January 24, 2014

January 24th Releases!

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Recon Marine Vin vows revenge on those who betrayed his regiment but meeting Dr. Emma deflects him from his vengeance. Emma understands Vin as no one else can, but she has nothing but her love to save him before he dies for honor and duty.

Recon Marine Vin takes his vengeance on those who betrayed his regiment until only one traitor remains free. His final manhunt derails when Dr. Emma Lester learns his identity. As if with magic, the petite, energetic woman drags Vin into the problems of the small colony where she's hiding from her stepfather. As a physician, Emma appreciates Vin's genetic enhancements. As a psychiatrist, she understands the ghosts haunting his cold eyes. As a woman, she can't help her growing feelings for the lonely man who is so determined to protect everyone but himself.

But enemies new and old close in on the settlement before Emma can heal the scars on Vin's soul. The battle for Vin's justice and Emma's safety rages across the galaxy when she is kidnapped. Together they work to outsmart Emma's greedy stepfather and the horror produced by a secret, illegal genetics program. Vin had thought only as far ahead at his revenge, but Emma awakens his dreams of a future. But if he can't save her, his heart will linger forever in the empty vacuum of his crushed soul.

Futuristic Romance

 Elemental: Earth by Leslie Washington

Brianna had no clue of just how dangerous the man was that she’d been sent to seduce and capture until the rebels came and all hell broke loose. 

Brianna’s excitement about being enlisted for a top secret project had already waned when she discovered her part was to seduce some man that had escaped a government facility.  What kind of job was that for a soldier of her caliber?  There was no ‘out’ once she was committed to the project, however, except maybe in a box and that certainly didn’t have any appeal!

Paranormal/Interracial Romance

Elemental: Earth (Alt) by L.E. Washington

Gavin and his brothers had clashed with government agents many times since their escape from ‘the hatch’, but Tessa and her posse were a challenge they welcomed.

Rescued by the very man she’d been sent to seduce and capture, Tessa wasn’t certain she was safer with Gavin—who could do some seriously scary things—than she had been with the rebels—especially when she discovers Gavin wasn’t fooled by their dangerous game to start with.

Paranormal Romance

Lawgivers: Gabriel by Kaitlyn O'Connor

The lucky ones never knew what hit them. Lexa wasn’t one of them, and she was as scarred as the earth in the aftermath, although hers were wounds of the soul. Gabriel could be the one to heal her wounds ….. Or he could be the death of her.

Erotic Futuristic Romance

The Assassin's Blade by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Faylyn has but one objective in life: to kill Talor Sylvanos, Emperor of the fif'Steorra Lumen--the man responsible for the destruction of her world. Trained in the death arts by the Kilrathi, she must complete her initiation by slaying Talor. She never dreamed she would be caught by her sworn enemy.

Erotic Futuristic Romance

Babylon: The Rebel's Woman by Kaitlyn O'Connor

In a world where natural disasters have created hardship and social unrest, a breakthrough in medical science brings about a ray of hope. Scientists learn how to manipulate the DNA strands to obliterate genetic disorders, and also to beautify. Those who can afford it rush to correct weight problems, difficult hair, eye color, more pleasing body shapes, and so on. Those who can't are disgruntled until they discover these things are covered by social medicine and available to all. The improvements the government manages to make in living conditions and the preoccupation with the 'new toy' calms the waters.

Futuristic/Interracial Romance

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