December 27, 2013

December 27th Releases!

Making Babies: The Baby Deal by Chastity Fox

Just when it seemed her life couldn’t get any more complicated ….

One day Julia was focused completely on her career, the next she was just as completely focused on the biological clock she’d never really given a thought to until a one night stand seems likely to yield a little tax deduction.  Where did all the time go?  And what can she do at this late date to keep from missing out on ‘all the bells and whistles’?

Published: 12/27/13

Length: Longer Novella

Word Count: 37,306

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: Spicy

Vale of Shadows: Plains of Giah by Janet Milner

Mariah’s flight across the Bermuda Triangle turns into the adventure of a lifetime when she’s captured by the warrior, Alexius—Chief of the Centaur Tribe known as the Demosthenes.

Mariah hadn’t expected to become another victim of the Bermuda Triangle when she set out for a weekend of fun with friends.  And she certainly never would’ve guessed she was about to be sucked into an alternate universe where the creatures of Earth’s mythological past lived. 

And yet the moment she realized the’ herd of horses’ she spotted were actually centaurs she knew that something was definitely very wrong with her flight path.

Published: 12/27/13

Length: Category

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

Word Count: 40,435

Rating: Spicy

Night Rider by Maggie Jakes

Isabella’s legacy is a strange cabochon ring some will kill to possess.

Pursued by some unnamable evil after the death of her parents, Isabella flees her home and all that she’s known.  But discovers she can’t run far enough or fast enough to escape her destiny when the night rider runs her to ground in the dark woods. 

Published: 12/27/13

Length: Novella

Word Count: 24,007

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy

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