Kathryn Anne Dubois

Kathryn Anne Dubois has been a member of the Romance Writers of America's New Jersey chapter since 1998 and, although she will always be a New Yorker, lives in the greater Philadelphia area. Her published work runs the gamut - everything from sensuous romance to erotica and from the Medieval Times to the future. She tends to write, but not always, on the light and humorous side.

Reviewer Lani Roberts of Affair de Coeur Magazine had this to say of her novella. "Kathryn Anne Dubois makes her debut…with such sexual intensity that the readers will definitely cry for more. Every page sizzles from the beginning to the end..."

Kathryn continues to publish additional works with all three publishers and debuted in 2004 with single title contemporary "spicy" romances with New Concepts Publishing.

When Kathryn isn't writing, she's indulging in her other passions. Family & friends, downhill skiing, relaxing at the shore, and tending to her flowers.