arm behind his head watching his cock harden, saluting his goddess in the night, acknowledging the goddess beside him.

He shuttered his eyes as the clouds once more cleared the face of the moon, blinding him with the radiance. It didn’t last for long; he felt her leg cross his body when she shifted to mount him. Her hair now draped around them, whipping in the winds, blocking the moon and adding a halo around her head. He held her hips as she rocked her pelvis and slid his cock into her hot depths.

The circle completed once more, he surged into her, lifting her hips with his as he pressed into her womb. Currents flowed from the earth, to him, to her, to feed the combined power to the night. Power shivered over the lovers, crystalline shimmers from the earth and the elements showered them with energy. That same energy filled them with raw sexual dominance, the same siren call they followed to this point.

Their bodies locked in a variation of their previous carnal embrace, they took all that one offered, and each gave as well as received. Feeding their soul with the ancient power, they gasped and fought to reach that highest pinnacle hovering just out of touch.

Their mouths meet and cling, hands aid in finding the most pleasurable positions, the greatest friction between them. Neither notice the clouds coming back to enclose the clearing in darkness. The first few drops of rain merely converted to steam, landing on straining muscles and superheated flesh.

He twisted them, bringing her under his body, digging in his knees and toes he locked them together, the struggle ceasing for a brief moment. He bottomed out inside her, stretching her beyond her limits, causing another bite of pain with her pleasure. It was enough to start her contractions around his cock.

He shook his hair back, the dampening strands starting to cling to his face. With a shift of weight, he rolled her to her hands and knees before him. Pulling her hips to his, he enjoyed the scent of them beneath his nose. The fragrance of her musk mixing with the salty tang of his fluids poured over him in a pheromone cocktail that shot straight down his spine and stirred his balls.

He covered her back, leaning to her ear he whispered. “I want to take you here.” He pressed his finger into her ass. Her muscles clenched on the digit, her back arching beneath his chest. An inarticulate cry filled the night, her body assenting to his request, her mind shying from the intimate touch.

With their mixed lubricants, he coated himself in hot, slick fluid. Placing himself at her puckered opening, he eased his thumb out in the same motion moving the crown of his cock into her. He filled her with ease, her body settled to the ground, grinding back against his. Seated in the furnace heat of her ass, he struggled to hold on, to make the ride last, but too many influences acted on his body to keep the unuttered promise.

He pulled her back up, spreading her thighs farther apart. Digging into her waist, he held her hips as he sawed out and into the tighter grasp of her body. The shocks rolled down his spine once more, gathering like the storm around him. His balls tucked tighter to his stomach, ready to explode. He roared as his body arched into hers, his hands biting into the flesh of her hips. There would be bruises where he held her so tightly, his body thrusting deep and emptying, pump by pump into hers.

Her answering shriek underscored his cry. Her body overwhelmed in his embrace she allowed him to lift her, to carry her to the shelter across the clearing she saw when she arrived earlier. The rain fell on her steamy face; she closed her eyes and allowed the cleansing flow to erase the sweat and tears. The cool kisses of raindrops cleaned her body and eased the tempest that raged inside of her. She relaxed against him, closing her eyes. The night blanketed them, holding them inside her dark embrace, cradling them to her breast.

He lowered her to the sleeping bag already spread out on the floor of the tent. Grabbing water bottles and towels, he lit a candle and returned to her side. In the flickering light, he thought her beautiful. He wondered who she was, her name, why she joined him in the night storm. He opened the top for her. On his knees, he dropped his water beside him and flicked open a light blanket to cover her, in case. He smiled, in case what? Not only had she come to him nude offering herself on the altar of night, he had been inside that delectable body.

She jumped at the touch of material. Her eyes blinked in the soft light. With a sigh, she took the water and finished half the bottle before coming up for air. The material slipped off her shoulders, exposing her to the waist to his gaze. She felt his eyes like a hot caress. There was no false modesty between them, so she didn’t immediately jump to cover up. He offered her a towel; she took it and tried to do something with her hair. The wind, rain, and the incredible sex made the long locks impossible to manage. She watched him pulling the towel across his body and catching his hair in the rough cloth.

It would figure, she complained, not seriously angry. His long hair was straight without a hint of frizz. She remembered how the thick strands felt in her hands.

“Thank you.” Sipping now at the water. Her throat moist enough for conversation.

“You are most welcome.” He swiped the towel over his body, and then tied it around his hips. Settling beside her he opened his own bottle. He moaned as the fresh cold liquid poured down his throat. The first bottle empty, he reached for another two of them, handing one to her. She nodded and accepted it, finally pulling the blanket around her, hiding her puckered nipples. Just as well, his cock was poking the towel out in front of him. He could not believe he was ready to go again.

“I’m Raven.”

“Seamus.” Winds beat the tent walls, the rain lessened, stopped altogether. The night paused, holding its breath, waiting for an unknown signal.

In seconds the rain began, a wind swirled mist at first. It should have been an uneasy quiet between them, but the night eased any discomfort. The singing call still echoing through the night pulled her back outside. She shifted on the sleeping bag, restless to join the call.

“I know.” He watched her squirm. “You want to go back to them, the elements outside.” He opened the second cold bottle and sipped from it slowly. Her eyes watched the play of muscles in his throat. She wanted him with every ounce of her being.

“Yes. Don’t you feel it? The pull, the invitation to join with something so much greater than we are?” She twisted gracefully and stood, not losing her blanket or her towel. She walked to the door, watching the rain pelt the ground, hungry for that force against her skin. She held out a hand, catching the warm rain in her palm. Eyes closed, she palmed the water against her throat, sighing as the droplets rolled down her chest.

“I need to be there.” She pointed out the door. Raven looked back at him, still reclining on the bag, cock jutting from the towel. A god sent to earth to tempt and please her. He nodded. Finishing the second bottle of water, he stood and dropped his towel.

“Then by all means, let’s get you back out there.” He moved to her, taking the towel and stepping aside as she tossed the blanket to the floor. She entered the downpour, the water sliding against her skin like a lover’s touch, like Seamus’ hands earlier. He joined her in the rain, holding his face up to catch the drops.

Raven waited a moment, allowing him time to enjoy the feeling, then she grabbed his hand and pulled him out into the clearing. They danced and moved in the dark wetness, slipping and sliding in the wet grass. Their bodies rinsed of the earlier exertions, they were as newborns, slick and clean to the soul. Playing in the rain and the wind, they followed the music in their hearts. It was only a matter of time before they ended up locked together in a primal embrace, bodies reaching for one another again.

In the cool shower, they came together on the grass. Seamus wasted no time in slipping into her heated sheath, flexing as she milked his cock. She shuddered under him, multiple orgasms tore through her before he allowed his body to let go and flood her with his essence. His goddess speaking to him in the wild rain, he rested beside his lover.

She eased every muscle into the wet ground, sinking in until she was one with the night and him. The wind-caressed goose bumps along her cooling flesh, finally tamping the fire burning deeply inside of her. Her body ached, muscles she did not use were protesting the use and misuse this night. She absently wondered what time it happened to be. The clouds parted above her and she saw the moon was lower, the silver light beginning to dull to softer gold.

“It’s getting early.” She told Seamus, a hint of regret in her voice as his body sprawled lax beside her. She watched as his eyes opened and he looked at the orb lighting them now in the night. Their bodies were gleaming gold, not the limning of white as before.

“Yes.” His voice soft in the night, easily heard above the gentle sighing of the breeze. The tempestuous winds of earlier had passed along, leaving those drawn into its clutches strewn like rag dolls in fields and woods. He could feel others, resting on the earth, as they were. Some of them were already getting up to go back to real time. He reached for her hand, meshing his fingers with hers. She pulled him, so that her palm settled against his palm, intimate.

“I think I lost my dress back there, somewhere.” She gestured with her free hand.

“I believe it is closer than you think.” At the edge of the tent, some fluttering fabric caught his eye earlier; he wondered what it could be. He rose to a sitting position, resting his hands on bent knees. “It has washed up on the shore of my shelter.”

Raven stood as he brought the filmy material back to her. He helped her right the layers and find the proper way to get it back on. It slipped over her head, covering and yet revealing her body to him, framed in floating layers of sheer fabric. His body stirred yet again.

She caught the twitch of his cock and could not resist slipping to her knees to pay proper homage to it. Grasping him firmly in one hand, she guided him along her lips, her tongue slipping out to taste him. Coated in the rain, she tasted their mixed essence on him. Curiously salty, fresh as a sea breeze she licked him from root to tip, then took his shortened length in her mouth.

As soon as he felt her lips closing over his cock, more blood surged into it, lengthening him down her throat. Her jaw popped as his girth increased, her tongue flattening to make room in her mouth to stroke him. She listened as he grunted in growing tumescence. Again, her jaw popped with his size, his hands fisted in her hair. He used her hair like a rein, holding her to a rhythm that brought him to the edge.

“Raven, if you don’t want to finish this, it may be time to back off.” As if, she thought, reaching her other hand around his ass, she pulled him deeply into her throat. She felt the final tension relax in his body, allowing her full control. Her mouth and throat full of his cock, her hand cupped his balls and rolled them gently between her fingers. Pulling the skin taut over the orbs, she teased them along with her tongue and lips on his cock. Her other hand slipped between the tight muscular cheeks of his ass, slick with rain and sweat and searched for his anus.

Finding the orifice, she shifted her hand to hold the base of his cock to keep him from gagging her unexpectedly. With a lick and nibble around his cock to lull him into relaxing, she penetrated him as he penetrated her dark opening earlier. He jumped in her hands, hips straining. His hands now using her tangled hair to keep him on his feet.

She burned into his body, pressing deliciously against areas never stimulated. His body raged out of his control, he bucked his hips into her mouth thrusting down her throat. His back bowed he shouted into the quieting night his pleasure with her caresses. He could no more stop the convulsive thrusts into her mouth, the salty fluid wrung from his balls shooting from him into her than he could stop the night. Her finger stroked him inside, pulling the deepest orgasm from his body he had ever experienced.

His knees buckled, bringing him to the ground before her, his cock now hanging limp, ass burning from her sensuous assault. Tears blurred his vision momentarily, but he answered her kiss. His lips locked to hers, taking his hands gently from her hair, he wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her close to him.

The kiss gentled and then evolved into nibbles and nips, soothed by her tongue and his. They broke apart, bodies sated in the night. Raven kissed his palm then turned to go. She collected her shoes where she dropped them, slipping them back onto her feet. Her key still tucked safely in her pocket. She retraced her steps back to her car and left. The drive home took longer than the drive out. Her body and mind fully exhausted, she tumbled into bed without a shower or food. She took a minute to remember tomorrow was the weekend and then she lost the fight. Sleep claimed her deeply.