A Dark and Stormy Night--Part Two

It was a dark and stormy night--and hot and erotic--but it wasn't a dream ....


Published: 08/2013
Length: FREE Short Story
Word Count: 11,880
Genre: Romance
Rating: Erotic--not for the faint hearted!
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Carol Shaughnessy


© Copyright by Carol Shaughnessy, August 2013
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, August 2013
ISBN 978-1-60394-
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.


Everything was set up, thanks to help from Cassie, her best friend. They surveyed the yard, all the features in place; the headless woman, the carriage of death, the fog machine was filled and sending tendrils out, the cats and ghosts, all the pumpkin patch glowing eerily in the growing night. Now, just a quick shower and the party was ready.

Cassie took the guest bathroom, excited and chattering non-stop. Raven smiled and enjoyed her company. Entering her room, she stared around at the mess they’d made earlier, trying to put together some kind of outfit for the night. Cassie’s imagination finally put together the fairy queen ensemble on her bed. Raven hoped the scratches of the other night didn’t show, or the bruises dotting her body.

Still, the memory of the night and Seamus retained the power to stir her. In her shower, the pull was too much. Using the force of water in the showerhead, she closed her eyes, seeing his body before her, and played the stream across her clit. She imagined his hands, running over her again, teasing her body, taking her deeply, and imprinting his shape into her flesh. Raven locked her knees so as not to fall in the slippery flow of water as her body sought to recover from the self-induced quickie. Her heart and breathing eased and she finished rinsing with shaking hands.

Now to be dressed and made up. In the same dress Seamus helped her into, fresh from the dry cleaners, she slipped her dried and sparkly body. Cassie was right, in the darkness the dress would be an invitation to sin. In the light, the layers and confusing textures and shadows concealed her nude body. She went to the kitchen, where Cassie helped her don pointed elf ears, false eyelashes and more layers of make-up.

She watched as Cassie’s steady hand applied her own make-up, amazed at the complete transformations in their faces. With a sip of her wine, Raven grabbed the last of the goodies they needed and followed Cassie and her armful to the gazebo. Guests were arriving shortly and she took one last look around, walking the whole area with her camera, taking shots of the scene in the dark.

“You don’t usually see an Elfin Queen stalking the night with a digital camera.” A familiar and unexpected voice spoke to her. Raven looked around her. Stepping from behind the carriage of death a vampire appeared. How did she know? Who else stalked the night in a black cape, lined in blood red? When he smiled, the pointed tips of his teeth gleamed.

“Tall, dark and handsome.” She mused aloud. “Do I know you?” She teased him back, her body betraying her calm. Wetness pooled between her legs, the brush of the fabric against her nipples begged her to remove the material.

“I believe we met Friday night, you remember.” He stalked closer to her. “The wind, the moon…” He walked around her, his voice intimate. “The rain slicking our flesh.” Raven could not stop the shiver racing through her body as his breath ghosted past her neck, throat.

“Raven!” Cassie and her perfect timing. Seamus turned his head at the summons. Raven closed her eyes, fighting for some composure. She realized how close she was to disrobing before him again. She didn’t know him, and had spent some hours worried about the time she lost herself to him in the woods. No protection, no birth control, no control over her body period.

“Raven, are you out there?” Cassie was getting closer to them. Raven opened her eyes, watching the vampire. A smile changed his features. The stark flawlessness of his face softened. His classic beauty shifted to bad boy perfection. The wetness increased, she shifted to ease the swelling of her body.

His eyes met hers in the lurid glow from the yard art. He knew what he was doing to her. Somehow, he knew she was getting ready for his body again. As though to reassure her she was not alone, he took her hand and stroked it along the front of his black pants. Barely contained there, he was hard and throbbing beneath her hand. He released her and stepped back behind the carriage as Cassie found her.

“There you are.” She said. “I was looking for you. We forgot to bring down a bottle opener.” She looked around her, taking in the behind the scenes area of the yard. “This is a spooky corner.” She looked at Raven. “Why are you out here?”

“I was taking pictures now it is dark.” Raven told her. With a last glance at the carriage, she walked out with Cassie to find the opener.

“Cassie, I know this is an open house kind of night, but did you invite a lot of folks?” Raven kept the question light.

“I just reminded some of the people from work, and the family. You’ll know everyone here, unless they bring a friend, of course.”

“Of course.” Raven murmured as she handed the opener to Cassie. Cassie smiled thanks and went to the gazebo. Raven watched her leave, crossing the yard in shadows and light, her costume ghostly white fluttering in her hurry. Two vampires out in the night, she thought.

“Just me.” His whisper came to her from the shadows. Raven did not turn. The fine hairs on her neck rose. He was close to her, standing right behind her, his body heat warming her. Seeing that the new comers were hanging on Cassie’s every word, she finally turned to face him.

His mouth claimed her, dark and carnal, no warning. His hands pulled her to him. Her body met his, her nipples peaking under the assault of his mouth and the strength of his body. Her hands dove between them, grasping him through the material of his slacks. His hips shifted to allow her better access, a moan breached his lips at her touch.

“I need you.” He gasped against her lips.

“Come with me.” In the afternoon, she and Cassie worked very hard to make sure the features were just so. In the set up, there were natural hidden areas created. Curious eyes would not see them in these shadows. Raven led him to one of these. No reflected light reached them here. She turned into his arms without hesitation. He pulled the dress up, his hands caressing her bare ass, her back. The thong she wore snapped in his hands.

His eyesight greater than hers, he chose a carpet of uncut grass to spread his cloak before lowering them to the ground. The fog machine was in full operation and the soft clouds covered them. He kissed her, drinking in her moans. It was a simple matter to remove their clothes, a minor magick, and they were skin to skin. He kissed every part of her he could reach, then shifted and moved further down to drink in her wetness. Two fingers deep into her, she welcomed his invasion.

“More.” She sighed, her hands returning to her breasts, pinching and twisting her hard nipples. He watched her for a moment, her beauty and her sensuality pulling him. He pushed to his knees, ready to enter her, when she jackknifed and reached to suckle him.

“Raven.” He moaned as her lips engulfed him, drawing his hard length into her silken mouth. Her tongue wrapped around him. It flicked around the plum shaped head, tickling around the crown before she eased him deeper into her throat. Her jaw popped audibly in the night as she stretched to take him. A shiver ran his body at the studied attention. Her hand cupped his balls, gently handling them. Her other hand caressed his ass, stroking one finger along the line of his cheeks. He clenched, remembering the incredible moment her finger slid into him, impaling him.

With a slow slide, her lips followed every vein and contour of his cock as she pulled him from her mouth. He shuddered above her, dark head thrown back, a groan working his throat. Raven smiled and reclined before him, her body spread for his taking. He slid home, holding her to him, drinking her cry as he seated deeply inside her and held himself there. He kept them there until her body relaxed around his, the pain of her stretching easing into pleasure. Then he began moving.

This is what he hungered for, her body accepting his, her hands pulling him to her. Over the centuries, she called to him, and he never found her. He thanked the goddess that finally he was deserving of this woman. It had to be her intervention that brought him Raven. His life, his love, and his queen he thought with a brief smile at her pointed ears. He kissed her lips, tasting the strawberry glamour there, but beneath that the woman. Flesh and blood, heart and soul, she was his.

He watched her body flush, the blush rising to her breasts then her throat. Blood rushing to her head, bringing her pleasure, her body ground against his, pulling him ever deeper into her grasp. He bottomed out, grinding back, pushing her over the edge and catching her scream with his mouth. He moved before she came down from her pinnacle, thrusting her into another and yet another mind stealing orgasm before claiming her with his essence and his body.

Together they shuddered in the violent aftermath of passion. He held his weight from her, until she opened her eyes and pulled him down to her. She wriggled until her body settled on the ground under his. He felt her relax, her breathing returning to normal.

“Now that you’ve taken the edge off-” Her whisper naughty.

“Now you have a party to attend.” She sighed, pressing her hard nipples into his chest. He wanted her again, already growing stiff, pressing against the tight walls of her passage. He lifted off her, reaching for a cloth in his cape, he cleaned her of their spent fluids. He could not resist a flick of his finger over her clit, watching as she stiffened and bucked into his hand, her body begging more.

“Later, Raven.” He promised her. “I’ll be around all night.”

“You’d better.” She told him, her eyes showing her fear he would disappear on her. He waved an arm and she was back in her costume, same as he. In her short boots, he was surprised to find her almost his height. Things he hadn’t noticed before drew him to her. Her eyes, one a lighter shade of green than the other, her full lower lip and the sweet bow atop it, the way her expression gave away every nuance of her thoughts. He kissed her softly, assuring her he would be around.

She navigated the maze of features, joining Cassie at the gazebo. She met her friends’ questioning eyes and shrugged. Really, what could she say? Taking the lighter, she crossed to the fire pit and lit the wood. Later the fire would be welcome against the cooler night. When trick or treat was over and the kids settled with a movie, the grownups would settle around the fire, watching the night sky and talking, laughing. In their costumes, some more bare than others, secrets would be announced. It happened every year, and she loved that time. Past midnight, she would be alone in the night, the dying embers warming her. Everyone else gone home with a promise from Cassie to help take down everything tomorrow.

Now, the fire needed to be started, the chocolate, the marshmallows and the crackers were handy. In the gazebo, out of the reach of the mini superheroes in costume, the roasting skewers waited for later. Coming back to the party, Raven was soon engulfed in hostess duties and handing out candy.

Hours later, she still had not seen her vampire. Seamus did not attend her party. The thought dampened her enjoyment of the fire and the treats. Everyone trickled to their homes, collecting their kids if they had any and stumbling to their cars to call it a night.

Cassie stayed to help her retrieve the items and pile them closer to the building. Her pointed teeth reminding Raven of her missing vampire, she hugged Cassie good night and walked her to her car. Waving her off, she turned to the fire pit to see him standing there, staring into the flames. Her stomach clenched, heat pouring into her blood stream as she made her way to his side.

“I missed you.”

“I know.” His gaze never leaving the fire. She turned and joined him, settling on one of the chairs left. Her shoulders were cool, so far away from the dying heat, but the warmth was comfortable on her legs. His cape swirled around her, warm from his body. “Can’t have you catching cold.” He told her as he pulled another chair closer to her.

“I was around, you know.” He took her hand, stroking her palm. “I watched you with your friends, having fun, playing with the children.”

“Why didn’t you join us?”

“It was your night.”

“You were welcome.” She told him. “These parties are open. You would have fit in with everyone else.” She folded her hand around his.

“Would you like some wine?” Still a perfect hostess. “I think we have that and beer, shooters, soda…”

“All I need is you.” His voice a whisper.

The flames died and the embers dimmed until just a hint of heat caressed her. Then that warmth too breathed its last. Raven shivered the night gathering around them. Her heart beat unevenly after his declaration.

“Come home with me.”

He helped her with a last few items, carrying the big plastic containers into the garage. She took one last look around the scene, everything cleared and secured, she led him up to her home.

Reaching to turn on the lights, he stayed her hand. Closing the door behind him, he pressed her against the wall using his body.

“I can’t wait.” His last words before his mouth claimed hers. The shudder coursed her body, telling him all he needed to know. He cupped her head, listening distantly as the pins holding her hair trickled loose and fell to the floor. He stretched an arm above her head, leaning some of his weight there as he turned her head, invading her with his tongue, stroking and teasing her.

Raven met his challenge, wrapping her tongue around his, holding it for her suction, swirling around his mouth and taking his flavor. Tonight his fangs tangled her tongue as well; she was incautious and caught her flesh on a sharp edge. The small cut didn’t stop her exploration.

Seamus shuddered at her taste. The explosion in his mouth of her blood made him suck in his breath. He wanted more of her, now. In a flurry of motion, he swept her into his arms and carried her to her room. In the almost darkness he dropped to the bed, Raven still clutched in his arms. Together they fell to the mattress landing nude.

He claimed her lips again, the cut no longer bleeding, but the remains of her blood coated her mouth. He searched out every molecule he could taste, bringing her into his body while at the same time his hands worked her body to a fast, fierce orgasm. She arched against him, throwing her head back, keening her pleasure. His body moved to cover hers, his mind split into two parts. One part of him taking her, sliding into her heated cunt, the other debating taking her blood before he explained a few things to her or after he explained things to her.

Raven exploded in his arms, her nails clawing his back, holding onto him as she burst into the star field behind her eyes. Changing into fractured light, she held onto the one thing holding her. His body rushed into hers, sending her spiraling out of control. Her eyes dilated with passion and the darkness of her room, she watched his face above her.

Seamus held her body to him, clasping her hips as he rode her deeply. He shelved the argument for the moment, his body craving the fulfillment only hers could provide him. He pulled her knees up with his elbows, opening her further so he could plunge deeper. The gasps and slaps of flesh-to-flesh filled his head, fired his blood. He would never get enough of her; he imagined his goddess understood this. The brand on his lower back burned as though recent. Even he remembered it only faintly, it happened so very many years ago.

The touch of his goddess, her claim upon him for all time, branded with magick far beyond his power into his flesh upon his awakening to this new life. A sensual goad tonight, he relished the pain even as he wondered at the sensation.

The electric shocks running from his balls to his brain and back brought his focus back to the woman writhing in his arms. Her back arched, bringing her body up to meet his, her hands kneading the flesh of her breasts since she could not reach him.

“Raven, come with me.” He begged her. “Anket mor pithe, my heart’s ease.” Raven responded to his plea. Her body bucked to meet his thrust, the angle just right for his cock to reach her g-spot. She was lost as his body filled her, putting out the fire raging deep inside her. Her body clamped his, pulling him deeper, muscles straining to contain him.

He eased her to the bed, slipping from her body’s hold. Their breathing the only sound in the night. The perfume of their musk coated the air, wreathing them in pheromones. The scent prevented their bodies to come completely down from the sexual high. Already her hands stroked his chest, his shoulders, cupping his cock and balls.

He shivered under her touch, allowing her freedom to explore. His brand still stinging him, he pressed the heat into the cool fabric of her bedding. The open windows dispelled the fragrances in the room finally inviting the crisp clean of a fall night. It’s All Saints Day, he remembered, his eyes lifting to the window. The gauzy coverings fluttered like pennants of old in the breath of fall. His mind was far away tonight, dwelling on the past. He shifted under her hands, wondering at the future. Fear curled through his body at the unknown. He would not suffer the fear, banishing it from him, from them.

Raven breathed in the cool breeze, the bite clearing her head, cooling the dew on her body. She returned to the head of the bed, settling beside Seamus. “Where are you?”

“Here, with you, anket mor pithe.” He told her curling her into his side, slipping his arm around her to hold her close to him.

“You said that before, anket mor pithe. What does it mean?”

“My heart’s ease. That is the peace you bring to me, when I am with you.” There was more, so much more he needed to tell her, but her body settled next to him and he knew before long she would sleep.

“Stay with me.” Raven told him. The long day was catching up with her. Her body sated, warm, still jumping with sensations relaxed against him.

“Do you truly want that?”

“Yes. I want to wake and see you here, with me, loving me again, filling me with your body.” She whispered to him.

“I will not be here in the morning.” He warned her.

“Your job.” She guessed. Already she was drifting between sleep and wakefulness; he could hear it in her voice.

“I will see you tomorrow, if that is okay.”

“I will be here, waiting for you.” She shifted once more, pressing her breasts firmly to his side, seeking his warmth.

“Happy Halloween Raven.” He kissed her forehead. He smiled as she tumbled into asleep. The burn on his back lessened and disappeared before he rose to leave her hours later. The sun was just a suggestion in the east when he dressed and left her wrapped in her pillows and comforter.

* * * *

The sun was setting, bathing the world in orange and pink. Raven stood on her deck, waiting for Seamus. He had called earlier and made sure he was welcome. Raven smiled pensively wondering what was happening. She did not as a rule believe in love at first sight. It was fine in plays and songs, but in real life not likely. What she felt for Seamus was more a returned love, one lost forever and now found again. He touched her in ways no other man ever reached.

In the little time they had been together, she loved his humor, his ability to adjust, his love of a wild night. The slick press of his body, the intimate scent of their sex topped her list of things she loved about him. The only thing about this relationship, if it could be called such, is his mystery. Who is he and what did he do today? Where does he live and are there others in his life with a claim to him? She hoped to have some answers before they inevitably fell into bed, or the ground, or whatever surface was handy.

With a glance over her shoulder, she took in the bar, the table, the ottoman, and smiled at her lascivious plans. Finishing her wine, she moved into her home, pushing the door half closed against the cooling air. She expected Seamus any minute, nights came sooner, so by the time he was probably off work and showered and dressed, or whatever his after work rite happened to be, it was near dark.

She had no plans to cook and was not yet hungry, except for sight of him. Shaking her head, she scolded herself for having it bad for the man. The peal of her doorbell sent her to the door in a rush. Seamus stood on the outside, staring patiently. Raven opened the door, standing back for him to enter. He took her hand from the knob and kicked the door closed behind him. Using his body to trap her against the wall, he covered her lips with his, drinking her as if dying for a taste. I could get used to this, she thought as her lips formed to his, answering him.

“I missed you.” He whispered against lips already swelling from her biting and his kiss. His lips only a hairsbreadth from hers as his eyes searched hers.

“Me, too.” Raven assured him. She met him look for look, but shadows stirred in his eyes and she pulled back.

“Let’s get comfortable.” She suggested, tipping her head to the living room. He didn’t move for a moment, and then eased his body off hers with a sigh. He nodded, and motioned her to lead the way. Raven turned, suddenly unsure of him and herself. Her glance found her glass on the bar.

“Would you like a drink, wine or water?”

“Wine is fine, if you are having some.” He crossed into her living room, glancing around. He dropped to her overstuffed sofa, crossing his ankle over his knee. Raven poured him a glass, refilling her own, handing it over the back of the sofa. She moved around and settled beside him, putting her leg up on the cushions and leaning against the arm.

“Want to talk about it?” Raven shot right to the point.

“No, not really.” Seamus sighed. Too perceptive, this woman. His woman. “But, yes, there are things we need to talk about before this gets difficult.”

Raven sipped her wine, wondering if she would have been better off with bourbon. Her heart started hurting in her chest, startling her. Surely, she wasn’t in love with him. Fear curled around her stomach, reinforcing the pain further up her chest, was she going to lose him?

“The funny thing is, I just don’t know where to start.” He smiled at her, unaware of her chaotic emotions.

“The beginning, maybe?” She managed to keep her voice steady but had to set the glass on the ottoman before she spilled the drink, her hands were shaking as she clasped them in her lap.

“What do you know of the supernatural?” Neutral ground to begin with, and then he could tailor it to her understanding.

“We live side by side with the inexplicable every day.” Raven told him. “It is neither super nor unnatural, but born of our world and those we touch.”

Seamus was surprised at her knowledge. “Right, but what do you know?”

“What do you want to know?” She asked him, her hands clasped in her lap to hide the trembling. This was far from the conversation she thought they would have.

“Ghosts, vampires, faeries, elves?” He directed her.

“Oh, that’s easy. We live side-by-side with them we just don’t know it. I lived with a ghost for most of my teenaged years. He was great, not interested in advancing to his heavenly reward. He stayed to help my sister and me. Elves and faeries are natural folks, living side by side with us, but we don’t listen to them, as we should. Natural is the key word here, they worship the earth and revere her as we should be.

“Vampires, and of course don’t forget the werewolves, are probably integrated to a large part in today’s society. Few people notice the slightly off behavior of these folks because we are too caught up with our own day-to-day living. New technologies help and hinder them, I would think, as long lived as they are purported to be.” Raven shifted on the arm, wondering where this was leading. “Why these questions?” Her nerves settling down a bit.

Seamus finished his wine and stood to walk to her deck. Night was falling, the last of the light leaching away. He pushed the door open and went out, catching the brightest reflections of the sun on his face. Raven followed him out, wrapping an afghan around her shoulders against the cooling nightfall.

“Would you believe me if I told you I was vampire?”

Raven studied him. He watched her patiently again, while she shifted through their encounters. Wishing he could read her mind, unable because he had ingested such a small amount of her blood, he waited. He watched as she pulled out a chair and settled, raising her feet to the banister.

“Yeah, I guess I could believe that.” She told him. “I have only seen you at night, you have magick or powers or whatever you call them, that normal folks like me don’t have. But-” She fixed him with a direct stare. “You drink water and wine.” She pointed to her glass. “Thought you only drank blood.”

He smiled and dropped to the floor, his back to the railing. “Well, about that. I think most people believe the legends that have grown into our mythology. We don’t drink blood, necessarily. In the blood are your hormones and enzymes. We don’t need the hemoglobin, although it is nice, what we need are the other chemicals.” He shifted and leaned forward, crossing his legs and leaning his elbows on his thighs.

“Assume we are victims of a disease that inhibits these biological chemicals in our own bodies. Ingesting the blood of unaffected humans allows us to use those donated chemicals to help regulate our bodies.”

“Couldn’t you just get shots?”

“No, our bodies are not able to process injections other than as an injury. Our bodies fight the infection doing us no good. Drinking and eating allows the chemicals to pass through the body in digestion, giving the body the chance to take the nutrients as needed.”

“Do you eat regular food; pizza, steak, ice cream sundaes?”

“No. Well, I can, but then I have to get rid of it.” He shuddered. “I hate the taste coming back up, nothing like the one going down.”

Raven smiled down at him. “Want some more wine?”

“No thanks, I’m getting hungry for other things.” He curled his hand along the back of her elevated thigh and ran his hand up to the tight crease covering her pussy. He ran each finger down the folds of the denim material, touching her folds hidden beneath.

“What do you want of me?” She asked him, after having to clear her throat once. Fire licked her from the soles of her feet to her breasts.

“You.” He told her, truth shining in his eyes, pleading with her to believe him. “Just you Raven. I feel like I have looked for you forever, and now I want to hold on to you for at least that long.”

“Forever.” She murmured. “That is a very long time to search. A long time to live.” She lowered her legs from the rail. “I won’t be here forever, Seamus.” She reminded him, backing as he stood beside her.

“You will if you want to be.” He promised her. “Come in out of the cold, Raven.” He followed her into the room, closing the door on the chill.

“So, you sleep all day and party all night, I take it. Or is that more of the myth getting mixed with the legend?” Raven poured the last of the wine in her glass.

“Mostly that is true, but not like we are portrayed in the movies. We do tend to sleep most of the day, but that is because the chemical balance is hard to regulate. The most nourishment we receive is after humans eat dinner or late desserts or during or after sex. The body becomes a cocktail capable of sustaining our body functions for most of a week. Remember, we digest the chemicals that control your biology we no longer manufacture them. We have longer sleep cycles because of the erratic feeding. The night is gentler for us because of the damage of the sun. Where you are more awake under the sun, the body uses all of the resources inside you to keep you going. You exhaust your body just doing errands.

“We conserve those same chemicals by not taxing the body in the day, but using the gentle night to our advantage. In today’s world, we can run things twenty-four hours. All night restaurants, stores, even coffee shops allow us to participate in life easier than our predecessors did. The internet is the greatest boon to us, at night we leave emails to communicate with business people in every aspect. ATM machines allow us access to funds any time, day or night.” Seamus paced as he talked, swept away in his enthusiasm. Raven watched him, almost spellbound by his energy.

“When did you feed last?” Could she be jealous? Raven nursed her drink, her cold feet curled under her, once more on the sofa. A hard look at herself and she knew it to be fact, she was jealous of whoever fed him. It was unpleasant, the hurt that tore through her at the thought. She refused to look up at him, knowing he would see.

“Last night.” He crossed to her on the sofa, a ball of misery and jealousy. He could feel the emotions radiating from her, had experienced every one since he’d stepped into her home. Seamus dropped to his knees before her. He took her legs and pulled them down between his thighs uncurling her. He leaned against the sofa, lending her his body heat to finish chasing the chills from her body.

“I needed a feeding and Halloween is perfect dining. Everyone is high on life, happy to welcome fall, happy to get out for any festive reason. The blood is full of sugars, proteins, even the mix of endorphins doesn’t dim the strength of the infusion.” He lifted her chin to meet his eyes.

“Raven, I am vampire. Do you believe me?” She nodded, but was not happy. “I needed to feed. The night of the wind and the additional pleasures we shared took energy. Energy I need to ingest from the blood of people.” He had to make her understand, for his sake and for hers.

“I am falling in love with you, Raven.” There, he told her. “But I needed to come clean about my life before I lost all objectivity.” He stood up, letting her head drop back to her chest.

“I will leave you to think about this.” He told her shutting all emotion from his voice. “I will return when you give me a sign.” With that, he walked out her door.

Sitting in the roaring silence, Raven felt her world collapse. This was too much to believe and yet somehow she was convinced. He would never approach her again, knowing he loved her. She would never see him again, even if he stood next to her, she understood that as well. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Platitudes roiled through her mind. She didn’t know how much time passed while she sat there trying to work through a decision. To stay with him, or to let him go. Her heart and mind could not seem to reach a unanimous conclusion.

She paced the floor, remembering his passion, his touches, and the power in his body. Her heart begged her to go to him, her mind dismissing the sentimental cries. Inhuman, monster, vampire, lover, man, all words she could use to describe him. Her heart stuttered on the lover and man. Her mind argued monster. Common sense allowed vampire as a creature living within society. Slowly her mind lost ground. She wanted Seamus in her life, in her bed. Together they could work this out, but only if she met him half way. Already she lost her objectivity when her heart won over her mind.

She washed her face and grabbed something to eat before filling a bag and heading out the door. Following instinct and her aching heart, she drove out to Ferguson Park again. She followed the track she made earlier, heading unerringly to the clearing. She wondered if his shelter was still there, her feet never faltering on her quest.

Coming into the light drenched clearing, she watched his nude body repeat the same powerful movements she witnessed before. Sweat sheened his body although the weather was a bit cooler than that fateful night. He didn’t hear her as she approached him. So trapped inside his own head, he pushed his body hard in the ritual steps.

She walked up to him, leaving him room to kick and twist. His face dripped with moisture and she discovered as she watched him it was not all effort. His eyes welled and overflowed, joining the beads of sweat. He mourned, for her or for him she didn’t know, but it tore at her heart, this suffering.

She could not wait longer so she reached in her bag and pulled the froth of cloth and tossed it at his feet. It took a moment for it to register, then his body stilled. His eyes sought hers as his chest heaved and his body trembled with exertion. He bent and picked up the dress, pressing it to his chest. He waited to see if she would take the last step to him, or if she was leaving it to him. Her mismatched eyes studied him for a moment before she took the step to bring them together.

He swept her off her feet, bringing them together to the ground. The thick fabric he provided protected her skin from the dampness, her clothes disappearing from her body. He brushed the hair from her features, tucking it behind her ear and spreading it out on the cover. He kissed her forehead, moving his mouth across her face until he met her lips and took them in a gentle exploration. She met him, touch for touch gentle at first, then skating the edge of control as together they fired her blood. His hand then his lips teased her pussy to copious flow with her juices, readying her for his entry, his claiming.

Before he settled between her legs, she plied her lips over him in the same carnal caresses he gave her. Her hands busy with his balls and the velvet covered heat of his cock. Her slurps were loud in the night, and that was fine with them, a lustful counter point to the night music already playing around them.

He pulled her away from him, turning her to her hands and knees before taking himself in hand and guiding his cock into her. He slipped between her lips easily, stretching her again to fit around him. He held her up with one hand on her hip. The other hand he plied to her anus, stroking there and stretching her.

After another orgasm raced through her, leaving him clenching his teeth, struggling to withhold his, he pulled from her cunt and held her cheeks apart for his entry into her tighter orifice. He pushed her head to the cover, holding her for his stroking. He worked slowly into her, stretching her around his cock, gentling her under him, coaxing her into accepting his length. He burrowed into her heated clasp.

He started the rhythm designed to reach his end, slowly then faster as her gasps and sighs assured him she was getting pleasure from him. He stretched around her, unerringly finding her clit and beginning a gently teasing stroke there. When she came, he was right behind her, pulsing deeply inside, filling her with his essence.

He slid from the tight hold of her body and eased her to her side, slipping down beside her. He conjured a blanket and cloths for cleaning. When she was comfortable, he pulled the blanket over them, trapping body heat to warm her.

“I can’t let you go.” She whispered to his chest, shivers running through her body. The cause wasn’t arousal this time, but fear.

“Ssshhhh, you don’t have to.” He assured her. “I don’t want you to let go. I need you as I need air to breathe. You are anket mor pithe, my heart’s ease. You are my peace, my heart, my soul. I give thanks to the Goddess that she finally saw fit to allow me to find you after searching for so long.”

He turned her face up to meet him, covering her lips to seal his words with a kiss. It was her turn to be demanding. She took over the kiss, forcing his jaw open so she could slip inside, tangling her tongue with his and stroking along his sharp teeth. Not just for Halloween after all, she thought. She captured his lip, biting into the flesh, holding him in her mouth she stroked him with her tongue and lips.

She did not hear the pleading note in her throat as she claimed him but the sound raked his heart. She rolled him to his back, following him over and straddling him with her body. He reacted to her closeness, his body responding to her, hardening between her thighs. His arms closed about her, holding her steady as she writhed and moaned in her own nightmare. All he could do to help her get through this is just hold on and let her take control, assuring her with everything in him that he would be here for her.

Raven pressed kisses to his throat, his chest, bit and licked his stomach, causing the muscles there to flutter against her tongue. Brought back to herself with the uncontrolled motions, she gentled her assault on his body. Something still drove her to claim him, to mark him, but the imperative released her to enjoy the pleasure of him.

Bobbing up to meet her, his cock sported a crowning jewel of fluid catching the light, glowing with an opalescent sheen. Raven settled between his legs, capturing him with her hands. With a deep breath, she took him in one gulp, forcing him past muscles reluctant to allow his entry. She swallowed him until her nose met his pubic bone, and then relaxed around him. At the barest shift of his hips, she began moving on him, tasting faint flavors of both of them still clinging to his body. Her body wept fluids, the trickle on her thighs a sensuous reminder of how they belonged together, how he fit her, was confident enough to explore her and bring her such intense pleasure.

His body bowed beneath her stretched lips, his hands clenched in the material as he shouted his release, pumping everything into her greedy mouth. She held him until the pumping slowed, then stopped. She licked and cleaned all around him until his sensitive body shrank from her soft caresses.

He waited until she finished and returned to his side, the wild passion in her exhausted at last, she settled beside him. His mind and body whirled in the aftereffects of her attack.

“You belong to me.” She whispered.

“Yes.” He whispered back. The night enclosed the lovers in the clearing, locking them in. Tomorrow would be time enough to sort the rest of their lives, tonight was for loving. They took complete advantage of every second given to them.

The End