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Authors who sign contracts with New Concepts Publishing should expect to honor the contract. We do not have an ‘escape’ clause. Contracts are for no less than three years. We are not currently renewing contracts except when requested by the author, the book is selling, and the author is actively publishing and promoting new works.

New Concepts does not accept rough drafts or contract on unfinished work. Books that are accepted are put through a series of editors. If it is determined that the book requires additional work/polishing/or re-writes, the book will be returned to the author and, depending upon turn-around time, the book will then be line edited and go up on schedule if possible. If not, the book will be bumped down into the next available placement on the schedule.

Once a book has been added to the schedule the author will be notified directly and the revised schedule will be posted on the author loop, available to any NCP author. Since it isn't always possible to update on the Wednesday chosen for releases, we recommend that authors join the newsletter so that they will know the exact time of release.

New Concepts Publishing only publishes romantic fiction. Non-fiction, children's or young adult stories, mysteries or suspense with the exception of romantic suspense, will be immediately rejected. New Concepts Publishing does publish romantic fiction in many different sub-genres: Science Fiction/Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical and Contemporary romance, Romantic Suspense, and also Erotica. Our readers prefer that erotica be romantic in nature, so we require that it be targeted toward our predominately female audience.

Books written with the traditional market in mind, according to NY guidelines, will generally do better in the traditional market. This type of book is readily available to readers in any bookstore across the country. The e-book market is a niche market and, beyond being in the genres mentioned above, books should be as unique and different from the traditional offerings as possible in order to do well in the e-book market.

Science Fiction/Futuristic, Paranormal, and Fantasy are our top selling genres, but Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Contemporary Romances can do very well with us if the author has come up with a fresh, intriguing, original idea.

NCP publishes short stories 10k to 15k, Novellas 20k to 39k, category 40k to 60k, mid-novel 61k to 79k, full novel 80k to 100k, and epic 100k plus. We only accept short stories that fall under our spicy or erotic ratings. Because we have a limited market for short fiction, we accept fewer short stories and novellas than books that are category and up in length. Every book that is accepted for publication is added to our schedule according to available genre slots and will generally be released within six months to a year after acceptance.

Royalties are paid quarterly on sales final/money received. Distributors pay thirty to ninety days after the end of each quarter and those sales are added to the next quarter pay out.

New Concepts Publishing has an ever growing list of distributors and does all it can to help our author’s books sell.

All submissions should include the first three chapters, a cover letter, and a synopsis of the manuscript. The author's name, the name they plan to publish under, the title, genre, and length of the book should appear IN the manuscript. The title and author name should appear in the header. All other information, including author contact information, should appear on the first page of the manuscript. Any dedication that the author wants included in the book should also appear in the submission. If we are interested in the book we will request the entire manuscript to review-please send the entire manuscript and not the remaining chapters. We no longer accept manuscripts through the mail, but authors should include a physical address in the event we accept the manuscript so that we will have an address to mail the contract to. Authors are advised to read over their contracts carefully before signing.

Last updated on April 2, 2012 by NCP