March 19, 2014

March 14th Releases- 30% off


Original Price: $7.99 

Discounted Price: $5.59 


Renee Worthy, newly bestowed Duke of Albany, hell master and retired Fey pirate, is bored. The life of a land lubber is not for him. As a privateer for King George he'd battled and won against the French and Spanish. He'd battled and won against the agony of a war wound that left him addicted to Laudanum. But this new enemy, the mind numbing monotony of everyday life ... that was a powerful foe. 


Length: Epic
Word Count: 184,295
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Rating: Sensual  


Original Price: $3.75

Discounted Price: $2.59


In pursuit of a serial killer, Confederation Ranger Lana Eloy is forced to land on the barbaric, male dominated world, of Ata Prime and endure the escort of Captain of the royal guard, Corin Thantos. 


Lana tries hard to ignore the fact that what started out as a casual sexual encounter around the campfire had turned into something far more powerful.  But with the killer still on the loose, would  Corin prove to be a distraction that cost her her life?


Length: Novella
Word Count: 23,289
Genre: Sci-Fi/Erotic Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Erotic
Original Price: $5.49

Discounted Price: $3.79


It was one of those surreal movie moments when Mila first spotted Giles Hawthorne in the lounge on the train bound for adventure. It couldn't hurt just to look, could it?


Fortunately for her, Giles liked what he saw and he wasn't inclined just to look.

Length: Category
Word Count: 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: Erotic
Original Price: $5.49

Discounted Price: $3.79


Would the Knight, the Unicorn, and the Dragon be able to stop fighting over Pandora long enough to break her curse?  Worse, would they leave when the spell was lifted? 


Length: Category
Word Count: 41,491
Genre: Dark Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Shifter Romance
Rating: Erotic

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