November 06, 2013

Halloween Contest Winner!

Congratulations to M. Christani for winning the Halloween Contest!

You can read this short story for free by clicking on the link below.


The May Ghost by M. Christani

Anna Stuart supplemented her husband’s substantial earnings with her own enterprise, that of stone-rubbings. Not a superstitious woman, Anna, at age fifty-three, had seen nothing to counter this feeling. However, she felt drawn to old gravestones, and felt she did a service in preserving them with rubbing wax on paper. Some she sold, some she donated to local historical societies. She came up upon some hard opposition at times, however, usually from crotchety old men and women claiming she defiled the memories of the occupants. When one time she reminded them that the occupants were likely little more than rags and bones, she was escorted from town by a police cruiser as a ‘miscreant’. Since then she had been careful to avoid any but the most cursory talk of what she was undertaking with local officials. Some were gracious, it was true, but she was genuinely shocked at the angry resistance many small towns put up. When she came to the graveyard of the ‘Carver ghost’, she was a veteran of her craft, and quite indifferent as to the superstitions of the town, having done rubbings of many so-called ‘ghosts’. In short she had more fear of nosey old men than spirits.

She came to Carver, a quiet town near Plymouth, Massachusetts, one day from her Connecticut home. It was a brisk autumn day, bright with all the trappings of spirit sightings one could muster. She found the old churchyard where Eva May was interred, and roamed the yard looking for her stone. She finally came upon it, quite accidentally, finding a nineteenth-century stone with its name and dates roughly scratched out.

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