February 13, 2014

February 14th Releases

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Sharing space with her lover and her mate forces Syndey to wonder if she can withstand the heat. Or will Drew's need to possess her burn them all? When unforeseen circumstances -- aka Stalker Joe -- force Syndey Summerfield to return home to the Pack she abadoned six years ago she knows life as she knew it is over. Forever. No amount of PDA or rock-solid connections to her longtime boyfriend can stop the wildfire that Drew Sandford ignites inside her when he returns to claim her in ways not even her deepest fantasies had ever imagined. The question is: can she withstand the heat? Or will his need to possess his mate burn them all


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Erotic; Multiple heroes, Ménage a trois, Multiple Partners; Shifters

Hand of the Wind by Linda A. Davis

They might have secretly yearned for adventure, but they'd expected a simple life--then Arynn's sister is kidnapped and enslaved, she's forced to enlist the help of Ramir in finding and rescuing her.

Lives forever changed by the winds of fate .... It should have been an uneventful journey along the Silk Road to the simple life that awaited them among relatives. Then Arynn's sister is kidnapped and enslaved. Enlisting the help of Ramir, the two set off to find Arynn's lost sister across a dangerous desert and hostile lands.  But in the end, Ramir discovers he can't rescue both and is forced to choose between them.

Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: Sweet/Sensual

Labyrinth of the Beast by Desiree Acuna

Lilith is offered to the demons that dwell within the Labyrinth of the Beasts. It is the Hawkin, Gaelen, guardian of the gateway, who comes to collect her. His task is to initiate her into the pleasures of the flesh and train her to entertain the insatiable carnal appetite of the demons.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Rating: Erotica; Contains graphic, explicit sex and language, bondage, oral sex, sexual mastery, and violence. BDSM
What began as a determination to bend her to their will and have her behave in a manner acceptable as a slave of the Anunnaki became a desperation to protect the woman who enthralled them. "This title is a reissue" Published: 02/14/2014
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Erotica. Warning! This book contains graphic scenes of BDSM in which the heroine is being ‘broken’ to accept the status of sex slave/breeder! Forced seduction. Not for the faint hearted! Multiple heroes, rough sex, alien sex toys.

The Lion's Woman by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Kelly is abducted from Earth for breeding purposes by Tau, an alien man from a cat like race.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic Romance
Rating: Spicy; Shifter

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