November 27, 2013

November 27th Releases!

Jack's Frost and What you Desire by Annmarie Ortega

Winter or summer, love is always in the air.

Jack's Frost - "A Christmas short story"

Stranded on a deserted road on Christmas Eve, Laura has to hike down a deserted road all alone. Not dressed for the freezing weather, she finds a log cabin where she meets a man named Jack who shows her a Christmas Eve she'll always remember.

What you Desire - "A hot summer short story"

After catching her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman, Claire agrees to spend some time in the country with her best friend, Laney. When they discover a carnival has come to town they decide to check it out despite the sweltering heat. A fortune teller’s booth draws Laney’s attention and she talks Claire into giving it a try. Will the fortune teller be able to predict a happily-ever-after for Claire, or could he be a part of her forevermore?

Length: Short Story/Anthology

Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary Romance

Rating: Erotic

Caitlyn's Christmas Roses by Fiona Neal

When a holiday shopping trip ends in a fiery automobile crash, Caitlyn believes the angel and the magical Christmas roses she sees are part of a near death experience--until she wakes in the hospital and sees her ex lover and she remembers the crash was no accident.

Length: Long Novella

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy. This novel contains sexually explicit material.

Fallen Angel by Angela Fontaine

When Kylee’s quest for justice leads her into the dark underworld of the city, two worlds collide and the Elumi, Gabriel, drawn unwittingly and unwillingly into her private war, becomes her sword of vengeance. But is the price too high?

When Gabriel, one of the Fallen, is banished to Earth he becomes Kylee's sword of vengeance in the quest for justice for her sister.  But what payment will he demand in return and will the price be too high?

“This title is a reissue”

Length: Novella

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: Erotica

Death and the Neighborhood Watch by Mary O'Connor

There hadn't been a murder in the small town of Bluebonnet in fifty years so when a local man turned up dead it threw the entire town into an uproar. What Cassie couldn't figure out was how she figured in to it-but somehow she did.

“This title is a reissue”

Length: Full Novel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: Sensual



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