November 01, 2013

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Only a sacrifice will appease the overlord that has banished him from the only world he knows. And yet almost from the moment he captures Colette, Nuri is captivated and can think of nothing but possessing her himself.

Length: Long Novella
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Rating: Erotica. Contains explicit sex and language, bondage, oral sex, sexual mastery



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The Ghost who lived with us by D. Chism

A child’s perspective is completely different from an adult’s, possibly because absolutely everything is new to them and often puzzling and they look to the adults in their lives to gauge whether it’s ‘normal’ and acceptable or not.

The house that I grew up in was a ‘company’ house. It had been built during the depression era or somewhere around that time when so many people were jobless and starving.   The local lumber mill was in a unique position for building the housing for their workers for the simple reason that they made the lumber needed to build them and of course they had access to cheap, nearly unlimited labor. I’ve no idea just how many company houses were built—never researched it—but there were five or six of them in the neighborhood where I grew up—old by then, but still standing. Not particularly comfortable, they were built in the ‘old’ style of southern construction, modified Victorian, which meant they had none of the frills or elegance but stood a good three feet off the ground, had ceilings that soared upwards to twelve or fifteen feet, and deep, wrap-around porches.

My grandparents had bought the place in the early 1930s. When they purchased it the house only had a few rooms and was wrapped by porches almost all the way around. This was the ‘air-conditioning’ of the south in the days before real air-conditioning. Everything was built with an eye toward good air circulation for those hot summer days and nights, which meant you were miserable in the summer and more miserable in the winter when the house still had great air circulation.

Over the intervening years, my grandmother had had the house remodeled over and over in an effort to make it more efficient and comfortable—an effort that was largely unsuccessful—taking in most of the porches and making them into rooms. In the course of this ongoing remodeling project, the house, situated on a corner, was ‘moved’ to an entirely different street and house number because the front door was moved.

The porch on the original ‘front’ was converted into a kitchen and the room directly behind that, which had once been a bedroom, became the dining room.

It was this room that the ghost haunted.

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