New Concepts Publishing never closes our doors to writers. We are always taking submissions.


  • We're currently looking for holiday themed pieces for holiday releases.

    These can be in any genre as long as they follow the themes for the holiday.

    (We are still accepting all other submissions as well.)

  • We are an e-book publisher and primarily an internet company. Please do not send paper submissions.

    Send your query letter, synopsis, and the entire manuscript via email to

    If you are making a short story submission, please send the entire short story.

  • New Concepts Publishing never closes our doors to writers. We are always taking submissions.
  • Response times vary, but we try to get back to writers on emailed queries within a month unless we are overwhelmed by submissions.
  • We publish in all categories of romance and erotica fiction. In particular, we are always looking for:

    Erotic, Erotica, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance and Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance. Short Stories.

    If your book falls somewhere in-between genres, please don't let that stop you from submitting it to us! We love unclassifiable stories, and so do our readers!

  • 1) A unique writing voice

    2) Popular themes with new twists

    3) Innovative story ideas

    4) Mastery of writing skills

    5) Tight pacing

    6) Strong conflict (this can include both internal and external so long as the internal conflict is strong)

    7) Strong motivations

    8) Good, believable dialogue

    9) A good balance between description and dialogue

    10) Historical accuracy (accurate research)

    11) Books that leap immediately into ‘the problem’

    12) Books that have an element of romance. Love makes the world go ‘round and is one of the most powerful (attractive) motivations a character can have.

    Please note that even if a submission does not meet the requirements for a given series or anthology, it will still be considered for publication.

  • Yes! Many of our authors make a very comfortable living writing for us.
  • It really just depends on the marketability of the ebook, how hard the writer works to build their name, and how often she releases new novels. Some of our authors make $10,000 or more a quarter. Some make $400 or less. 
  • Do your research. What type of story is selling best right now? (Chances are it's something erotic!) Ask our editors what genre is doing best at the moment and they will be more than happy to fill you in on the current top sellers.
  • No, we are not. We do not offer advances at this time, but we are a royalty paying house and submissions go through much the same selection process as they would with any other publishing house.
  • Yes. All the time.
  • Yes! In fact, that's how many of our authors got their start with us.
  • Royalties differ from book to book, however, we commonly pay 30% to 40% on direct download sales.
  • Yes. We assign an ISBN number once the contract is received and the book scheduled.
  • Both. Much of our cover art is done by local artists, however, we have many artists we have met over the internet and they do work for us as well.
  • Exclusive electronic rights for a specified amount of time, usually four years but sometimes less. POD and Trade print rights are also optioned, but this doesn't necessarily mean that a book will come out in print with NCP. 
  • Contract time anywhere from two to four years from time of signing and automatically rolls every year thereafter unless the author requests their rights back 90 days prior to the contract sign date.
  • If we have invested time and money in the book, NO. If we have not, then yes.
  • YES! We do accept emailed queries at
  • We do not file for copyright because the author retains ownership of the book. The author remains the owner of the book and is responsible for filing copyright.
  • We have many ways that we promote NCP and our authors. We participate in literacy signings, bookfairs, conferences, trade shows, magazine and newspaper interviews, banner advertising, press releases, contests, sales, trade advertising, etc.

    We also send out review copies to a dozen or so review sites. Currently, we are focusing on the retail market and are expanding our books into online bookstores as well as physical bookstores.

    We also sale our Trade Paperbacks through Createspace. Our goal is to make NCP books easily accessible to people anywhere and we are always busy looking for new avenues.

  • Yes, as long as you let us know about it!
  • We really want to see the entire manuscript. It takes us nearly as long to see a partial as it does to look at an entire ms. and it just saves time to view the book in its entirety.
  • At this time we no longer add reviews to the website. It simply takes too much time. However, our authors are free to encourage readers and reviewers to post their own reviews to our site!
  • Yes!
  • No. This is the writer's responsibility.
  • We cannot give you a definitive answer to this, only that we try to remain fair to and respectful of each author we come in contact with and are committed to expanding our market through any and all means available to us. To get a better idea of how we work and what's it's like to be with NCP, contact one of our authors.
  • This depends on our workload, how much work must go into the book, and how high demand is for that book. In some cases, it is only a few months, in others, in can be up to one year. If an author sells multiple titles to us, we try to schedule their books out around three months apart, unless they are particularly prolific, and then it can be every month or bi-monthly, etc.
  • We require lead time to do editing, artwork, and bookstore promotion, and authors require lead time to arrange advertising and reviews. If everything is done early, we often release the book earlier than expected.
  • We only accept romance and erotica.
  • Authors who sign contracts with New Concepts Publishing should expect to honor the contract. We do not have an ‘escape’ clause. Contracts are for no less than three years. We are not currently renewing contracts except when requested by the author, the book is selling, and the author is actively publishing and promoting new works.

    New Concepts does not accept rough drafts or contract on unfinished work. Books that are accepted are put through a series of editors. If it is determined that the book requires additional work/polishing/or re-writes, the book will be returned to the author and, depending upon turn-around time, the book will then be line edited and go up on schedule if possible. If not, the book will be bumped down into the next available placement on the schedule.

    Once a book has been added to the schedule the author will be notified directly and the revised schedule will be posted on the author loop, available to any NCP author. Since it isn't always possible to update on the Wednesday chosen for releases, we recommend that authors join the newsletter so that they will know the exact time of release.

    New Concepts Publishing only publishes romantic fiction. Non-fiction, children's or young adult stories, mysteries or suspense with the exception of romantic suspense, will be immediately rejected. New Concepts Publishing does publish romantic fiction in many different sub-genres: Science Fiction/Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical and Contemporary romance, Romantic Suspense, and also Erotica. Our readers prefer that erotica be romantic in nature, so we require that it be targeted toward our predominately female audience.

    Books written with the traditional market in mind, according to NY guidelines, will generally do better in the traditional market. This type of book is readily available to readers in any bookstore across the country. The e-book market is a niche market and, beyond being in the genres mentioned above, books should be as unique and different from the traditional offerings as possible in order to do well in the e-book market.

    Science Fiction/Futuristic, Paranormal, and Fantasy are our top selling genres, but Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Contemporary Romances can do very well with us if the author has come up with a fresh, intriguing, original idea.

    NCP publishes short stories 10k to 15k, Novellas 20k to 39k, category 40k to 60k, mid-novel 61k to 79k, full novel 80k to 100k, and epic 100k plus. We only accept short stories that fall under our spicy or erotic ratings. Because we have a limited market for short fiction, we accept fewer short stories and novellas than books that are category and up in length. Every book that is accepted for publication is added to our schedule according to available genre slots and will generally be released within six months to a year after acceptance.

    Royalties are paid quarterly on sales final/money received. Distributors pay thirty to ninety days after the end of each quarter and those sales are added to the next quarter pay out.

    New Concepts Publishing has an ever growing list of distributors and does all it can to help our author’s books sell.

    All submissions should include the first three chapters, a cover letter, and a synopsis of the manuscript. The author's name, the name they plan to publish under, the title, genre, and length of the book should appear IN the manuscript. The title and author name should appear in the header. All other information, including author contact information, should appear on the first page of the manuscript. Any dedication that the author wants included in the book should also appear in the submission. If we are interested in the book we will request the entire manuscript to review-please send the entire manuscript and not the remaining chapters. We no longer accept manuscripts through the mail, but authors should include a physical address in the event we accept the manuscript so that we will have an address to mail the contract to. Authors are advised to read over their contracts carefully before signing.

  • Love Bites are paranormal short stories and should be between 10,000 - 15,000 words. This is a great way for interested authors to break into a new market and target new readers eager for erotic fiction. Stories can take place in any setting or subgenre but must contain paranormal elements and must include romance elements as well as fall under the SPICY or CARNAL rating system.

    Send to with ‘Love Bites’ in the subject header.